Michael Reardon hasn’t been found….

In case any of you were still wondering, they still have not found famed climber Michael Reardon.

More details are in, and I still have trouble wrapping my head around what happened. It just seems so damned random, unexpected and capricious, especially considering all the risky feats this guy had attempted and pulled off with panache in his life.

“It was just another day of climbing on Atlantic sea cliffs in Ireland with Mike,” photographer Damon Corso said. “Mike took me around the bottom of Wireless Point to an inlet merely 15 feet above the roaring Atlantic.”

Corso told the Times Rearden he “was waiting on an algae-covered platform for the big swells to pass by so that he could walk back over to me on the opposite side of the inlet. A rogue wave came into the inlet and curved rightwards as it crashed into Mike.

“He tried to stabilize himself on the platform but the water was too powerful and sucked him in.”

(From here.)

Another report said the two were able to communicate verbally after he first got pulled in and Corso tried unsuccessfully to throw Reardon a line before climbing back up the cliff to summon help.

Given Reardon’s level of conditioning and the fact he was described as a strong swimmer, I can’t help thinking that he must have felt confident he’d be able to swim to safety.

What happened?

For some reason–maybe the fact that I’ve spent so much of my life on rocks and cliffs near the sea or in the surf–this story haunts me.



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3 responses to “Michael Reardon hasn’t been found….

  1. I had been wondering. Thanks for posting the update, however sad it might be.

  2. There was an obituary and an appreciation of Michael Reardon in the Los Angeles Times on Thursday.

    What an amazing life.

  3. Bad news, indeed. It’s not hard to get knocked unconscious between strong waves and hard rocks. And once unconscious, well, it takes only a few minutes to drown. What do you think is the likelihood of that scenario? Given that he was a good swimmer, he would have swum out otherwise, or at the very least, his friend would have seen him working at it.

    Sad news.

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