Question of the Day

What is your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is a little French bistro not too far away that is, quite honestly, the best French restaurant at which I’ve ever eaten–and I’ve eaten at some absolutely stunning French restaurants in Chicago, New York, LA, London, Edinburgh… But it’s all about the chef, so this amazing little bistro could have been anywhere; he just happened to end up here.

Anyway, my favorite meal there is on the winter menu; it’s a gorgeous beef burgundy, which I had on New Year’s Eve a year and a half ago. Mr. Shakes and I always celebrate New Year’s with a nice dinner out, just the two of us. I’m quite certain the company, and the pinot noir, made it even better.



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  1. Eggplant Parmesan is pretty high on my list, from the local family Italian restaurant, though I would say my favorite currently is the homemade veggie burgers at our “Irish” pub called the Cloverleaf. Yum!

  2. Seafood Clay Pot at The King and I thai restaurant in Savannah. That’s my fave right now. I’m sure it’ll change in moments.

  3. oddjob

    I’ve got two favorite restaurants, and I can’t really say what my favorite meal at one of them necessarily even is. There’s a seafood restaurant in Salem, MA that serves the most consistently awesome stuff!! EVERYTHING I’ve ever tried there I have loved! The setting is fun, and the view is urban, but also a waterview, with an inlet running right along the back, with small boats docked at piers immediately adjacent to the restaurant – even though this is all in downtown Salem.

    The other one is in Cambridge, MA, and also has a chef who does an awesome job with everything! I’ve only just recently found this place, but my favorite so far is the venison!

  4. car

    Sad to say a chain, but my favorite is a single steakburger platter with fries and baked beans and a chocolate malt from Steak&Shake. My mom and grandma and I used to go out shopping on Saturdays when I was little and that’s what we’d always have for lunch. It’s the nostalgia more than the taste (believe me).

  5. Fritz

    Green Corn Tamales at El Cholo in Los Angeles.

    You can order them online!

    Enjoy our signature tamales, made from Grandma Rosa’s “Early Arizona Days” Recipe! Fresh corn off the cob, Corn Masa, Cheddar Cheese and Ortega Chile, Baked in its own husk. Available in restaurants May thru October only, but now offered online all year round. Also, try some of our mouth watering Pork, Beef and Duck Tamales. One order includes a dozen tamales and a pint of our homemade Mole sauce.

    Tamales are sold by the dozen.


    I swear they’re worth the price.

    (Konagod, don’t miss them!)

  6. SAP

    Chilaquiles con huevos, at a little joint run by a dude named Miguel in Todos Santos, California. Running a close second was the taco stand down the street from Miguel’s for lunch.

    Here in Los Estados Unidos, it would have to be a small bag of fried shrimp from Lawrence’s Fisheries on Canal Street in Chicago, which used to be right down the street and under the bridge from where I grew up. mmmmmmm, shrimp … 🙂

  7. SAP

    Er, that’s Todos Santos, Baja California. Fingers not working today.

  8. Pretty much any meal I’ve ever eaten in Rome, but there was one place in particular, on a side street not far from the Vatican called Sicillia in Bocca, where I ate the most amazing risotto of my entire life. OMFG. It was like eating sunshine on a plate.

  9. Paul the Spud


    Anywhere. 😉

  10. Reba

    Lobster bisque, stuffed mushrooms and house salad at Vel’s in Wareham, MA. If you are within 100 miles of the place, it is well worth the trip. I’ve had bisque elsewhere, but never like that. Absoultely to die for. I miss it so much that I dream about it.

    We don’t go out to eat much, here, as there are few places nearby that serve better food than we can make at home. Sad, but true (and economical!).

  11. Misty

    There’s a little wing joint here that is just delicious. I like the chicken sandwich in the spicy peanut sauce with some of the best onion rings I’ve ever had. Mmmm. Goes great with beeeeah.

    Alternately, I loves me some cappelini pomodoro. Oh the fresh basil and garlic. Mmmmmm.

  12. ArchTeryx

    Celebratory meal at The Melting Pot (I always had a soft spot for that place). I was celebrating passing my Candidacy Exam for my PhD. Four-course fondue finished up with a chocolate fondue and a bottle of Eiswein. Heavenly!

  13. smadin

    Three blocks up the street from me at The Watch City Brewing Company, the Blackened Bleu Cheeseburger, with their fantastic spicy brewhouse fries (with plenty of malt vinegar), and a pint of the hoppiest thing they’ve got on draught.

