Cornerites Wish for a Successful Cheney Presidency

KLo brings us the fervent wishes of Corner readers for tomorrow’s Cheney administration:

Bomb Iran.
Commute the sentences of those border agents.
Fire Mike Chertoff.
Tell Harry Reid to … well, you know…
Pardon Scooter.

I will give them firing Chertoff.

Oh, and on that “Bomb Iran” thing?

Three hours wouldn’t be long enough to actually bomb Iran, given the necessary flight time. But ICBM’s can be there in about a half-hour.

Ha!  It’s funny because it would kill millions of innocent civilians!


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6 responses to “Cornerites Wish for a Successful Cheney Presidency

  1. Good evening, Jeff Fecke.

    Given that the first order of business in an attack on Iran would be the neutralization of coastal defenses and the degradation of command and control in a tightening circle around the strategic targets of interest (presumably nuclear fuel production facilities in the cities around Tehran), aircraft carrier-based fighter-bombers and sea-launched missiles could possibly require considerably less than two hours (depending upon how far off-shore they were) to go from orders received to first strikes at the perimeter. In-country special ops forces already deployed and awaiting orders could begin their phase of internal disruptions probably within an hour of being given orders to light up infrastructure previously rigged or at least prepped and ready for paint.

    Response by surviving defense batteries comprising extremely high-speed Sunburn and other anti-ship missiles might also come within the time frame, meaning that both the attack and the counter-attack could possibly (although I shall concede, just barely) occur between the time Mr. Bush went to sleep and the time when he had returned to a clarity of mind sufficient to say, “My ass hurts big time.”

    Now, will all of this happen? Of course not.


    The Dark Wraith is just passing through on a quiet night in the early years of the New American Century.

  2. Frankly, what has me stumped is why anyone cares. Tomorrow, Dick Cheney will be running our country. How is that different than any time in the last seven years?

  3. Is he still an independent branch?

  4. “Ha! It’s funny because it would kill millions of innocent civilians!”

    Silly Jeff. There is no such thing as an innocent brown civilian.

  5. A reliable source has put it that “Dick Cheney is the originator of dog fighting”

  6. I’m just wistfully hoping that one of my fantasies comes true, that Bush remains President for the rest of his life…

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