Let’s Give Tom Toles A Great Big Hand*

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Heckuva Job, Brownie

Surely assuaging concerns in D.C. that he wouldn’t be as useful a tool as his predecessor Tony Blair, new British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has evidently decided to prove his mettle as a fearless lapdog by being as belligerent as his Beltway masters:

[Brown, holding his first Downing Street press conference,] said Monday that tougher sanctions are likely against Iran over its contested nuclear program and declined to reject outright the prospect of future military action.

…”I’m not one who is going forward to say we rule out any particular form of action,” Brown said, asked if he would rule out options for future military action against Iran.

…He said Britain would “take whatever measures are necessary to strengthen the sanctions regime in the future.”

The US and the UK continue to fear that “Tehran is using its civilian nuclear program as a cover to produce atomic weapons,” and Iran has not quelled those fears as they’ve now twice rejected UN Security Council resolutions “requiring it to halt uranium enrichment work.” On the other hand, the “International Atomic Energy Agency said this month that Iran has scaled back its uranium enrichment program, signaling a possible willingness from Tehran to resolve the international deadlock,” so perhaps now would be a good time to engage some of that famous British diplomacy instead of barking about tougher sanctions and issuing veiled threats about military action, which will necessarily be viewed through the lens of Britain’s alliance with the US, where the administration is presumed to want war in Iran as a follow-up to their grand Iraq adventure.

I don’t give Ahmadinejad, who’s clearly crazier than a shithouse rat, the benefit of the doubt for a second, nor Ali Khamenei, who’s sane but a tyrannical bully, but I’m getting extremely tired of a foreign policy that’s got all the nuance of a dick-measuring contest. I’d really appreciate it if we could can the fucking bravado and start behaving like grown-ups for awhile.

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Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

3rd Rock from the Sun


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Thanks For That Wonderful Thank You, France — Now Here’s a Slap in the Face

There’s a lot of good writing in the blogosphere, but every once in a while I read a post that so exactly hits the nail on the head that I think, “Wow. I wish I’d written that.” Well, right now I’m feeling that way about the post Shamanic, over at Newshoggers, wrote regarding the boorish response by some right-wing bloggers to a deeply touching gesture of appreciation from a group of French citizens to the United States for saving France in World War II. The post is titled “The Cons Even Slime French Gratitude“:

Here’s your tasteless Sunday treat: Gateway Pundit and a couple of others on the right are mocking a French event commemorating the US-led liberation of that country in WWII.

Asking “Goodness, What’s Happened to France?”, Gateway Pundit shows a brief series of pictures (culled from MSM mainstay Reuters) showing thousands of people lined up on Omaha Beach, forming a human chain that spells “France Will Never Forget”. Below the words, the American and French flags are held aloft.

So, what’s happened to France? Not a thing. The real question is what’s happened to the slice of Americans that have turned long-time allies, partners, and friends into enemies.

French foreign policy often butts up against America’s interest in a given region. This should surprise no one. France has played the role of regional European power since before North America appeared on European maps. That two powerful, internationally engaged nations often disagree in pursuing their own interests is a no-brainer. Only to the crazies on the utter fringe of the right does this make a nation like France our enemy. Idiots.

That was precisely what I thought when I saw that headline, “Goodness…What’s Happened To France?” What condescending slop. Can you say, Ugly American?


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Caption This Photo

“I’ve actually got to talk to these losers?!”

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I Have Met Two Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and They Are Named Chuck and Larry

Currently on Yahoo’s front page:

Adam Sandler: My accountant just came in his pants. I am nonetheless slightly ashamed.

Daniel Radcliffe: You’ve got to be fecking kidding me.

Melissa McEwan: I weep for the future, Shakers.

[The story says Harry may edge Chuck and Larry by weekend’s end. Let us dare to hope… BTW: I’m not much of a Potter fan, but I’ve seen all the films because Mr. Shakes is mental for the books. IMO, the new film, which we saw last night with Mama and Papa Shakes and one of my oldest friends, JWM, all of whom are also mental for the books, is the best film so far by a long shot. It’s the darkest and the most expressly political, with Voldemort’s reconstitution a pitch-perfect anthropomorphization of creeping fascism, abetted by the legislated conservatism of Professor Umbridge, who seeks to squelch anything she deems “progress just for progress’ sake.”]


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Pinkie Needs a Home

Shaker Jaclyn, who is a regular foster mom to animals in need of adoption, has just taken in a new ward, Pinkie. Pinkie needs a good home, and there’s information about Pinkie, and how you can adopt her, below the fold.

Am I cute or what?

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