    Sometimes the simple pleasures can’t be beat.

  14. the sushi at tommy tang’s in pasadena. followed by a big ass bowl of yen tah fo. what is really cool is that i got to see tommy back when he was a dishwasher at his parent’s joint, which was old school chinese/thai, he remembers how his folks used to feed me if i would play the harp outside for an hour. i remember how good the food was, and how much more fun it was to sit at the table with the family and staff in the back.

  15. puellasolis

    Gah! There are way too many to choose from. Most amazing meal I’ve ever had was lunch at El Bulli about a month and a half ago, but it’s not my favorite meal in any sort of habitual sense (ha! if only). Also up there in the “amazing-but-not-yet-repeated” meals category are lunch at La Tupina and dinners at l’Ami Louis, Trotter’s, Chez Panisse, and Manresa.

    As far as “favorite thing I like to get over and over again,” it’s a tough call. Could be the enchiladas suizas (or mole…) at my favorite Mexican restaurant ever, La Fiesta (they also have amazing margaritas). Could also be the the mushroom-swiss burger at the Peninsula Creamery (they use Niman Ranch grass-fed beef and include grilled onions…. oh, the heavenly goodness!! must be accompanied by a milkshake). Could be the black bean chili at Greens. Could be any meal whatsoever at my grandma’s house or my friend Katie’s parents’ house. Oh, and when I lived in Chicago I loved the chicken pesto wrap at the Florian.

    Okay, I’ll stop now. See what happens when you ask a foodie what her favorite meal is??

  16. Near the university in Korea where my wife and I taught English there’s a little restaurant called Pork Village or something like that. They serve excellent samgyeopsal, which is the bacon part of a pig (but not cured), cooked on a griddle at the table, along with peeled garlic, chiles, samjang, rice, lettuce leaves and various vegetables: bean sprouts, kimchi, some other kind of kimchi, some fishy type thing, and probably more kimchi.

    It’s cheap, it’s excellent, your breath can knock out a hippo at 30 feet. And now I’m homesick. Er, place-where-I-livedsick.

  17. This question is too hard for me.

  18. pidomon

    Some of my favorite meals I’ll have next week when I’m in San Diego
    Breakfast is always at Cafe 222
    french toast turkey bacon and a diet coke YUMMY (especially when you are going to spend 8 hours stading on concrete at the convention center)
    Then the steaks at Mortons WOW. Can’t really afford to eat there myself but I get dinner there twice paid for by other people

    If I’m not in San Diego when I go home to Fort Worth the BBQ at Angloes is to die for and of course pizza from Mama’s and greasy breakfast at WhataBurger

  19. Green Corn Tamales at El Cholo in Los Angeles.

    Fuckin-A. And I have the recipe.

    Since I no longer live in L.A., my favorite meal now is probably vegetarian enchiladas with the …

    shit Fritz, you’ve erased my memory banks.

    It’s at Curra’s Grill here in Austin. It’s a green sauce, probably poblano chile related. With refried black beans and rice on the side with sliced bananas.

    On holidays though, when most restaurants are closed, we always go out for Indian. Swad is usually open and has an incredible thali — I get mine with poori and txrad likes his with roti. Those are the two types of breads for your Indian-illiterates. Roti is flat, and poori is greasy and puffy.

    It’s a tradition.

    I remember! Enchiladas Chiapas! I had to cheat, I’m sorry.

  20. MAJeff

    The roasted pumpkin (without meat) as an appetizer; an entree of lamb lawand with a nice red wine; followed by the bucklawa and Turkish Coffee at the Helmand in Cambridge, MA.

    The use of pistacchio and cardamom in the bucklawa brings tears to my eyes. Friends who thought I was being melodramatic experienced the same bloody thing.

  21. katecontinued

    Robbie’s across the street from me on 101 in Encinitas. That’s because my son is the GM. He used to be the chef and got a promotion. I just got back from there a few minutes ago. I order a huge steak because I can eat from it for days. This way I can remain vegan in my buying habits, but I get a bit of meat every once in a while. I also love lox and bagels with my Bloody Mary at Sunday brunch.

    I have come to prefer my own cooking, which is lucky since I can’t afford to eat out (except as my kid’s guest). Life is good.

  22. Angelos

    The bison burger at The Parting Glass.

    The tapas-sized pork medallions at The Wine Bar.

