Point: Clinton

Responding to Bill O’Reilly’s lunatic rantings and ravings against Jet Blue and Yearly Kos, smearing them with random, cherry-picked, anonymous comments culled from Daily Kos (as if that game wasn’t already so totally tired when Lee Siegel was playing it almost a year ago), Clinton’s Internet Director Peter Daou posted a dKos diary (via Steve Benen) with the campaign’s rejoinder to O’Reilly’s request for a comment in response to his wankery. And it’s pretty awesome, I have to say…

Blogs are the 21st Century version of the public square. Sen. Clinton does not agree with everything said on Daily Kos, but isolating a few comments as a way to smear a blog frequented by hundreds of thousands of people a day is wrong. Certainly you would understand this when you look at some of the extreme views guests on your show have advocated over the years. Here are just a few examples:

You’ve hosted Michael Savage, who has called MLK Jr. Day a “racket” designed to steal ‘white males’ birthright.’

You’ve hosted David Horowitz, who has called Democrats ‘apologists for terrorists.’

You’ve hosted, Ann Coulter who said of the 9/11 widows: ‘I have never seen people enjoying their husbands’ death so much.’

It wouldn’t be reasonable to attribute these views to you and it’s not reasonable for you to attribute every comment on Daily Kos to everyone who attends the YearlyKos convention. Sen. Clinton is looking forward to attending YearlyKos.

Howard Wolfson
Communications Director, Clinton Campaign

That’s a rather eloquent “Fuck you, asshole,” don’tcha think?

Although, I do agree with Ezra that O’Reilly’s highly selective format makes its comparison to the more widely open format of dKos rather too favorable toward O’Reilly when discussing an endorsement of views.

Personally, I also might have mentioned in the official response some things O’Reilly himself has said, because it has evidently slipped his tiny wee addled mind that he, not some anonymous commenter on some blog somewhere, uttered these words not all that long ago: “You know, if I’m the president of the United States, I walk right into Union Square, I set up my little presidential podium, and I say, ‘Listen, citizens of San Francisco, if you vote against military recruiting, you’re not going to get another nickel in federal funds. Fine. You want to be your own country? Go right ahead.’ And if Al Qaeda comes in here and blows you up, we’re not going to do anything about it. We’re going to say, look, every other place in America is off limits to you, except San Francisco. You want to blow up the Coit Tower? Go ahead.”

Charming, he is.



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13 responses to “Point: Clinton

  1. I’d kinda liked it if he had said “Fuck you, asshole.”

    It would add a whole Cheney flavor to it.

  2. I rather expect that favoring it towards Bill because of the selective guests was on purpose. There’s the spoken, pointed fuck you, and there’s the subtle, silent fuck you.

    Me like.

  3. I’ve always liked “Go Cheney yourself,” myself. 😉

    I agree with you and Ezra on the format issue. O’Reilly and his producers choose their guests. Daily Kos doesn’t choose their commenters. O’Reilly often picks faux liberals to agree with him so he can appear reasonable, or people further right than he is so he can appear moderate in comparison. Regardless, he has far greater ownership of statements made on his show, especially if he doesn’t challenge them.

    The cherry-picking is standard from O’Reilly, but it still annoys me.

  4. Oh yeah, it was a brilliant piece of red meat.

    Every time guys like O’Reilly call HRC a bitch in the upcoming campaign, our answer should be simple:

    “…and it’s helluva payback, ain’t it?”

  5. Jeff

    Scoring a point on O’Liely…(yawn)…I’d imagine that’s about as rewarding as beating Mike Tyson in a Spelling Bee.

  6. Fritz

    Cannibalism should be legal.

    There. Now O’Reilly and the Fox Noise crew has something else to smear you with.

    You will forever be known as:

    “Melissa McEwan, pro-cannibal blogger…”

  7. Too bad there’s nothing like a fairness doctrine in place to require time to respond to such baseless charges, huh?

  8. Betsy

    I’ll be more satisfied if i learn O’Reilly actually acknowledges the response he called for. But that probably won’t happen…

  9. I suggest that we follow BillO’s own suggestion.

  10. dude! I strongly suspect that’s not Peter Daou’s words but – well, the words of someone I know really well. (or both, anyway.) The beginning especially sounds like him, and I know that the actual writing of emails and internet posts is what he’s done before on other campaigns.

    Sorry, I know that’s not news to anyone. I just had to share. Because people are praising my [blank]!

  11. I strongly suspect that’s not Peter Daou’s words but – well, the words of someone I know really well.

    FYI: They’re not cited as Peter Daou’s words; he just posted the diary. They’re attributed to Howard Wolfson.

    Which doesn’t change your point that someone else may have written them, but I just wanted to clarify. 😉

  12. Yes, I saw that in the letter. My bad for not making being clear. But, yeah, same dif. The higher ups in campaigns have their own equivalent of speech writers and the like. The post name and the name signed at the bottom of the letter often means that they are the one’s who had to approve it and do the final tweaking, not the person who wrote the bulk of the letter/post or even came up with the tactic. (which, again, is probably not news to anyone here, I just find it news bc I think I know the ghostwriter.)

  13. Jovan1984

    See, we libs never forget what people say. O’Reilly hosted all of those hateful morons like Ann Coulter and Michael Savage and defamed Niner Nation (San Francisco). I would like to thank the Hillary Clinton campaign for posting all of that on DaliyKos and I would also like to thank you, Melissa, for bringing up the SF thing. I hope O’Reilly will eat his own words.

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