Blog Note

UPDATE: Okay, we seem to be in working order again. Sorry about that!

Carry on, Shakers.


The timestamp on our server got screwed up again (this happened late Monday night), so everyone is probably getting messages that they’re posting “too fast” when they try to post a comment, because the server thinks we’re all trying to post in the future.

Bear with us; we’re sorting it out. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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27 responses to “Blog Note

  1. Where was Marty McFly when you needed him?

  2. William K. Wolfrum

    I wrote this comment three hours from now, so please disregard.


  3. nightshift66

    Schroedinger must have lost his cat somewhere in the server…

  4. Gah, yeah I was shut out for a little while there. Glad to see things are back up and runnning though.

  5. Is Ted Stephens clogging your tubes?

  6. Ah, things are back, good 🙂

  7. Glen

    I agree with this from shakespearessister:

    hahahaha! Your shit’s back down again! The gods must realize that all that is spewed at that site is a bunch of overblown politically correct, neo-feminist, paranoid, angry, lefty bullshit that benefits no one but the self-pitying losers who visit that shit-site. If it’s one thing you can can’t on losers to do in the end, it’s lose. Melissa, you are a loser. You always have been, always will be. You hate everything that you perceive has made you the powerless loser that you are today. Namely white men…and a few others. When you were raped way back when, it made you feel like a powerless piece of scummy shit. And you’ve been attacking everyone ever since who you perceive to be denying you your power. You’re delusional…and you lead this ragtag parade of other delusional, powerless losers on a grand losers quest. It’s really awkward and funny to see you fuck up and lose like only you know how at times like these. hehehe.

  8. I can’t wait to see what I post someday! This is cool!

  9. Yeah, I was wondering what that was about.

  10. Susan

    Dumbya’s in my part of the world today and then Shakes was on the fritz. Talk about paranoia.

  11. Glen
    Jul 19th, 2007 at 3:59 pm

    Sadly–I had to approve that comment.

  12. Oh, and btw, “Glen” – it’s awesome how you “agree with” yourself.

    Unless there are two of you posting from the exact same IP.


  13. er, why Melissa hon?

    Why what?

  14. oddjob

    “Why did you have to approve that comment?” is the question I believe Sarah’s asking.

  15. oddjob

    Oh, & I would guess that Hercules Rockefeller III also hails from that IP address (unless of course they’re all fake addresses)?

  16. Yup, oddjob has it correct.

  17. Stayss225

    Oh FFS. Look, I may be a lurker, but WTF? I can not comprehend approving that fuck head’s comment. (Insert hateful stream of consciousness rant here…)I have worked all fucking day with closed minded assholes, found Shakesville “down”, made a drink and waited patiently for my daily fix of a good read only to stumble upon that?

    I know, free speech. How on earth do you stomach it? Admiration in abundance. I apparently need another drink.


  18. “Why did you have to approve that comment?”

    Because since Winchell, which is the name he normally uses when he’s just a regular old troll and rape apologist, was too embarrassed to use his regular name which has been approved, it went to moderation as a new commenter.

    I figured it would be nice to have this comment public, so next time he does his usual rape apology trolling, I can point to it and illustrate that he’s nothing but a shithead who likes to make snide comments about my being raped–which ought to do wonders for his credibility.

  19. SAP


    *prepares electric cattle prod*

  20. SAP

    On a somewhat saner note, you know how cops always say that the criminal always returns to the scene of the crime?

    *looks sideways at “Glen”*

  21. Kate Harding

    Winchell, which is the name he normally uses when he’s just a regular old troll and rape apologist

    Ohhh, that explains so much. Ace detective work, Liss.

  22. Send ole Glenn/Winchell over to Petulant Rumblings! We had Cunt Wednesday this week and next week will be BUTT PIRATE Day! He might enjoy it!

  23. Hey! It wouldn’t let me into your site AT ALL – ALL DAY!!!
    I’d be suffering from Shakes withdrawl except now I have TWO DAYS worth of posts to read!

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