    The duck at Chez Sophie.

    The rack of lamb at Dine.

    The burgers at my golf club.

  23. Probably the soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai. Or the pasta at Becco.

  24. A Single Pebble is probably my favorite–it’s a gourmet-ish Chinese place in Burlington Vermont–which is also where I live for the moment, but their food is on a par with the best food I’ve had anywhere. There is something deeply bizarre about how the best food in Vermont is Chinese, but it really is a great restaurant.

  25. Going to a Town

    Does b in a bracket thingey work here?

    I heard this sound on the way home from the liquor store today.
    On KGSR, Radio Austin.

    I am playing it again and txrad said “this is great.”

    And I said, yes, I heard it on KGSR tonight. It’s like something you’d hear on NPR. And then I realized the first time I heard it WAS on NPR.

    And so, it fuckin’ was.

  26. Bethynyc

    I adore the high tea at Alice’s Tea Cup in NYC. So my ultimate high tea from them? The Mad Hatter tea: 2 scones, 2 sandwiches, cookies, dessert and pot of tea.

    * pumpkin or berry scone with raspberry jam and clotted cream
    * lapsang souchong smoked chicken breast with granny smith apples and herbed goat cheese on seven grain bread OR
    * curried chicken salad sandwich with red onion, celery and granny smith apple on semolina with golden raisins and fennel
    * jean’s ‘not-yet-but-soon-to-be-famous’ mocha chocolate chip cake
    * Lavender Earl Grey Tea

  27. I put my 25c in the jukebox, and I thought I was playing musicalina, but it was Tipitina and I could swear it said Nicel Creek, but it said Elton (No, I’m not EVEN going to attempt a strikethru tonight) Dr. John and I have GOT to continue taking my pills to rectify.

    I’ve had a negro manservant show up at my front door, so I’ll see you folks later.


  28. You don’t really care for music, do ya?

  29. Arkades

    Restuarant: Buca di Beppo

    meal: Chicken Saltimbocca, Tortelloni in cream sauce, and a garlic-studded meatball on the side. And for dessert: Tiramisu.

    (Their tiramisu is awesome and comes with cocoa dusted over the top of the marscapone cheese, with the perfect amount of rum in the ladyfingers. Every place else I try tiramisu seems vaguely disappointing by comparison.)

  30. Molly, NYC

    Hop Kee’s on Mott Street. Fried spring chicken, stuffed hot peppers, steak with Chinese broccoli, snails in black bean sauce. Lots of beer.

    Obviously, though, this isn’t something you eat by yourself. I always had friends along when I ate this stuff.

  31. The baffle king composing halleujah.

    I’m gonna hafta go. I missed one there. Political. And that’s why.

    But I gotta go. Lefse.

    Hallejujah. I’ve seen this room and I’ve walked the floor so why can’t I fucking SPELL it?

    Do you have to be blessed?

    Count me in. I’m there. Now, teach me you bitch.

  32. Wipe the snot off my nose while you are at it.

  33. I think the mere mention of Janis Ian (txrad says it’s neko case) so Who Do You Go With? Says it’s a waster effort in the end.
    Don’t give in to nothin’

    Don’t expect to get nothin’

    It’s just rust, regardless. I have trouble even remembering.

  34. Mom of Es

    Arkades, Is that in SF sort of by the sunset district? My Nana and her husband took me there for the last meal we had together before her dementia took her over. It was delicious. What a nice surprise to be reminded of that lovely memory. Thank you.

    Me? I love the avocado and scallop salad at Legal Seafood. Embarrassing but true.

  35. Angelos

    Actually, this one’s better

  36. the decemberists

    Yum-O! /Rachel Ray

  37. Ar you people impressed because I’m putting down before I can’t forget, or because I’m pickin’ up before I can’t remember?

    I feel so good. Mama told Papa.

  38. Homey is on a roll, and it ain’t French. This shit could take all night.

    I wanna do a boogie woogie.

    Come one. Come all.

    Don’t make me fuckin’ MOAN!

  39. boatboy_srq

    This is hard, because first my favorite dish isn’t at my favorite restaurante, and second both my favorite restaurant and the place that does prepare my favorite dish are both out West.

    Favorite dish: nua mussamun (a Thai curried beef stew for those that don’t know). Done right, it takes time and care to prepare. Far too many restaurants take shortcuts (stir-frying the the beef instead of slow simmering it, for example). The folks at Bua (in Milpitas, CA, last I knew) take the time to do it right – and the results are evident.

