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Generation Chickenhawk

Max Blumenthal and Thomas Shomaker give us a new glimpse into the world of some more white doodz, young college Republicans. Postpone eating until after viewing the video.


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Nice Try, Fran

Homeland Security Advisor Frances Fragos Townsend:

Today in an interview with NPR, Homeland Security Advisor Frances Fragos Townsend argued that the NIE’s findings strengthen the administration’s argument to stay the course. “Al Qaeda’s resources are focused in Iraq because that’s where we are capturing and killing them every single day, so it drains their resources there,” she said. “[T]hey are very much tied down because we are keeping them tied down fighting them in Iraq.”

NPR host Steve Inskeep challenged Townsend, pointing out that al Qaeda had “no capability in Iraq before the war.” Townsend refused to answer the question, stating, “I don’t know — I wasn’t at that briefing.” She then added, “I’m going to rely on the intelligence community. … I would refer you to them.”

Pete Townshend:

I know you’ve deceived me, now here’s a surprise
I know that you have ’cause there’s magic in my eyes

I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles and miles
Oh yeah

If you think that I don’t know about the little tricks you’ve played
And never see you when deliberately you put things in my way

Well, here’s a poke at you
You’re gonna choke on it too
You’re gonna lose that smile
Beacuse all the while

I can see for miles and miles

Of course, there are around 30% who still can’t see for shit.


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Shakescast: Game On!

Link to audio Shakescast: Click Here.

Link to Shakescast Chat Room: Click Here.

Important note: If you’re logging into the audio portion and you are using a mic and speakers instead of a headset, you MUST turn down the volume on the speakers so that you don’t create a feedback loop and subsequently get muted.


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Shakescast Tonight!

OK Shakers – I need you to get off those rears and start submitting either:

a) Questions for Melissa to ponder and answer gleefully during the Q&A session


b) Topics for full Shaker discussion after Melissa has had it with answering questions.

Leave them in comments here or send them to Note: Infinite streams of consciousness will not be accepted. 😉

Festivities start tonight at 9pm EST. I’ll be posting the links when it’s showtime.

Now, get to work!

Update: If you’re planning to attend this evening, then please drop a line in comments and let us know.


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Buh-Bye Nicholson

VA Secretary Jim Nicholson has just resigned:

Nicholson’s primary qualification for the VA job was serving as chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1997 to 2000, “raising close to $380 million for the 2000 cycle.” In March, Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) called for his resignation, noting that his appointment was purely political and looked “like a Brownie situation.”

UPDATE: In February, Nicholson tried to downplay the number of injured veterans, claiming that “a lot of them come in for dental problems.”

Of course, we don’t know if his resignation was “advised” or the result of an epiphany that he doesn’t know shit about running the VA and actually supporting the troops when they need the damn support.

Stick that on your flippin’ bumper.


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Shakescast: Reminder & Agenda

Shakescast, coming to your town: July 17th at 9 PM EST. Don’t forget, you can’t play if you don’t have Skype.

As for the agenda, here’s what we’d like to do. For the first 30 (or so) minutes, we’ll have a Q&A where Melissa will answer (almost) any and all questions you’d like to pose to her, either through comments on this thread or by sending an electronic mail message to If you send in your questions by email, please let us know what name you would us to reference when addressing your question.

After Melissa’s done with her memoirs, we’ll open the floor to discussion. If there are specific topics you’d like to cover, then please don’t be shy. State your topic(s) of choice either in comments or in email to


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Shakescast: Reminder & Agenda

Shakescast, coming to your town: July 17th at 9 PM EST. Don’t forget, you can’t play if you don’t have Skype.

As for the agenda, here’s what we’d like to do. For the first 30 (or so) minutes, we’ll have a Q&A where Melissa will answer (almost) any and all questions you’d like to pose to her, either through comments on this thread or by sending an electronic mail message to If you send in your questions by email, please let us know what name you would us to reference when addressing your question.

After Melissa’s done with her memoirs, we’ll open the floor to discussion. If there are specific topics you’d like to cover, then please don’t be shy. State your topic(s) of choice either in comments or in email to

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That’s it. Edwards Is My Candidate.

John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011:

In an effort to jump-start a presidential campaign that still has not broken into the top Democratic tier, former Sen. John Edwards made his most ambitious policy announcement yet at a campaign event in Iowa Monday: a promise to eliminate all unpleasant, disagreeable, or otherwise bad things from all aspects of American life by the end of his second year in office.

Oh, we’re not just talking generalities. Check out this awesome 3-step program:

According to Edwards, his plan is composed of three steps. Everyday bad things, such as curse words and splinters, would be eradicated during his first six months in office. Next, very bad things, including child abduction, soil erosion, and resurgent diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, would be ended by the the end of 2009. Finally, extremely bad things—plights such as genocide, species extinction, and virtually every form of cancer—would take a full two years to wipe out.

