Stay Classy, Mitt

Via TMZ.



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22 responses to “Stay Classy, Mitt

  1. Natasha F. (but not Fatale)

    You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me. And if you are going to be low class, at least be literate.

  2. Rachel

    I didn’t know the Museum of Modern Art was in Chelsea.

    OH, I get it….

  3. Damn, Rachel beat me to it.

    But really Mitt, how bout you and M. Vick get together for some puppy love? Ugh.

  4. It’s really eye-opening when you think about it and realize that Tom Tancredo and Ron Paul are – by far – running the best campaigns of all the GOP hopefuls.

    They’re both horrifying in their own ways, but at very least they have issues they speak about. Think about it, for the most part you know things they stand for. Romney gets 1000 times the coverage and I honestly have no idea what he stands for, aside from both sides of most everything, and “cleaning water.”

    I can’t begin to imagine Fred Thompson being able to survive his past and overall ineptness all the way to the end just by trying to sound like an authoritarian Gomer Pyle, so the fact is, if it’s not Giuliani, it will likely be Romney that represents the GOP.

    If the Democrats lose the White House in 2008, they need to just close up shop all together.


  5. Grendel72

    If the Democrats lose the White House in 2008, they need to just close up shop all together.
    If the Democrats lose the White House in 2008, this country needs to just close up shop all together.

  6. Benjamin

    Roses are Red, Violets are blue,
    the above attempt at verse gives us an idea of the long-term consequences of conservatives being in charge of education.

    I like Ron Paul as a person: he seems to genuinely believe in his platform, he states his ideas boldly and clearly, and hey, I’ve got some level of respect for someone who so honestly espouses such shockingly bad ideas.

    Romney, on the other hand, gives me the creeps. I don’t just mean that I think he’s disingenuous, that he shifts his platform with the breeze, and that the general tone of his campaign is culturally incompatible with my own views. I’m talking about that semi-rational, spiders on the skin feeling one gets when they instinctually recognize that the inner and outer man are very, very different. Imagine if Dick Cheney looked and sounded like Mr. Rogers, and the sense of “just plain WRONG” you might get shaking his hand.

    The Democrats, on the other hand, have a number of front-runners who I genuinely like: people making good policy, pushing for change as hard as the system will tolerate (without backlash), and doing so with sincerity that doesn’t seem like it came with the suit.

    If they botch this one, it’s going to take some doing.

  7. nightshift66

    If the Dems lose the White House in 2008, they’ll have their shop closed up for them. As will this country.

  8. Such talk strikes fear into my soul.

  9. Graham

    ……….no to Chelsea’s moma (sic).

    Well it’s nice to know that the adults want to take over the country.

  10. Brynn

    And that sign sums up the level of discourse, intelligence and integrity we can expect from the Republicans for the next 15 months.

  11. Ferin

    Whoo, that ‘s Klassy with a capital K.

  12. Chromosome Crawl

    aww c’mon guys – she was just spelling it in phonics. She’s from that part of the country where it’s pronounced “mouomma” (shudders – reminds me of the inlaws!)

  13. Jeff

    Douche. Bag.

  14. car

    I heard yesterday that “None of the above” is currently the GOP frontrunner. Seriously, the Dems need to not fuck this up.

  15. Wait, when did Osama join the race?

  16. Her rhyme doesn’t even scan.

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  18. Jeff

    Mitt sure has some high-falootin edumicated followers! I imagine that third grade must have been the hardest four years of this Romnette’s life.

  19. Paen

    Someone should have told Mitt’s parents that brothers and sisters shouldn’t have kids together.

  20. resident_alien

    Mitt/is a git/full of shit/and a nit/without wit.There,and English isn’t even my first language.

  21. JoAsakura

    There once was a wanker named Mitt
    In the white house he wanted to sit
    With his magical pants
    and his idiot fans
    but the rest of us said “what a git!”

    there. there’s your damn poetry, mitt. 🙂

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