Quote of the Day

“He’s a good man; we’re gonna get him some new legs.”–President Bush, introducing an Iraq veteran who’d lost his legs in the war. [H/T to Mamajane in comments.]

“I gots a doggie!”



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21 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Paul the Spud

    Seriously, every time I see Barney, I want to rescue that poor dog. Look at the horror in his eyes!

    “Don’t let him take me bike riding again!”

  2. If Barney had any sense, he’d do what a lot of dogs do when they’re picked up like that and relax the sphincter muscles just a tad.

    Kind of a precursor of what Mr. Bush will be going through tomorrow.

  3. Paul the Spud


  4. grape_crush

    “…we’re gonna get him some new legs…

    ..then straight back to Iraq, mister!”

  5. NameChanged

    he’s a dickhead…no new legs for that prickish Iraq vetran.

  6. “If ya squeeze ’em just so, you can make ’em fart.”

  7. That dog looks worried to be in Bush’s hands…

  8. “If ya squeeze ’em just so, you can make ’em fart.”


  9. nightshift66

    Did anyone else have a mental image of Bush as Forrest Gump? “He’s gettin’ magic laygs.”

    What an incredible buffoon Bush is.

  10. Chromosome Crawl

    He He He, no one knows WHERE I’ve hidden the nukular access codes – that durn briefcase was too insecure. Now when I need to get my hands on those codes…….Barney, Barney, here boy!

  11. Dee

    Buffoon is the exactly perfect word to describe Bush.

    How disheartening that the leader of our country fits such a description.

  12. Oh dear God he’s mortifying.

  13. This, however, remains my favorite:

    “Most imports are from outside of the country”

  14. nightshift66

    Did any of us think we’d live long enough to see a president who makes George Bush I look like a master of the English language AND make Dan Quayle look relatively intelligent? And that was only 15 years ago!

    Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to caption the photo. Ahem:

    Bush: “Y’all watch how fur I kin throw this here doggy.”

    Barney [small, squeeky voice]: “Help me! Please God, somebody HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!”

  15. I keep reading that statement and thinking, so what if he wasn’t a good man he’s be SOL on the new legs?

    Did you watch the footage from CNN? Some nonsense saying though the man lost his legs he can still cry.


    If I didn’t have legs I guarantee you I would have mastered the art of crying.

  16. Did anyone else have a mental image of Bush as Forrest Gump?

    Yes. “Lootinint Dayun! You got noo laygs!!!”

  17. amish451

    “That dog looks worried in Bush’s hands…”

    We all are worried ….

  18. Nugget

    Yes, I’ve black but when I came back I said, NO! NO! NO!

  19. Susannah

    As if “new legs” were just popped on and off – easy as pie. Whoops! Lost a leg! Let me pop another one on. Asshole. Asshole. Asshole.
    Barney is saying “Forgive me, Fala”.

  20. Graham

    You’re an asshole. We can’t get you new balls.

    You never had them to begin with.

  21. cfrost

    Well, you have to give Dubya some credit: he manages to plumb new depths of abysmal crass tastelessness the rest of us can’t begin to fathom.

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