The Mind Boggles

From TPM:

President Bush temporarily will transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney while Bush has a colonoscopy Saturday.

I have rarely seen so short a sentence with so many implications, interpretations, snarky comments, and fearful possibilites that I leave it up to you, Shakers, to go wild.


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35 responses to “The Mind Boggles

  1. Arkades

    …so that the rest of the country will know how he feels?

  2. The President will remain unavailable for comment on the matter…until Vice President Cheney’s next colonoscopy.

  3. while Bush has a colonoscopy

    Hey, doc–let us know if you find his head up there, wouldja?

  4. From one asshole to another.

  5. L

    I thought he’d already done that.

  6. So is the danger posed by Bush being in power while undergoing this procedure that he might actually be able to find his ass with one or more hands during his tenure?

    As far as I know, colonoscopies do not often threaten the lives of the patients they are performed on, so this “transfer of power” sounds melodramatic at best.

  7. L

    I just thought of something: imagine what Dubya will say while he’s under sedation? Do you think the Secret Service will be right there to scrub the memories of the hospital staff?

  8. Jay in Oregon

    Well, if anything goes wrong, then we’d only have to impeach Cheney.

  9. katecontinued

    Had the same thought Jay.

  10. Wait – I thought he wasn’t in the Executive Branch.

  11. grape_crush

    Impossible. The man is so full of shit that you couldn’t jam a grain of rice in there if you used Jaws of Life


    “So you say your son’s in Iraq…Hey, you using the whole fist, Doc?”


    Isn’t ‘transfer power to Vice President Dick Cheney’ redundant?

  12. First, the nightmares begin!

    Second- Every time I have had a colonoscopy, I have been awake. They never put me under. Is he such a pussy that he can’t take a camera up his ass conscious?

    Third- I really hate the image of Bush sitting on a toilet after drinking that glycol laxative crap you have to drink beforehand. I hope to hell he doesn’t think of any grand ideas for the country while shitting for hours!

  13. Peanutcat

    They’re going after the wrong asshole . . . . .

  14. Bruno McNasty

    Looking for the Iraqi WMDs no doubt

  15. Constant Comment

    No need to transfer the power; Cheney has had it the last six years.

  16. Rottweiler

    I hope the gastroenterologist is Iraqi.

  17. randyson

    Learn more about where Democrats stood on the question of Iraq intelligence before the war, and where they stand now by scrolling over the menu to the left, or learn more about their repeated misuse of intelligence and what others were saying about the Iraqi threat.

  18. ah god, “duck and cover” comes to mind. i was a kid during the cuban missle crisis.

    “duck and cover” was a way to say “kiss your ass goodbye” back then. now we can just say it.

    i plan to drink tomorrow!

  19. Hey, randyson, c’mon back; I don’t think your blogwhoring right-wing comment could be any more irrelevant to the thread, but you can always try again.

  20. Lobotomy, more like.

  21. randyson

    Mustang Bob,

    Please look at video of the link that I posted. look what the dems were saying before we Invaded Iraq.

  22. Oh, it’s blogwhoring right wing SPAM, MB. Even better.

    Philip? I love you.

  23. mamajane

    The nightmarish implications here are just too much…I’ve gone all goose-pimply…

    Petulant, many people are put under general anesthetic during colonoscopies, it really depends on a lot of factors, including personal preference, history of reactions to certain anesthesia/analgesic meds, or if the physician anticipates the procedure being unusually lengthy or complicated sue to collecting multiple biopsies, removing polyps, bleeding issues, etc. Or because the patient is too big of a pussy to remain conscious with a scope up their ass.

  24. Randyson:

    A. It’s Mustang Bobby, not Bob.

    B. I have seen all the right-wing bullshit. Go spam someplace else.

  25. randyson

    Ok, so long Mustang Bobby. Blindly following the Democrat party is not good. Check your facts.

    God-Bless you all!

  26. Prediction: Unexpected complications will arise, and Darth won’t relinquish power.

    I really hope I’m wrong, but….

  27. Randyson: blindly sucking Dick Cheney’s cock will give you the gleek. Check your facts.

    God-Bless you all!

    Who sneezed?

  28. It’s all a clever cover-up so they don’t have to tell America Bush was taking time out to have the last Harry Potter read to him.

  29. Kate217

    Sorry, Mustang Bobby, my allergies have been acting up… :blush:

  30. car

    Bush had better be sure that Cheney isn’t within a hundred miles of his hospital, or that transfer of power might somehow become permanent. Little slip of the handle giving him the anesthetic…

  31. *raises hand*

    I freely admit to being too much of a pussy to have a camera shoved up my ass without sedation the one time I’ve had it done. I hate Bush, but can’t really criticize him on this one.

    On the other hand, it sounds like a suicide attempt to me. Who got the hidden bunker during 9/11? Not W.

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