    Favorite restaurant: The Pelican Inn, Stinson Beach. Great place; excellent kitchen and service, reasonably accurate Jolly Olde atmosphere, and one of the best beer lists in all of the San Francisco Bay Area. Specialties include beef Wellington, roast venison, and steak and kidney pie.

  40. Sega Wat with Injera at Blue Nile in Munich. I adore Ethiopian food. Addis Abba(many years ago and closed) in Atlanta, was good, but when i had the Sega wat- chunks of spicy lamb at Blue Nile I was in heaven. Basically everything is coated in a Berbere sauce which is chili pepper based. Even the lentils, Miser Wat are amazing. Everything is served on a huge platter of injera, a spongy bread and you tear off pieces and wrap it around the lamb, lentils etc… I want ETHIOPIAN NOW!! Damn you MELMANDA! Asheville has every cuisine on the planet, but Ethiopian!

    Did a search and this was the best I could find about Blue Nile in Munich

  41. The meaning of life:

    It’s just about going out to find your pickle.

    That’s fucking it.

    Where’s my goddamn check?

  42. Meowser

    Where I live now (PDX): Rad nah noodles (with tofu, chicken or shrimp) and pineapple fried rice at City Thai OR spider roll, yellowtail and ikura at Yuki. For a rare splurge: Pretty much anything at Higgins, but especially the salmon.

    Where I’ve lived before: Coal oven pizza with shrimp at Arturo’s (NYC); dim sum at Yank Sing (San Francisco), especially their to-die-for shrimp-and-scallop dumplings; the apple pancake at any Original Pancake House (nationwide chain, maybe the best one).

    Where I’ve visited: Sada’s in Newport, Oregon, which has a not-to-be-missed California roll made with real Dungeness crab right out of the bay when it’s in season. I’m not kidding, you’ll never want one of those KRAB rolls from Safeway ever again after trying one.

  43. Grateful Dead on a Thursday night, with some weed, and weight of gold, and I’ll challenge any of you to a dual.. right now.

  44. I spent a little time in the mountains.

    Just be forewarned.

  45. I challenge thee to a dual/duel mister KONA!

  46. Angelos

    Oh, petulant, yes on the Ethiopian.

    I don’t remember the name but there’s this one place on Boston that rocked my world. 9 or 10 of us, around a tiny little table on the floor, grabbing chunks of that bread and scooping up whatever we had in front of us like we hadn’t eaten in forever. Amazing.

  47. One way or another.

    Me to txrad:

    You don’t like it when I get philosophical, do ya?

    He didn’t answer. He just hovered above the Rhapsody.

    Oh wait, is that CSN&Y or Grateful Dead? Where is my reference book, ,goddammit.

  48. Angelos

    Urgh, bad link

  49. Angelos, did you end the night with the honeyed tea- TEJ? Fucking amazing

  50. I have two favorites.

    For a “nice dinner out”, it’s got to be Lodos in New Milford, NJ. It’s a storefront Turkish restaurant that if you don’t know it’s there, you’ll miss it. Dinner is appetizers of astoundingly fresh hummus served with homemade pita chips and crisp and scaldingly hot falafel, accompanied by equally fresh Turkish bread. Then it’s either kofta — five 2″ patties of spiced beef and lamb, served with rice pilaf and grilled tomato; or the sinful hunkar begendi — braised lamb atop a rich puree of grilled eggplant and kasseri cheese. If you’re really hungry, order up some grilled vegetables with a pomegranate vinaigrette. Finish up with a light and not-too-sweet baklava. Heaven!!

    For more casual fare, give me a burnt end sandwich at the Mason Jar in Mahwah, with coleslaw and the best onion rings on the face of the earth.

  51. Enchiladas at a hole-in-the-wall in El Paso called Kiki’s.

  52. I’ve got a Brand New Rose in town.

    I’ve got a feelin’ inside of me.

    I gotta new rose. I gotta new rose in town.

  53. I feel the earth move under my feet. I feel the sky tumblin’ down. What’s so fucking difficult about this job?

  54. OK, I’m done. Good night freakazoids.

  55. I love eating out and I love ordering a huge variety, so I just…I just can’t.

    But there’s this amazing Indian place in Nyack, NY called Nataraz and anything, really, if it’s not extra-spicy. And they do rose petal desserts.

