I Get Mail

From: [Name and Email Redacted]

Subject: You’re a dumb bitch

Thank you for making the dummying down of America complete – so much easier to laugh at you all this way.

There’s apparently no room for drooling idiots in your family – you unilaterally get all the credit.

When god (notice the small g) realizes what a mistake she made in creating you, I wonder if she’ll finally abort you?

I’d like to note that, despite Name Redacted’s opinion that I am a dumb bitch, he sent this email to me from his work email. I now know his full name, where he works, and that he was sending harassing emails from work, presumably during work hours. That means, if I were the sort of nasty person who would do such a thing, I could quite easily just forward his email to his employer and ask if they share his estimation of me, if the email were, say, transmitting an official company policy, or if I should consider their employee’s opinion his alone.

So, who’s the real dumb bitch here?


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36 responses to “I Get Mail

  1. Nothing like substantive, useful criticism, eh?

    I wonder if it’s even worth pointing out that the cretin is grasping for the phrase “dumbing down,” and that there is no such phrase as “dummying down”?

    Nah, probably not.

  2. Was it Joe Lieberman? Because that sounds like Joe Lieberman.

  3. That means, if I were the sort of nasty person who would do such a thing, I could quite easily just forward his email to his employer and ask if they share his estimation of me, if the email were, say, transmitting an official company policy, or if I should consider their employee’s opinion his alone.

    Is it really terribly wrong of me to wish that you were that type of nasty person….just this once?

  4. Really, Sis, I’m not sure that would necessarily be a “nasty” act. If I were an employer, and my employees were sending out this kind of email through company accounts, I would want to know, especially if my particular business was one that might be compromised by this kind of public communication.

  5. You mean . . . you’re not gonna?

  6. Is it really terribly wrong of me to wish that you were that type of nasty person….just this once?

    You’re not alone, Brian.

  7. At the very least, if you’re not going to inform his employer, let him know that you could have, and that it’s only your liberalness that’s keeping him from having the wrath of his employer from coming down on him for his own stupidity. In other words, rub a sense of superiority all in his face.

  8. anangryoldbroad


    On the one hand,the genius who wrote this made me crack the hell up. Hopefully he doesn’t operate any heavy machinery in the course of a day,just so people don’t get hurt.

    On the other hand,I’m not sure I could be so nice as Melissa. Sometimes actions need to have consequences. Part of the reason this nation is in a mess is that lack of consequences for being a complete asshole.


  9. I have to agree with some of the comments above – if it were my employee, regardless of political opinion, I would want to know that they sent something like that from a work account. I’d turn them in.

  10. Toonces


    I really think an employer would like to know that one of his/her employees is using company time to harrass women on the internet. Consequences are a valuble learning tool! And this tool sounds as if they have a few things to learn.

  11. If one of our employees sent such an email from our office, Robert would want to know about it, and so would I.

    Do it, Liss. I doubt you’re the first person Name Redacted has harassed using company time and equipment. Nor will you be the last, unless he has to face some consequences for his actions and words.

  12. As the former VP of HR of a Fortune 10 company, I’d really suggest you DO send this in. We very much appreciated knowing about this kind of behavior. If often hides in such a way that it’s not obvious to even the supervisor or the local HR rep. But it almost always manifests itself in ugly ways. Let me join the chorus: send in a nice polite email, and attach their’s to it.

  13. In other words, rub a sense of superiority all in his face.

    Honey she doesn’t have to rub it in. That’s what this is all about really. This dickhead knows damn well Sis is superior and that’s why he reacts in just this stupid fashion.

    But I’m with the group. Write his boss and let him know. And if you get a crap reaction from the boss let us know and we’ll write and tell him how we feel. But whatever you do you know we’re all behind you.

  14. I’m in agreement, you should forward the e-mail. It was offensive and should not be treated lightly.

  15. I hope you just take it as a good sign that you’re a force for reason in the world! Oh, and any employer might want to know they employ someone who struggles to spell the world dumb as in dumbing down.

  16. Do it! Do it do it do it!

    (Great, now I’m channeling Dr. Evil’s “Zip it” bit.)

  17. Benjamin

    The jackass already knows that Melissa COULD have brought some trouble to their door. His concerns about…
    I’m sorry. I can’t dignify this jagoff with neutral language. For Christs sake, the nitwit can’t even frame an insult properly. The bit about “family” is an affront to the time-honored American tradition of the witty jape.
    Yes, sir. By ineptly insulting Melissa, you have dishonored America. Go cry yourself unconscious in the shower wearing nothing but a flag and start the next day with a healthy dose of Twain.
    Back to the point.
    They read Shakesville. They’ve been publicly called out, if anonymously. If they have even a shred of self awareness, they’ll take their bloody nose in silence.

  18. Susan

    I hope you decide to do it, Melissa. This guy deserves what’s coming to him. Too many people get away with just this sort of thing every day, and for once, someone needs to pay.

  19. Turn him in, Melissa. This is one of those rare instances when hateful freaks are not anonymous and can be asked to answer for it.

  20. Scott

    On “The West Wing,” Jed Bartlett once said, “You can always count on the stupidity of criminals.” Apparently, you can also always count on the stupidity of the extremely stupid.

    I think you should leave him be, knowing that you have his number, so to speak. If you are lucky, he will write you again, as it makes for entertaining fodder for us all.

  21. DBK

    I received a similar email last year. It came from a high school teacher’s account. I sent an email to the school principal and received a response that a student had used the teacher’s account when the teacher left the machine while logged in and that the student had been disciplined (which probably amounted to saying, “Please don’t do that again.”) Maybe the account owner is not the person who sent the email. Anyway, I didn’t publish the name and account and originating organization, but I did contact the organization and they were grateful to have been informed about it and apologetic. I’m not urging you to act in one way or another, but that’s how it played out for me.

  22. Kevin

    I concur with the rest. Turn the POS in.
    Stupid people with poor English skills really get my shorts in a wad.

  23. amish451

    Reminds of a few years ago when limbaugh had some trouble and all were ready to pile on … The Nations advise was “should we? We are Liberal afterall…..”
    Exactly how long shall we, “turn the other cheek” …??
    Nail Him …

  24. Wow. When I get hate mail it’s always from personal accounts. My haterz must be smarter! w00t!

  25. Yeah, I always get hate mail from fake web-based mail accounts. How boring… (shrug)

    I say you scalp him. Then you tattoo him. Then you hang him. And THEN you report him to his employer.

  26. L

    Oooo, what an intellectual dressing down he gave you. Gracious! That must have smarted quite a bit.

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  28. I would send a copy of the email to his supervisor and ask her or him whether the employee’s comments accurately reflect the official position of the employer, or whether his comments reflect only his own views. Seriously. Long term, you would actually do him a favor.

  29. R

    Even if you don’t forward the mail, chances are his employers may find out about it. Some companies record every e-mail that gets sent on the company accounts. (Mine does.) So for all we know, he could be getting in trouble without your help!

  30. dm

    Unless someone was spoofing his email so you would think it was someone that it isn’t. I know that is what I do when I send hateful email to someone. That way if something happens I can get too birds with one stone.

  31. warlord

    I wonder if God is a woman. If I find out God has a pussy, I’m changing my ways, so I can be saved, and go to Heaven. I need too check this bitch out.

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