The “Genial, Professorial” Grinning Deathhead

Howard Kurtz profiles William Kristol in the respectful way he reserves for rabid right-wing lunatics:

Bill Kristol’s the-war-is-being-won piece in The Washington Post brought him plenty of ridicule, but at least one person liked it.

President Bush read the July 15 Outlook article that morning and recommended it to his staff.

On the other hand, Arianna Huffington called it “the single most deceptive piece of the entire war” and said Kristol had “officially surpassed Dick Cheney as the most intellectually dishonest member of the neocon establishment.” David Corn of the Nation dismissed Kristol’s “Bush boosterism.” And 260 pages of comments on The Post’s Web site called him everything from an “uninformed, partisan fool” to a “Bush sycophant” to a “menace to America.”

The Weekly Standard editor, looking a bit grayer at 54, takes the broadsides in stride, his genial, professorial demeanor seemingly unruffled by the highly personal attacks.

“I’ve been pretty consistent, pretty upfront and straightforward about my views,” he says in his downtown office. “I had the same views when they were reasonably popular as I do now when they’re unpopular. It would really be pathetic to adjust one’s analysis based on public opinion.”

Adjusting one’s analysis based on emerging information and facts might make sense, though.


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2 responses to “The “Genial, Professorial” Grinning Deathhead

  1. oddjob

    Adjusting one’s analysis based on emerging information and facts might make sense, though.

    Not in the Alice in Wonderland world of neoconservatism, where the data always conform to preconceived dogma.

  2. Chief

    Not everyone has had the opportunity to steer a very large boat. I have as a ‘helmsman’ on a U.S. Navy ship. And not everyone has been a navigator on an airplane. I have not. But both jobs require a constant adjusting and readjusting of the direction in which you are heading due to the action of wind and/or waves.

    Life is the same way. As a teenager, I believed in a Manichean world. As I grew older I realized that seldom is there ‘black’ and ‘white’ but usually various shades of gray in the actions of others.

    Most of the neo-cons (including Kristol) are not so dumb as to believe what they say. That is just where their payday is.

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