Those Godless Commies from al Qaeda

Larry Kudlow seems to have gotten his threats to America’s safety mixed up.  That, or he can no longer sit back and allow Islamofascist infiltration, Islamofascist indoctrination, Islamofascist subversion and the international Islamofascist conspiracy to sap and impurify all of our precious bodily fluids:

And what’s more, this global stock market boom signifies a major defeat for al Qaeda and all the terrorist jihadists who seek to destroy capitalism and our way of life. The spread of prosperity across the globe cannot tell a lie: The terrorists are on the wrong side, they are on the losing side, and their side will be defeated. Freedom and capitalism is moving full steam ahead. It will ultimately crush the evil, totalitarian jihadists.

Now, I may be confused, being a defeastist Dhimmicrat and all, but I don’t recall an end to capitalism being among al Qaeda’s goals.  Getting America out of the Middle East?  Yes.  Destroying Israel?  Sure.  Making life difficult for Fortune 500 companies?  Not so much.  But as Dave at L,G&M says, “it takes a unique species of hack to argue that rising stock prices are a better measure of the war’s success than, say, the hundreds of thousands of corpses it’s so far produced, or the fact that nearly everyone else on the planet sees it for the goat fuck it truly is.”


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7 responses to “Those Godless Commies from al Qaeda

  1. And the goats aren’t happy about it either.

    Yes, I’m sure breaking 14000 on wall street was a hell of a set back to al qaeda. So if it hits 15000 does that mean we win and the living soldiers can come home too?

    I think Larry Kudlow is the person who Colbert models himself after in his looks and mannerisms for his show. Next time you watch Kudlow think of Colbert’s character or vice versa.

  2. Erin M

    Gen. Ripper! Paging Gen. Ripper!

  3. Mr. Kudlow, just because you don’t like two groups doesn’t make them the same thing. Well, it does to you, but that’s because you’re a simpleton.

  4. Actually, al Qaeda and many other militant Islamic groups with an ideology based upon the Islamic theology of Qatb oppose Western economics, seeing Capitalism as it is practiced in the West as contrary ti Islamic concepts. There is strong evidence that the twin towers were selected as symbols of American economic power.

    In other words: yes, al Qaeda and similar groups seek to weaken Western economies.

  5. In other words: yes, al Qaeda and similar groups seek to weaken Western economies.

    Which is not, of course, the same thing as “destroying capitalism.”

    I’m actually pretty sure Osama bin Laden has quite the affinity for some capitalist practices, like, say, gun running.

  6. Courtesy Flush

    In other words: yes, al Qaeda and similar groups seek to weaken Western economies.

    Which is not, of course, the same thing as “destroying capitalism.”

    I don’t understand? How is this not the same thing? Most Western economies are rooted in some form of capitalism, so how does “destroying capitalism” not mean the same thing as “weakening Western economies?”

    While I agree that the Dow Jones is not a very good indicator of how well the U.S. is doing in the war against Al-Qaeda, there is still some truth to what was said by Deep Thought. Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda have always been against the inequalities that stem from secularist countries that embrace capitalism on varying levels. In their minds, secularist policies allow for corruption to take root, which leads to class inequalities. And since Al-Qaeda equates secularism with capitalism, they feel that destroying capitalism is one way to enure they meet their goals, which are to institute theocratic law all over the world.

  7. Joe in SF

    Now I’m really confused. Much of the funding for terrorists comes from oil money, which is pretty solidly invested in Western economies. bin Laden himself has a fortune for being a member of the Saudi power families.

    Maybe AQ is down on the “corruption of secular society”. I’m not so sure its backers are down on a good ROI.

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