    Or the Thai place on the same block; their coconut chicken soup is to die for.

  56. (Tries to come out of secondhand food fog…what was the question again?)

    Oh to have a real Maryland crabcake in almost any restaurant in Maryland.

    Obviously I no longer live in Maryland.

    Since the answers have drifted slightly from the original question, I’ll also mention that last year I had an Italian meal at Carlucci’s in Rosemont, IL. I no longer remember what I had, but eating there again is on my “to-do-before-I-die” list.

  57. I’ll have my present state, served rare please. Top dollar forthcoming.

  58. Bitty, you can be a real bitch when you wanna be.

  59. Arkades

    Arkades, Is that in SF sort of by the sunset district?

    Well, it’s a chain restaurant (albeit a really *excellent* chain) so there is probably one there in SF and dozens of other places across the country. (I only *wish* I had been visiting SF instead of Indianapolis!)

    My Nana and her husband took me there for the last meal we had together before her dementia took her over. It was delicious. What a nice surprise to be reminded of that lovely memory. Thank you.

    My pleasure. A toast to those happy memories, then. *hug*

  60. Deborah is such an Indian tease.

    What is that blood that runs thru your blue veins?

    toast thinks he’s ripping off (or trying to) Robert Plant. Well, who the fuck hasn’t?

  61. You gonna put away these tots?

    I guess “sn-nots.”

    That man down there might be your man, I don’t know.

    Sometimes a guy has to live up to his reputation, and sometimes he has to die to it.

  62. I’m going to take that as a compliment, kona. How did you know?

  63. Dan

    oddjob, names of the restaurants please.

  64. Angelos

    Yes, petulant, we did.

    What a night.

    Honestly, some of the best food is from poor cultures that learned to make do.

    Nothing wrong with a $50 filet mignon, but it’s not all that much better than what I eat when I visit my relatives in my grandfather’s village in Greece. They have shelter, and they have chickens, rabbits, and goats, on top of their vegetable gardens and lemon and orange and olive trees.

    Love and food. Just perfect.

  65. Constant Comment

    This question is too hard. I agree with Spudsy: Lobster. Anywhere.

    Also, in Evanston, there is this great little place that’s been in existence at least 30 years, probably longer: Dave’s Italian Kitchen.
    Meals are delicious, healthy and the bread that they make on premises is to die for. My favorite dish, though, is lasagna con amore with spinach and pesto. mmm mmm mmm…

  66. MisFit Farm

    Portabello mushroom lasagne in a velvet sauce from Cucina Bella, which alas, is no more in Chicago.

  67. oddjob

    Sure! The restaurant in Salem (also just opened in Dedham, I think, but that’s not close for me) is FINZ (on Pickering Wharf). The restaurant in Cambridge is Casablanca (40 Brattle St.)

  68. New York strip steak from the Sans Souci in Cleveland, OH just after Misty and I were married. You can ask her—it actually brought tears to my eyes, it was so good.

  69. Steak tartare with pommes frites at a local French bistro called Le Select.


  70. Ewwwwwwwww….meat!

  71. Fritz

    It’s just about going out to find your pickle.

    Okay, I saw a customer service educational video about “finding your pickle” years and years ago.

    It featured Bob Farrell of Farrell’s Ice Cream.

    He has a web site all about giving people his pickle:

    I like to see a surly waitress shove that pickle up his keister!

  72. Well, I’ve never met a Chicken Tikka Masala w/Basmati Rice dish I didn’t like!

    My favourite place for it, however, has to be India Palace, which is a few blocks from my apartment. The woman who answers the phone knows me, so all I have to say is, “Hi! I’d like a take-away order, please!” and she says, “Chicken Tikka Masala and Rice with two green chutneys.” One of these days, my mobile phone is going to ring and it’ll be her telling me to just stop by and pick up my supper! 😀

    I also love Bombay Garden, down in the South Bay (near San Jose). Cheap Indian all-you-can-eat buffet with a bunch of screens playing Bollywood films!

  73. Robbie’s across the street from me on 101 in Encinitas

    Kate, have we previously discussed the fact that we’re neighbors? I love Robbie’s! Their mac and cheese is TO DIE. And I was just at Pannikin this morning drinking delicious coffee. Yay highway 101, no?

