Caption This Photo

“I’ve actually got to talk to these losers?!”

President Bush gestures as he greets visitors at the White House upon arrival from Camp David, Md., Sunday, July 22, 2007, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)


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27 responses to “Caption This Photo

  1. “So you’re saying the big white place is where I’m s’posed to go?”

  2. “I can use this finger, can’t I? Right? Does that work for you, Miss Condi Kill-Joy and Mr. Tony Stick-Up-Your Ass?”

  3. Bighorn

    “C’mon. Can’t I eat just ONE baby? Huh? Pleeeease?”

  4. Fritz

    “Security! I just got a flash of this woman’s boobie! Take ‘er down!”

  5. “I can SHOO totally toush my nose wif my fingerer. JUS’ WASH!”

  6. What part of “a Bud in a paper bag over here right now” did you not understand?

  7. Cheney wants which infant for tonight’s sacrifice?…This one?

  8. Getta load of the “common folk.” Their smirks are fun.

  9. Susan

    Situation…she’s breastfeeding in public…take her down.

  10. rachel

    Do I swallow or spit?

  11. mamajane

    “So, this is the crowd Karl fed the mind-control drugs, right Dick? Don’t want us none o’ them independently thinkeners asking me those mean, tough questions”.

  12. grape_crush wins!! 🙂

  13. mamajane

    Seriously, the blissed-out smirks on the faces in the crowd are just plain creepy, my skin is crawling.

  14. “What was it I was supposed to say again?”

  15. Constant Comment

    “She’s with stupid!”

  16. rege

    Whadda ya mean, don’t pick my nose. I’m gawd damn president and I’ll pick it if wana!

  17. Chromosome Crawl

    I have no caption, just wanted to comment on the peevish look on the man’s face. You can almost HEAR him thinking “Do I have to deal with these hoi polloi AGAIN?” Babs sure did shoot a clasy one outta that gaping, oozing gangrenous orifice others might call a uterus.

    The emperor hath no clothes.

  18. “That totally wasn’t me! The baby farted!”

  19. “Seriously, the blissed-out smirks on the faces in the crowd are just plain creepy, my skin is crawling.”

    mamajane, I too was thinking about that. It’s as if the crowd was sprayed with blissjuice just before his High-ness arrived.

  20. resident_alien

    You talking to me?YOU…talking to me?

  21. resident_alien

    With all due apologies to Messrs Scorcese and DeNiro.

  22. I think Constant Comment takes the prize. I laughed, anyway.

  23. Thunderbird

    “So, these are some of the idiots that voted for me?”

  24. Jeff

    Okay, Mr. President…If you can point to the stupidest person in the crowd, you win a cookie.

  25. DBK

    “Everybody hates Bush and he’s a criminal and an idiot.”

    Okay, so that’s how I caption every photo of George Bush from now until we’re both dead. Doesn’t mean it isn’t appropriate.

  26. Tactical Grace

    “Round these people up for questioning”

  27. Anonymous

    Chromosome Crawl: That’s a disgustingly denigrating misogynist comment. It’s not even funny.

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