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Stay Classy, Mitt

Via TMZ.


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Recommended Reading

Dave Neiwert busts out the facts in response to the odious O’Reilly’s latest diarrheic spewage of false equivalency.

Also, John Amato’s got video of O’Reilly’s attempt at “balance.”

I have a recommendation for Bill O’Reilly: If he wants bloggers to stop being so hateful, he should stop giving us so much to hate.


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Department of Homeland Security keeps busy terrifying your children

The Department of Homeland Security – helping terrorize Citizens of The Homeland for more than five years.

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There’s A First Time for Everything

Hell is a cold place today. I agree with Ann Althouse. Vis-a-vis Mitt Romney’s attack on Barack Obama for “advocating sex education for kindergartners,” Ann came out in favor of age-appropriate sex education for five-year-olds. Avedon is shocked, too:

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Saturday surf blogging…!

This weekend’s surf blogging is a short clip, but feel free to watch it over and over again, because it certainly warrants it!

Or, if you want to see a longer clip of the same ride, go watch the unembeddable version at YouTube.

The break is Teahupoo, (pronounced Cho-pu or Te-ah-hu-po), a world-renowned reef break off south-east Tahiti in the southern Pacific. And the surfer is local Manoa Drollet. Continue reading


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Fox News: “$600 Billion for the War on Terror: A bargain at twice the price?”

This was the Fox News argument today with Steve Forbes: “$600 Billion for the War on Terror: A bargain at twice the price?”

The pros: The U.S. hasn’t been attacked since 9/11 and the Dow Jones is high.

Yet somehow, Daily Kos is a bunch of out-of-control ideologues and are essentially the KKK and Nazis, according to the same station.

There is little doubt in my mind that this era in history will be recorded in crayon, if not blood.



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Impeachment Matters Even More

Nearly two weeks ago, I took a deep breath and wrote out my thoughts on impeaching President Bush and Vice President Cheney. Some of my readers agreed, though equally many–particularly some who read the crossposted essay at Ezra’s–were opposed to initiating impeachment proceedings for a number of reasons, some more logical than others.

Nonetheless, I am more convinced than ever that Congress must begin impeachment proceedings immediately. I’ll discuss the rationale for this a bit later, but let me first put this out there:

We must impeach the President and Vice President of the United States, and we must begin proceedings to do so immediately, not just for the purpose of exacting a punitive remedy, but also toward enacting a vitally important preventive measure–one that may be the only available means by which to protect the country from the impending imposition of martial law at home as well as the declaration of war against Iran and possibly other countries in the Middle East.
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Well, Now That You Mention It, I Am in the Market for a Bridge!

For all my cynicism, I can be such a freakin’ Pollyanna sometimes, you have no idea. For instance, when I read this line from Fat Fu

(For the record I find Huckabee’s assumption of moral superiority over his weight loss especially irritating, since I’m about 80% sure he’s had weight loss surgery.)

I was scandalized. For real. You mean… you mean… he might have had the surgery and LIED ABOUT IT? Or just NOT TOLD ANYONE? And then gone out there and started banging the anti-obesity drum and acting like he just lost all this weight by eating vegetables and exercising? SOMEONE WOULD DO THAT?

Totally never occurred to me. Because, of course, politicians are usually so honest and would never encourage people to live up to an impossible standard that they themselves fail to meet.

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Harry Potter…By Others

I was over at Why Now? where Bryan has some thoughts on the last Harry Potter book.

In my comment I wondered what the series would be like if it was written by some other famous authors such as:

James Joyce: Seven volumes, all one long sentence.

William Faulkner: Harry Potter in Yoknapatawpha County

Ernest Hemingway: “Voldemort appeared. Harry shot him. He had a butterbeer.”

Anne Rice: “Herminone always knew she was a vampire and she always knew how to use her fangs delicately.”

Leo Tolstoy: Seven volumes, each 3,000 pages long.

Any others?

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Michael Reardon hasn’t been found….

In case any of you were still wondering, they still have not found famed climber Michael Reardon.

More details are in, and I still have trouble wrapping my head around what happened. It just seems so damned random, unexpected and capricious, especially considering all the risky feats this guy had attempted and pulled off with panache in his life.

“It was just another day of climbing on Atlantic sea cliffs in Ireland with Mike,” photographer Damon Corso said. “Mike took me around the bottom of Wireless Point to an inlet merely 15 feet above the roaring Atlantic.”

Corso told the Times Rearden he “was waiting on an algae-covered platform for the big swells to pass by so that he could walk back over to me on the opposite side of the inlet. A rogue wave came into the inlet and curved rightwards as it crashed into Mike.

“He tried to stabilize himself on the platform but the water was too powerful and sucked him in.”

(From here.)

Another report said the two were able to communicate verbally after he first got pulled in and Corso tried unsuccessfully to throw Reardon a line before climbing back up the cliff to summon help.

Given Reardon’s level of conditioning and the fact he was described as a strong swimmer, I can’t help thinking that he must have felt confident he’d be able to swim to safety.

What happened?

For some reason–maybe the fact that I’ve spent so much of my life on rocks and cliffs near the sea or in the surf–this story haunts me.


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Cornerites Wish for a Successful Cheney Presidency

KLo brings us the fervent wishes of Corner readers for tomorrow’s Cheney administration:

Bomb Iran.
Commute the sentences of those border agents.
Fire Mike Chertoff.
Tell Harry Reid to … well, you know…
Pardon Scooter.

