Friday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers!

I’ve got only one Friday Blogrollin’ this week: Zuzu, formerly of Feministe, has started her own blog, Kindly Póg Mo Thóin. So stop on by and say hi to Zuzu!

Recommended Reading:

Steven Reynolds: Radical Right Wing Christian Cleric Uses, Cons Prostitute

BlondeSense Liz: Tucker Makes Me Throw Up In My Mouth

Elle, PhD: Don’t Call Us Out of Name

Lauredhel: Keiko Fukuda

Michael Stickings: The Common Cause of Bush and al Qaeda


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23 responses to “Friday Blogwhoring

  1. I actually like my titles, so I’m just going with them:

    Schoolyard Bullies And Babies

    Floating Fortress Of Fascism

    Alliteration is awesome!

  2. Who knew that a drug for Restless Leg Syndrome would have the best. side effects. evah?

  3. Fritz

    Yesterday I ranted about the 15-year-old girls who set a kitten on fire.

    Certainly NOT the kind of cat blogging Shakers like to see!

  4. So far today, we have a book recommendation from Bradley (and a discussion on religion in the comments), my plea to Republicans, and Amy’s fun with clueless ad people. And the day is relatively young. 🙂

  5. Thanks for blogrolling me!

  6. Come along with me and SWMBO on a little trip down memory lane.

  7. ECB

    Because nearly-bare asses in thongs weren’t enough, American Apparel is now sexing up “tweeners”!

  8. Republicans hate puppies! But for serious, some Republicans are opposing harsher dogfighting restrictions because they are anti-abortion. Guh-what?

    Also, there are new state-by-state approval/disapproval ratings for Bush out. Take a look.

  9. *waves*

    ‘lo, delurking.

    I’ve just started up my own blog — with adorable pictures of my cats (who can resist more cat pictures?).

    My first serious post is attempting to draw attention to yet one more small way in which the disabled are screwed over by the state. It rarely brings much more than a throwaway line in the mainstream papers, but the LA Times did good by us in a 2005 story that I linked in the post.

  10. grape_crush

    Re: The slight change in reporting on the Bush and Cheney administrations…

  11. beatgrl

    I’ve been waiting for somwone from Shakesville to post on the neocon cruise which came to my attention via The Thinkery. Creepy universe these people live in. I tried not to let it scare me. I mean, these weirdos are but a small minority, right? But they do have access to WMDs….

  12. pollo en molé

    and some recommended beach reading. . .

  13. The Tree of Liberty is Dying – my own take on the actions of the Bush malAdministration.

  14. I’ve been waiting for somwone from Shakesville to post on the neocon cruise

    I did here.

  15. beatgrl

    Thanks. So much new material all the time it slipped by me!

  16. I have a reader! Wheee!

  17. NameChanged

    I try to even the pet score, and lighten the mood, with my very first Dog Blog.

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