  74. amish451

    4 with everything, a bowl of chili, and a Coke (in a COKE bottle) at Coney Island on Main Street in Fort Wayne, Indiana …the chili is served with oyster crackers …Open Sundays…never get ’em take-out, you have to leave the car set outside with the windows down for days after ….hey, you said favorite

  75. Rob_in_Hawaii

    It’s my birthday weekend so it’s out to breakfast here in Honolulu at Sam Choy’s Breakfast, Lunch, and Crab on Saturday for a fried poke omelet and a pint or two of their brewed-on-site pale ale. Beers for breakfast? It’s my birthday!

  76. katecontinued

    Tart, just Vulcan the Coaster tracks and 101 between me and the Pannikin – bright green door. Please knock.

  77. Thorn

    I’m with Portly Dyke – this question is much too hard for me, too.

  78. The best meal I’ve ever had in my life, and I’ve been to fine restaurants in a great part of this old world, but this was really special. Fried mountain goat self shot off the top of a mountain in Icy Bay Alaska after being shipwrecked there for over a month and without ANYTHING to eat for about two weeks.

    After I finally got home and told people about this they always asked what it was like and I always answered that under normal circumstances I’m not sure I would eat it but at the time it was wonderful. And I still feel the same 40 years later.

  79. MAJeff

    he woman who answers the phone knows me, so all I have to say is, “Hi! I’d like a take-away order, please!” and she says, “Chicken Tikka Masala and Rice with two green chutneys.”

    This used to happen to me whenever I’d walk into Khindo in Minneapolis: “Beef pho, spring roll, and a Heinekin?” “Yes, please.”

  80. oddjob

    I still feel the same 40 years later.

    After two weeks of nothing? I can imagine!!

  81. Evelyn

    In Gardena, California is a hole in the wall Japanese place called Azuma that serves an amazing variety of small (and not so small) dishes meant to be eaten with drinks. Buta Kakuni is to die for–a 4 or 5 inch cube of pork with a layer of fat that has been simmered to melting softness, served with hot mustard and a little pile of spinach. MMMM. Shio-tan–small skewered beef tongue. Salt-grilled chicken. Chinese greens with bacon. Butter-sauteed shiitake mushrooms. And so on. OMG wonderful.

    If I’m lucky enough to be in Maine, in Belfast there is a little place by the water that serves the best lobster stew ever. And almost any lobster role is worth eating–mayo or butter, just don’t add celery.

  82. Tough call:

    Bacon cheese-burger with peanut butter at the Breakroom?

    Tortellini ala Panna at Victoria’s?

    The Juicy Lucy at Newt’s?

    All are locally-owned little spots here in Rochester (MN), and all with great stuff. I’ll have to go to each of them this weekend and try to determine which one is best. I’ll report back after finishing my bottle of Alka Seltzer. 😉

  83. Lisa

    I have no idea of the name of the place but the lemon pepper chicken at a Chinese place near the London Eye about 7 years ago was amazing. The best meal in one of the best cities on earth.

  84. DBK

    An impossible question for a true foody. I remember meals better than names and faces and recall my best meals at various restaurants. It would be much too expensive to return to all those places for a second bite. L’Ardoise (28 Rue d’Mont-Tabor, Paris, France) provided me with a gelee lapin that was extraordinary. The Sea Watch (Maui, Hawaii) served me a macadamia nut-crusted brie that was wonderful. The lamb chops at West End House (Kilarney, Ireland) were exceptional. I’m going to run out of adjectives soon. The duck breast at Rene Pujol (New York). This chocolate cake confection I had for dessert at the Bernards Inn (Bernardsville, NJ) one Valentine’s Day was so light it floated off the plate and I can’t even name what it was. There was the fried chicken at Jacques Imo’s (New Orleans, LA). The fish, can’t recall what kind of fish it was, at La Mirande, it was a special, something from the Med that they’d hauled in that morning (Avignon, France). The ceviche at Patria (New York). The ostrich steak at Clydz (New Brunswick, NJ). The rabbit cakes at the Hotel St. Marie (New Orleans, LA).

    Oh, and I had the best gin and tonic at The Sea Watch, too. I wonder if that bartender is still there?

  85. DBK

    I forgot to mention the seafood sukiyaki at Fugetsu in Berkeley, but that place isn’t there anymore. Last time I ate there was around 1981.

