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Question of the Day

The American Film Institute once again ranked Citizen Kane as the #1 movie of all time, the same as they did in 1998.

Do you agree? If not, what film would you rate as the #1 film of all time…so far?



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Science and Ideology

As far as I know, I don’t have anyone in my immediate family whose life or health could be helped by embryonic stem-cell research. Gratefully, my parents are as healthy as can be wished for people of their age, and as far as I know, my siblings do not suffer from any debilitating illness where such research holds the promise of a cure or a treatment. I lost a brother-in-law to cancer five years ago this week, though, and listening to the president as he vetoed — for the second time in his administration — legislation that could expand the research and the reach of science to treat or cure such destructive diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, AIDS, and to hear him carry on about how he believes it is unethical to take human life when it is in the form of an embryo the size of a period — yet has no problem waging an unprovoked war against a country that never attacked us — fills me with a sadness and a disgust that is far out of proportion for someone whose life isn’t directly affected by the research the president sees fit to discard. It is the possibility and likelihood that at some point a life — either my own or someone I love — will be affected that makes me angry.

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Rape is Hilarious: Jerry Seinfeld Edition

And not just hilarious, but sophisticated:

Jerry Seinfeld is busy building buzz for his “Bee Movie.”

… “Bees have the only perfect society on earth,” he told us at a sneak preview of his film. “Other insects are just kind of crawling around. They don’t have the sophistication of the bee.”

“They have no crime, they have no drugs, they have no rape. A little rape, but it’s not that bad.”

Before we move on, I want to note three things: 1. This is a children’s movie he’s promoting, so general WTF to rape jokes. 2. Seinfeld anthropomorphized bees and equated their society with our own the moment he noted they have “no crime” etc. Any claim that he was “only talking about bees” is bullshit. 3. I heard this line before, when I watched him receive the “Comedian” award on HBO. At the time, it kind of made my skin crawl, but I thought it seemed like an ad-libbed line and figured maybe he didn’t realize how it sounded. It happens. In other words, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I didn’t think it was “a bit.” Chalk it up to the fact that I’m a huge Seinfeld fan reluctant to condemn a guy I admire(d), and/or internalized fears about being seen as humorless and over-reactionary. They’re both just as applicable as my general willingness to try to be fair. It was fair to give him the benefit of the doubt. Now it’s fair to call foul.

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Cheney To Waxman: Eat Me.

Don’t take my word for it. Read for yourselves:

The Oversight Committee has learned that over the objections of the National Archives, Vice President Cheney exempted his office from the presidential order that establishes government-wide procedures for safeguarding classified national security information. The Vice President asserts that his office is not an “entity within the executive branch.”

That’s pretty much a double-dog dare if I ever heard one. It goes against everything that we and the children not left behind have learned about this government, not to mention Article 2 of that irrelevant Constitution. Take a trip with me below the fold and I think the issue will be come clearer.

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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Ann Althouse*

*But Were Afraid To Ask (with apologies to Dr. David Reuben)

What does Ann Althouse want?
In 1925 in a conversation with Marie Bonaparte Sigmund Freud famously asked “What do women want?” If he were alive today, he might indeed have asked, “What does Ann Althouse want?” and had just as much difficulty figuring out the answer.

What did she say about Hillary Clinton’s latest campaign video that so riled the liberal blogosphere?
Most people thought the video was an amusing and innocuous send-up of the last Sopranos episode. But to Althouse, the video was actually a train rushing headlong into a dark tunnel of Freudian sexual imagery: “Bill says ‘No onion rings?’ and Hillary responds ‘I’m looking out for ya,'” Althouse writes. “Now, the script says onion rings, because that’s what the Sopranos were eating in that final scene, but I doubt if any blogger will disagree with my assertion that, coming from Bill Clinton, the ‘O’ of an onion ring is a vagina symbol.” She goes on to say that the carrots Hillary serves instead are actually chopped up phallic symbols.

That’s very, uh, interesting. So let’s subject Ann Althouse’s blog to Freudian analysis, since it seems only fair. Is there anything about her blog that corresponds to an onion ring?

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Live free, die hard, evade taxes

Ed and Elaine Brown: Not down with the whole Sixteenth Amendment thing. Big on Jimmy Cagney impersonations, however.

Ed Brown warned authorities they wouldn’t take him alive: “We either walk out of here free or we die.”

Meanwhile, their supporters certainly make a rational case for the Browns’ civil action.

Sitting in lawn chairs around the Browns’ long gravel driveway, the couple’s supporters rail against Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the Vatican and the mainstream media.

Somehow, the Trilateral Commission eludes blame.

Whatever happens next, the Browns are going to pay, and it will be their own fault. Freemasons notwithstanding.



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I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Medium John…

My hero for today is Elizabeth Edwards, for daring to light up hatman:

Her comment came in response to a Drudge item quoting a local newspaper account that suggested that the Edwards’ nine-year-old child supported Hillary, not her father.

Election Central has learned that Elizabeth put a comment in the comments section of another Web site’s post debunking the Drudge item.

Elizabeth claimed the daughter was joking and mocked Drudge as follows:

“It was Emma Claire, who pointed to a Hillary pin slyly and then, smiling pointed to her father. A nine-year [old] sense of humor — you would have thought Matt Drudge would have been able to pick up on that.”

Come now; I think we all know Emma Claire is smarter than Matt Drudge.


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