And John brings it on home with the master list:

Other bad things the 2004 vice-presidential nominee vowed to end include the housing crisis, skinned knees, frowns, steep staircases, jailbreaks, water that is too cold to swim in, pain, traffic, being tired in the morning, sprained ankles, hunger, not having enough energy at night, teen pregnancy, cases of the blahs, thunder, the high cost of admission to events, type 2 diabetes, games of tic-tac-toe with no clear winner, the lack of parking in urban areas, forgetting birthdays, child prostitution, and confusion.

“Imagine a world free of procrastination, class disparity, and itchiness,” Edwards said. “It will only be possible if we try.”

As long as he can handle itchiness and water that is too cold to swim in, I’m on board!

Anyone else love The Onion as much as me?


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Shaker Call To Arms: Save Our Streaming

Shaker Katherine has informed us of the eleventh hour negotiations underway to help save internet radio webcasting. As of yesterday, new (and very high) royalty rates from the Copyright Royalty Board would’ve gone into effect this coming Sunday. These new rates would easily cripple many internet radio broadcasters and effectively shut them down.

Today, an agreement was reached between the broadcasters and the labels to temporarily hold off on the rate hike until a new royalty agreement could be sorted out. Apparently, the outcry of people in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act made the CRB think twice about what they were doing.

For more info, please visit SaveNetRadio.


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Paradigm Shift

This story is just all kinds of amazing and inspiring:

Classmates of a 13-year-old Bangladeshi school girl due to enter a forced marriage have united to stop the ceremony going ahead, police say.

Around 50 pupils in the town of Satkhira took to the streets to demand that Habiba Sultana’s wedding be called off, they say.

Pupils even submitted a petition to police urging them to take action.

Police summoned Habiba’s father and ordered him to stop the girl’s marriage, which they said was illegal.

Her father was told to sign a bond in which he promised not marry off his daughter while she is still a child, the Bangladesh Daily Star reported.

At the right moment, truth can be unstoppable and infectious. It can turn a deeply ingrained cultural tradition on its head. It can look a father in the face and tell him that his daughter is no longer simply an instrument of barter, to be sold or married off at his whim without any say from her. These young girls have bravely initiated the shift in Satkhira, and as they get older it can only continue to permeate.

This story actually made me optimistic for a couple of minutes. Why? Because it shows that a true paradigm shift can still happen. Maybe even here on our shores one day.


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Shakescast Coming Up!

I know it’s been a while, but it’s time for all of you Shakers to dust off those headsets and mics (except Angelos, since his is brand new)! Our next Shakescast will take place this coming Tuesday, July 17th, at 9:00 PM EST.

Like last time, I’ll post a couple of reminders as the time gets closer. At show time, I’ll post the links to the audio and chat rooms. If you don’t already have Skype, you will need to download it in order to participate.

See yas on Tuesday, bitchez!


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Attack Of The Phallic Thingies: The Sequel

It doesn’t just end at traffic posts. It continues onward and upward:

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and two beholders – one of them a government agency’s architect – have very different views of a 40-story residential tower proposed at a gateway to downtown San Diego.

Sandor Shapery says his design is like a flower. A consultant to the Centre City Development Corp. says it looks like a giant phallus. […] “With its rounded forms and swelling of the uppermost floors . . . this building structure is very phallic,” [Gwynne] Pugh wrote in his critique of the project.

Damn those swelling floors! He would’ve gotten away with it too, if it hadn’t been for that meddling Pugh.

Stay tuned for episode three. Who knows what vile and sneaky city structures are waiting patiently in the shadows for the right time to rise up and offend.

[H/T to Sully]


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Alberto Fatigue

Gee whiz. How shocking. Alberto lied again:

Two senior Justice Department officials said yesterday that they kept Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales apprised of FBI violations of civil liberties and privacy safeguards in recent years.

The two officials spoke in a telephone call arranged by press officials at the Justice Department after The Washington Post disclosed yesterday that the FBI sent reports to Gonzales of legal and procedural violations shortly before he told senators in April 2005: “There has not been one verified case of civil liberties abuse” after 2001.

I just can’t wait for another exciting round of Leahy being pissed, someone calling for Gonzo’s resignation, someone else calling for him to (..sigh..) testify again, and W standing by his faith in the attorney general. Blah blah fuckity-fucking blah. Sorry, but I’ve had enough of this stupid shit already. If no one wants to stand up and finally throw that fucker’s sorry ass out, then they should just shut up instead of insulting us with this disregard-of-law bullshit, like I want to hear about their inability to do something about this guy for another year and a half.



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M-M-M-My Carmona

Surprise. Someone testified before Congress about more ponderous bullshit from the White House:

[Former Surgeon General Richard] Carmona revealed that when he tried to explain the science of stem cell research to the American public, he was “blocked at every turn, told a decision had already been made, stand down, don’t talk about it.” Additionally, political appointees were specifically assigned to “vet his speeches” and “spin [his] words in such a way that would be preferable to a political or ideologically pre-conceived notion that had nothing to do with science.” He was also barred from speaking freely to reporters.

Surgeon General’s Warning: To prevent cranial explosion, ignore any and all comments from Bush’s assclown-riddled administration.


