Our Marines Are Always Right

Josh White in the Washington Post:

An investigating officer in the case against a U.S. Marine accused of murdering civilians in Haditha, Iraq, has recommended that charges against him be dropped, concluding that the government’s allegations that the Marine executed a group of men are “unsupported and incredible.”

The findings by Marine Lt. Col. Paul Ware could exonerate Lance Cpl. Justin Sharratt, who formed part of a convoy that was struck by a roadside bomb in Haditha on Nov. 19, 2005. Members of his unit — Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Marine Regiment — allegedly killed a group of young men who were ordered out of a nearby car. The Marines then went house to house in the neighborhood, allegedly killing as many as two dozen people, including women and children.

The right is using this news as an opportunity to hammer on John Murtha again:

Hadn’t seen this commented on yet but the investigating officer at the Article 32 hearing (similar to a civilian grand jury) for a Marine charged with murder in the Haditha case has recommended no charges be brought. You may recall this is the case where Congressman Murtha announced shortly after the allegations were made that these Marines were guilty of murder and that he had gotten his information from an unnamed high ranking Marine source. I wonder if Mr. Murtha will now issue an apology to the Marines he’s slandered. I somehow doubt it.

Well, Rich, first of all, never underestimate the willingness of a Democrat to apologize for saying or doing something that absolutely needed to be said or done. But I’ll tell you what I think should happen. I think that you, Rich, should apologize to the surviving relatives of the women, children, and elderly men who were slaughtered by our Marines in Haditha — and I think you should get all of the others in your war- and military-worshipping crew who have been saying they hope that the massacre of 24 unarmed, innocent Iraqis by U.S. Marines will not make our troops more cautious about using deadly force, to apologize to those surviving relatives as well. But don’t stop with a simple apology. Please also find a way to convince them that, appearances to the contrary, your crowd does not really believe that Iraqi lives are of less value than the lives of Americans.

If you will do that, then maybe we can talk about John Murtha apologizing to the Marines.


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3 responses to “Our Marines Are Always Right

  1. The attacks on the car and in the first two houses are still under investigation, and I believe 3 Marines are still being charged with murder. I’d say we’re a long way from “the Marines” being exonerated here, setting aside the difficulties with having the military police itself in a case of this kind.

  2. Jason

    Ignoring the logical fallacies in the above posting for now, I would have to draw your attention to the fact that the second quote was not from Rich Lowry as you seem to indicate, but was email sent to Rich Lowry. This should have been obvious from the link.

    This is not a blog I follow; I just stumbled across it. Your disdain for the military is clear however, but disdain is a two-way street. As someone who served for over a decade including several tours in combat zones, I would humbly suggest that one who would clearly never have the courage or moral fortitude to serve herself might refrain from lobbing hand grenades at those who do.

  3. The Iraqis figured out what they’re worth to the Americans long ago, when the US couldn’t be bothered to track how many Iraqis died. The US also had troops protecting oil installations from looting in those first days of the occupation, but didn’t worry about hospitals or, say, the Ministry of Education. That told the Iraqis a lot too. You don’t survive for millenia on the only fertile bit of land for hundreds of miles in any direction by being stupid.

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