Ford and Reagan Still Dead

According to the Washington Post, both Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford died today.

Yeah, well, since they are also announcing yet again the capture of the leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq — for what, the fourth time? — it’s not surprising to find the former presidents making the news.

(HT to Raw Story.)



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7 responses to “Ford and Reagan Still Dead

  1. Maybe they’re trying to ease fears that both are the foul undead who feed on the blood of the living?

  2. Zack

    Actually, this is tremendously helpful. Reagan showed up at my door this morning, and I was pretty sure he was dead but, well, it’s a difficult question to ask. I did check if he was a zombie, and he grunted, and maybe it was a grunt yes, but how does one know? I was all set to check Wikipedia, but looks like I don’t have to. Reagan’s in the living room, I just need to get a hammer out of the closet–

    Crap, I wonder where my cat is.

  3. larkohio

    I believe we have caught the second ranking guy at least five or more times. He is like the energizer bunny he just keeps coming back.

  4. Jess

    This couldn’t have anything to do with some sort of vote, could it?

  5. I love the fact that they’re also posting corrections to their stories (above the stories themselves), but not noting the fact that they’re simply untrue.

    Do they offer any explanation for this? (Jess has nailed it, but what does WaPo say?)

  6. Rachel

    But how is Generalissimo Francisco Franco?

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