    Then there was everything I ate at Skylonda Lodge, which also is defunct, in California during their “Feast in the Forest” week. They brought in guest chefs all week at this resort, see, and every night you had a cooking lesson followed by a wine tasting followed by dinner prepared by the guest chef. I had meals by Richard Reddington (who probably still hates me for making a suggestion about his signature scallop dish, which I still believe would have been improved, however slightly, by the addition of the teensiest bit of heat from some cayenne), Jamie West, an fabulous meal prepared by the former head saucier of Tour D’Argent who was, at that point, the exec chef at Esperanza in Mexico, but I forget his name. His wife’s name was Sophie. Lovely woman. He, the chef, was a bit of a pill, though. Still, he did a sole in mushroom sauce (it was supposed to be turbot, but they didn’t have any that day) that was fantastic. And I got to eat my fill of foie gras because other guests didn’t want theirs, so I ate it. My fill is about four ounces. That stuff is beyond rich.

    And Jeff Bagley did an abalone course one night that was very special. You never hear of Jeff Bagley in cheffing circles, but I have nothing but respect for him and his work.

  86. DBK

    The French chef who cooked for us at Skylonda was this guy. Had to look him up. He was an amazing chef.

  87. The Vegetable Roti at Sri Lanka Curry House in Minneapolis. Which may or may not still even exist. Anyone in Minneapolis?

    I almost always order the topless platter at the West End Cafe here in Winston-Salem, mainly because it’s different every time I go in and it’s just a bunch of snacks & I don’t actually have to decide. OK it’s really Tapas, but I like calling it the topless platter. One of those dumb things.

  88. Dan

    Oddjob:Thanks for the names. I never eaten at Casablanca but I’ve eaten at FINZ many times. Sitting on the patio having a couple of drinks,friends,good food,ocean… can’t get much better New England summer than that.

  89. This used to happen to me whenever I’d walk into Khindo in Minneapolis: “Beef pho, spring roll, and a Heinekin?”

    Funny thing but the same happens to me here. I walk in, the barperson says “Vino Tinto” and starts pouring before I even answer. Bloody mindreaders!

  90. oddjob

    Dan, the second time I went to Casablanca purely on impulse I ordered a side of wilted greens.

    Even they were extraordinary! The place has several rooms for dining, so if you come in off the below level sidewalk entrance right on Brattle St. and that dining room looks deserted don’t assume no one’s enjoying the food. Make sure to check out the dining room with the bar. It’s likely to be busier.

  91. MAJeff

    The Vegetable Roti at Sri Lanka Curry House in Minneapolis. Which may or may not still even exist. Anyone in Minneapolis?

    Is that the place on Hennepin in Uptown? I always meant to go there. Damn, I miss mpls.

  92. beatgrl

    Meowser, thank you for the tip in Newport, I’ll be there in a couple weeks.

    Here in Bellingham(WA), which has a puzzlingly high number of Thai restaurants given the population, I am lucky enough to live two blocks from Supons, whose Pad See Ew kicks ass. We’ve never been able to not order it. I’ve tried this dish at Thai places all over the place and none even come close to this slightly greasy/soft/sweet/salty deliciousness.

    I work in a small town about 30 miles away in a valley not known for its cuisine. I discovered Lorenzo’s, though, and now when I go in for lunch they don’t even ask, they just bring the chicken mole enchiladas. When I was on furlough I really missed in . MMMMMMMM MOLE!!!!

    When I lived in Austin I loved breakfast at Las Manitas. Chilaquiles, baby!

    In Houston, the fajitas at Lupe Tortilla and chilaquiles at La Mexicana. And eggplant at Chinese Cafe.
    I miss Texas food.

  93. Jersey

    Seriously you need to limit this to something like best pizza. That said there are two faves of mine. The first is Napoli Shrimp at Rangoon (Burmese) on 9th St in the Chinatown area of Philly with any type of thier thousand layer bread, You can get it with such things as curry chicken or cocanut syrup, yumm! Oh and either the hot or cold Burmese tea. Second is anything at Red Bamboo vegetarian off Washington Square in NYC. We frequently drive to NY just for dinner there. To die for!

  94. Kate217

    You’re kidding, right? That’s like asking me which molecule of O2 I like best in a breath.

  95. AE

    I’m partial to the Tom Kha Kai at Your Place in Santa Barbara.

  96. Dan

    Oddjob, just mentioned this to some friends, and we’re going to try Casablanca tomorrow night. Thanks for heads up. I’m always on the look out for a new place. Thanks again.

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