Thanks For That Wonderful Thank You, France — Now Here’s a Slap in the Face

There’s a lot of good writing in the blogosphere, but every once in a while I read a post that so exactly hits the nail on the head that I think, “Wow. I wish I’d written that.” Well, right now I’m feeling that way about the post Shamanic, over at Newshoggers, wrote regarding the boorish response by some right-wing bloggers to a deeply touching gesture of appreciation from a group of French citizens to the United States for saving France in World War II. The post is titled “The Cons Even Slime French Gratitude“:

Here’s your tasteless Sunday treat: Gateway Pundit and a couple of others on the right are mocking a French event commemorating the US-led liberation of that country in WWII.

Asking “Goodness, What’s Happened to France?”, Gateway Pundit shows a brief series of pictures (culled from MSM mainstay Reuters) showing thousands of people lined up on Omaha Beach, forming a human chain that spells “France Will Never Forget”. Below the words, the American and French flags are held aloft.

So, what’s happened to France? Not a thing. The real question is what’s happened to the slice of Americans that have turned long-time allies, partners, and friends into enemies.

French foreign policy often butts up against America’s interest in a given region. This should surprise no one. France has played the role of regional European power since before North America appeared on European maps. That two powerful, internationally engaged nations often disagree in pursuing their own interests is a no-brainer. Only to the crazies on the utter fringe of the right does this make a nation like France our enemy. Idiots.

That was precisely what I thought when I saw that headline, “Goodness…What’s Happened To France?” What condescending slop. Can you say, Ugly American?


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9 responses to “Thanks For That Wonderful Thank You, France — Now Here’s a Slap in the Face

  1. Truth is most of us (in the UK and the US) are dead jealous of the French for having leadership that actually does what the majority of the population wants!

  2. Ugly, ugly, ugly Americans. The wing nuts embarrass any of us who actually have compassion and critical thinking skills and are forced to share a nationality with them.

  3. Fritz

    Yesterday evening, my boyfriend served me what I assumed was French Vanilla ice cream. Nope.

    To my surprise, French Vanilla has been renamed Double Vanilla.

    I’m still gonna call it French Vanilla. Damn the petty idiocy!

  4. The French in general commemorate the foreign soldiers who lie in their soil from both World Wars every year. The villages where the worst trench warfare of WW1 took place have memorials everywhere, and in some towns when you tell them you are from Australia you will be introduced to old codgers named after ANZAC soldiers.

    I especially hate the jokes about the French as militarily inept etc, and the USA “saving their bacon” out of the goodness of their hearts.
    The US had a huge amount of self-interest in stopping the Germans, both times. An imperial Germany controlling the resources of Europe’s mightiest industrial nations would certainly have been in opposition to the USA from a much stronger position (economically and militarily) if they had fully conquered France and Britain.

    In both World Wars, France (and England) essentially took the hard tackles to hold down enough of the opposition so that quarterback USA could score the touchdown. If the French and British hadn’t kept the opposition engaged then it would have been Germany scoring the touchdown on the Atlantic coast of the USA.

    Typical quarterback skiting, as if the rest of the team does nothing.

  5. Indeed, as one current justification for the Iraq venture has it, the USA fought the Germans “over there” so that they wouldn’t have to fight them “over here”.

  6. resident_alien

    Hey,if those Uglymericans hate the French so much, why haven’t they longsince returned the Lady Liberty,or rather Madame LaLibertè,since she was a gift by the French to the nascent United States,huh?

  7. By the way, how’s them Freedom Fries sellin over there?

  8. I especially hate the jokes about the French as militarily inept etc, and the USA “saving their bacon” out of the goodness of their hearts.

    Ya. Anyone out there ever heard of a place called Verdun? The French lost an estimated 550,000 men there in the worst fighting of the war and there weren’t any Yanks about to “Save their bacon”

    Or perhaps you younger folks might have heard of Dunkirk. Well, that was the British Army that “Saved their bacon” by pissing off without bothering to tell the french they were leaving. Which left the Northern flank of the French Army wide open which the Germans exploited instantly and the French were forced to surrender.

    Well, I’ve been to Verdun and seen the cemetery there and any one who has will never again make jokes about the French will to fight for their country.

    And I also recall seeing the French Army MARCH WITH HEADS HIGH out of Viet Nam. Not quite the same as the way we left was it.

  9. I do not understand why so many Americans seem to believe that the French hate Americans. The majority of the French do not hate Americans. In fact, they rather like Americans. They may dislike American foreign policy, but they manage to make the distinction between American foreign policy and Americans. They tend to view Americans as being somewhat naive, but generally good-natured. [Also that we all carry guns. Too much American TV exports.]

    I also think that many Americans confuse French with Parisians, a mistake on the par of confusing Americans with New Yorkers. The people in the French countryside are friendlier than Parisians (although Parisians still get an undeservedly bad rep). The same is true of Americans who don’t live in major urban centers. Hey, people who live in the English countryside are friendlier than those who live in London. Quite a common pattern. Living in a large city makes it more difficult to be friendly to everyone, because there’s just so damn many people.

    Lastly, you can’t judge the French by that waiter you had that one time in that French restaurant. Arguing with waiters is a form of sport in France. At least it was when I spent a month there in the 1980s.

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