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DOJ Attorney: Bush Justice Is A National Disgrace

In a recent Denver Post op-ed, DOJ Attorney John Koppel declares, in no uncertain terms, that he has simply had it with the current administration’s version of justice. The last paragraph is particularly poignant:

I realize that this constitutionally protected statement subjects me to a substantial risk of unlawful reprisal from extremely ruthless people who have repeatedly taken such action in the past. But I am confident that I am speaking on behalf of countless thousands of honorable public servants, at Justice and elsewhere, who take their responsibilities seriously and share these views. And some things must be said, whatever the risk.

Thank you, Mr. Koppel, for taking the risk to stand up and educate people on how justice should not be served.

[H/T to TPMMuckraker]


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America: Our God’s Better Than Yours

In case you missed the first season, The Crusades are back:

We believe in an Almighty, we believe in the freedom for people to worship that Almighty. They don’t. They don’t believe you should worship the way you choose. They believe the only way you should worship is the way they choose. And, therefore — and, therefore, they will do anything they can to spread that ideology.

That excerpt gave me a reversal. Just give me a couple of minutes – the nausea will pass.

Thanks for hanging in there. I feel much better now, although I can’t say I’m jumping for joy over the clear implication of America being a theocracy Christian Nation™. Granted, I’ll give him credit for at least allowing people the freedom to worship the one deity that they all believe in (everybody got that Almighty Memo, right?). What a guy.

Oh, and there’s that darn Us And Them stuff again. They are the evildoers. They’re not like us. “They don’t believe you should worship the way you choose. They believe the only way you should worship is the way they choose.”

For all we know, it was another double-secret coded message to his favorite easily manipulated base that he’s still got their backs. Nah, he’s not that shrewd. That’s The Brain’s area.

FSM save us from the almighty asshat.

[H/T Devilstower]


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Piss Off, Inhofe: The Smackdown


Here’s the deal, Inhofe: The concert is still going to happen, the issue will still be front and center, and you’ll still be a cranky dick.


Initially rebuffed by Washington, former Vice President Al Gore’s Live Earth concerts found a last-minute home in the U.S. capital on Friday after Native Americans offered their museum for the worldwide event.

A few blocks from the U.S. Capitol where some Republican lawmakers had tried to prevent the Washington concert from taking place, the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian will host one of several Saturday concerts highlighting climate change.

Who knew?


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Get The Pepto, Quick!

Quote of the day from a Reuters article covering an important July 4th event: Competitive Eating:

The two were neck and neck in the final minute until Kobayashi appeared to suffer what the commentator on sports TV channel ESPN euphemistically called a “reversal.”

Yikes. It’s worth noting that the author, Maureen Madden, has never been documented as being seen in the same room with Keyser Söze. However, I found it interesting how she chose to end the article:

The United States has the highest prevalence of obesity among developed countries, at about one-third of the adult population, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. About 60 million adults are obese.

Maureen – If you would like to do a story about obesity in this country, then that’s one thing. But don’t expect anyone to take you seriously after covering an event that consisted of stuffing the largest amount of hot dogs in your gob in the shortest amount of time.

With reversals.


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With Bush and the MSM salivating desperately for some kind of evil terror news they could latch onto and turn into a fear-for-all, the Brits are trying their best to slap the shit out of them in an attempt to get the knee-jerkers to just shut the fuck up:

According to Nev Johnson, a Foreign and Commonwealth Office press officer with responsibility for security and intelligence, media reports of Prime Minister Brown’s comments regarding Al Qaeda have been grossly misrepresented.

“The UK media hasn’t analysed the PM’s statement yesterday sufficiently thoroughly,” Johnson told RAW STORY on Monday. “[The Prime Minister] didn’t attribute blame directly to Al Q’aida, but said the methodolgy was similar, and talked more generally about Al Q’aida worldwide.”

British intelligence authorities have told RAW STORY that the three attacks, two failed and one almost successful, do appear to be connected. However, they could not attribute the attacks directly to Al Qaeda at this point in the investigation.

During an interview with BBC’s Andrew Marr for BBC Sunday AM, Prime Minister Brown discussed at length the threat of terrorism in the world and organizations such as Al Qaeda. It is those comments that have been taken out of context by media reports.

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Back To The Old Drawing Board..

If the last few elections have taught me anything, it’s that we still need to revisit how we handle elections in this country. Voting fraud aside (save that for another post), I have never been convinced that our monolithic two-party system serves us best. How many times have friends or family members spoken about “choosing the lesser of two evils,” or “choosing either is the same as choosing both?” Regardless of majority or minority, neither party ever has anything to lose because they are always represented on the Hill, in one branch or another. As wacky as he might have been, I remember when Ross Perot really shook things up when he dove into the race. I rather liked the idea of shaking up the establishment, because the perception of power loss really whips these people into shape. Our ace in the hole, as it were.

But, how do we buck the system without feeling like we’re throwing away votes that would otherwise ensure an assclown doesn’t get elected?

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