Valerie Plame’s Lawsuit Dismissed

I got yer justice right here: Former CIA Operative Valerie Plame’s suit filed against Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Scooter Libby, and Dick Armitage, seeking damages for revealing her identity, has been dismissed by U.S. District Judge John D. Bates “on jurisdictional grounds.”

He explained: “The alleged means by which defendants chose to rebut Mr. Wilson’s comments and attack his credibility may have been highly unsavory. But there can be no serious dispute that the act of rebutting public criticism, such as that levied by Mr. Wilson against the Bush administration’s handling of prewar foreign intelligence, by speaking with members of the press is within the scope of defendants’ duties as high-level Executive Branch officials.”

Steve Benen notes: “Bates was named to the federal bench by—you guessed it—George W. Bush. Better yet, Bates was a prosecutor on Ken Starr’s Whitewater team, and in 2002, ruled in Dick Cheney’s favor in keeping his energy-task force secret.”

Bush administration justice. Smell it.



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16 responses to “Valerie Plame’s Lawsuit Dismissed

  1. FanFUCKINGtastic!

    Damn, we live in the most civilized Country in the World. BushCo, thanks again for making feel ashamed to be an American.

  2. (For those who won’t click through.)

  3. SAP

    DHS is making sure you can’t embed anything, Fritz. 😀

  4. catdaddy

    Hehehehe….. she wasn’t covert anyway….. go after the real
    criminals… Bill and Hillary

  5. I’m just going to assume catdaddy’s joking.
    Otherwise his red baboon ass over this subject would be just really fucking embarrassing.

    I wonder where her lawsuit against the CIA is at this point. She sued them for holding up her manuscript. The book’s supposed to be out in October.

  6. SAP

    OK, who left the cat door open again?

  7. I think I could write computer script that would randomly generate more interesting troll commentary.

    “she wasn’t covert”

    “It was Clinton’s fault”

    “liberals hate America”

    “war makes me all tingly”

    oops – it’s broken.

  8. Slightly more seriously, this is what happens when Republicans block most of Clinton’s judicial nominations for two years, and then the Democrats don’t retaliate.

    Bad idea.

  9. Wasn’t catdaddy a troll from something like three months ago?

  10. There are three important facts in the case that people shouldn’t forget.

    1) The judge is a Bush appointee.

    2) The judge used to work as a partisan hack in Ken Starr’s independent council office.

    3) The judge already illegally denied the General Accounting Office access to Dick Cheney’s records about his illegal secret meetings with energy company campaign donors on energy policy.

  11. Annie

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it definitely sounds to me like what he’s essentially saying is, “Nobody would care if they’d done this to Wilson, and she’s logically nothing more in this world than an extension of her husband.” ????

  12. Chromosome Crawl

    Isn’t it sad – my first thought when I saw this story this afternoons was “Bet the judge is a Bush man”. Then I thought “no, I shouldn’t jump to conclusions immediately, what if my gut thought is wrong”.

    Guess I should take a lesson from Michael Skeletor/Chertoff and trust my gut more….

    What ever came of the fact that outing a covert agent is a treasonous offense?

    Wow – sure are a lot of crickets in the WH! It sure is quiet!


  13. CTD

    dismissed by U.S. District Judge John D. Bates “on jurisdictional grounds.”

    Not entirely true. From the decision:

    For the reasons given above, plaintiffs have failed to state a claim upon which relief can be granted with respect to their four causes of action asserted directly under the Constitution. Furthermore, this Court lacks subject-matter jurisdiction over plaintiffs’ claim for public disclosure of private facts.

    The last four pages of the decision address Plame’s legal claims directly, so the decision is not based purely on jurisdictional grounds.

  14. Just some more Bushshit!

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