Dolphin gets into the pink

Good morning. Care for some pink dolphin?

Pink Dolphin 1

Pink Dolphin 2

And yep, it’s real. And you can see more of it by clicking here.




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17 responses to “Dolphin gets into the pink

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  2. Betsy

    Wow, that is super cool!

  3. Doktor Wankenstein

    I was going to guess that the dolphin was albino, then I read the article.

  4. Neneh

    I love nature.

  5. Jess


  6. William K. Wolfrum


    lol. Well played.


  7. it must be a girl.

  8. Oh no! It’s a breast cancer awareness dolphin!

  9. Mother Nature can do the coolest stuff when she sets her mind to it. Who else would have ever thought of a pink dolphin? Sort of sounds like a tropical drink, doesn’t it? Yes bartender, I’ll have a pink dolphin with a twist.

  10. Rhiannon

    I feel badly for the dolphin. Albino-ism is a difficult and fraught genetic disorder, the most notable traits being sensitivity to light, poor eyesight and an impaired immune system. It’s not something I’d wish on any living creature… even if a pink dolphin does make me want to squeal like a little kid in a toy store.

  11. Speaking of dolphins, they’re apparently voyeurs, the cheeky buggers.

  12. The fact that only 14 pinkish dolphins have ever been seen gives you some idea of their chances out in the great wide world. I hope this one makes it! The world needs more dolphins!

  13. Lisa

    Nature is SWEET. In the dolphin’s honor I suggest Patricia’s Pink Dolphin be the drink of the night in the VP Friday. Is it a gin or vodka drink?

  14. Arkades

    Freakin’ adorable!!

    As for the drink idea… according to this site, there’s a drink called Dolphin’s Foam that is equal parts PiƱa Colada and Blue Curacao. So maybe one could make a Pink Dolphin just by substituting something reddish in place of the blue stuff. Grenadine, perhaps?

  15. Hey, there are a lot more than 14 pink dolphins. There’s a whole species of them living in the Amazon River. Sure, genetically they must be partial albinos (but so are white people, probably). Obviously they can manage the disadvantages, or there wouldn’t be whole species.

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