I will give them firing Chertoff.

Oh, and on that “Bomb Iran” thing?

Three hours wouldn’t be long enough to actually bomb Iran, given the necessary flight time. But ICBM’s can be there in about a half-hour.

Ha!  It’s funny because it would kill millions of innocent civilians!


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Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime

TFIF, Shakers! Belly up to the bar and name your poison.


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Quote of the Day

“He’s a good man; we’re gonna get him some new legs.”–President Bush, introducing an Iraq veteran who’d lost his legs in the war. [H/T to Mamajane in comments.]

“I gots a doggie!”


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The Curious Incident of the Man in the Justice System

Huh: “Roy Lynn Oakley, 65, of Roane County, Tenn., was arrested in January after he allegedly tried to sell the sensitive material to undercover FBI agents, officials said. None of the data made it out of the country or was transmitted to criminal or terrorist groups, officials said.”

Not for lack of trying on Oakley’s part, though, obviously.

The thing is, Oakley wasn’t immediately whisked away to Gitmo and wasn’t denied an attorney. Yesterday, he pleaded not guilty to “charges that he stole classified information about enriching uranium to sell to foreign governments.” And there’s been shockingly little news about this case, considering a contract employee at a nuclear site was trying to sell info that could make possible the proverbial “dirty bomb” or “suitcase nuke” about which we’ve been hearing so much lo these past few years.

Maybe the hush-hushedness has to do with the fact that Oakley was employed by Bechtel, the largest engineering corp. in the US and a favorite of the Bush administration, who awarded Bechtel a $680 million reconstruction contract in Iraq and the no-bid contract to provide “temporary housing” for Katrina relief efforts in NOLA. Or maybe the hush-hushedness has to do with the fact that Bechtel was employed by Oak Ridge, the Energy Department’s largest science and energy laboratory. Or maybe it’s just because Oakley looks like this, so he couldn’t possibly be subjected to the sort of treatment, or the suspension of rights, we reserve for the real terrorists.


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If This Does Not Light A Fire Under Congressional Asses, Nothing Will

I know exactly how you feel, Jeff.

The cognitive dissonance of George W. Bush’s supposed democratic “mission” in Iraq is buzzing louder by the day:

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The Irresistible Gravitational Pull of Cleavage: Hillary Clinton Edition

Okay, let me say up front that our media sucks:

There was cleavage on display Wednesday afternoon on C-SPAN2. It belonged to Sen. Hillary Clinton.

She was talking on the Senate floor about the burdensome cost of higher education. She was wearing a rose-colored blazer over a black top. The neckline sat low on her chest and had a subtle V-shape. The cleavage registered after only a quick glance. No scrunch-faced scrutiny was necessary. There wasn’t an unseemly amount of cleavage showing, but there it was. Undeniable.

Undeniable! Hillary Clinton has breasts! Alert the media! Oh, wait, ’twas the media that alerted us.

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The Mind Boggles

From TPM:

President Bush temporarily will transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney while Bush has a colonoscopy Saturday.

I have rarely seen so short a sentence with so many implications, interpretations, snarky comments, and fearful possibilites that I leave it up to you, Shakers, to go wild.


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WebCrash 2007

I ask you: How much does The Onion rule?

(Thanks to Petulant for the heads-up.)


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Friday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers!

I’ve got only one Friday Blogrollin’ this week: Zuzu, formerly of Feministe, has started her own blog, Kindly Póg Mo Thóin. So stop on by and say hi to Zuzu!

Recommended Reading:

Steven Reynolds: Radical Right Wing Christian Cleric Uses, Cons Prostitute

BlondeSense Liz: Tucker Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth

Elle, PhD: Don’t Call Us Out of Name

Lauredhel: Keiko Fukuda

Michael Stickings: The Common Cause of Bush and al Qaeda


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The Last Challenege

Following up on Jeff’s and nightshift’s posts below…

The White House claims that the president’s claim of executive privilege overrules everything.

So basically the president is saying the Justice Department can’t do what Congress tells it to do once he’s proclaimed executive privilege. It’s a legalistic way of saying “Up Yours.”

A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, I’m trying to imagine the thermonuclear reaction this would have caused among the Republicans and the wingnutosphere if President Clinton — or any Democratic president, for that matter — had tried to assert this level of executive privilege. Pennsylvania Avenue from the Capitol to the White House would have been littered with the bloody remnants of exploded heads of Republicans and all the punditry who would proclaim that Mr. Clinton is a rogue and a charlatan and all sorts of other Victorian terms that they dredged up from the Newt Gingrich list of naughty words.

The second thought is that this, along with the Iraq war funding, will be the true test of the Democrats in the Senate and the Congress. If they don’t stand up and fight back with all the forces they can muster and make every attempt to win this battle, then there is little hope for them. All of the energy that they put in to winning the election in 2006 and all of the effort they’re putting in to winning back the White House and a larger majority in the House and Senate won’t mean anything.

It’s clear that Mr. Bush and his administration are calling out the Democrats — and anyone else who believes in the balance of power — to defend the role of Congress and its equal place in our nation. If they don’t rise to the challenge, we might as well just give up now and let the comfortable numbness of dictatorship and one-party rule lull us gently to our doom because we don’t deserve to have our republic any longer.

Read Glenn Greenwald’s detailed and eloquent discussion of this issue.

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