Change of Tune

I’m deeply shocked that the American mainstream media uses completely different framing for Republicans and Democrats. I’m further gobsmacked that the framing on religion and filibustering, as but two examples, seem to favor Republicans.

The reason I am so surprised is because I’ve always heard the media has a liberal bias. Huh.



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5 responses to “Change of Tune

  1. The media is all-liberal all the time and I am sick of it. Just a couple days ago, the noted liberal, Tucker Carlson, said that he didn’t think seeing a hooker made that Vitter guy a hypocrite because men cheat. Damn liberal bias disgusts me.

  2. Danielle

    I think the “framing” you refer to here is simply a matter of laziness on the part of media and the public in general. What it is to be a Dem. or Rep. has been defined and won’t be changed for anything because speaking in these short hand stereotypes automatically fills in a back story for most people. As to a bias, liberal or otherwise, one def exists. Republican is practically an insult now. The name itself is used in such a context as to require you to apologize if you identify that way. Republican has become synonamous(sp?) with conservative, christian, reactionary, bigoted among others. This is grossly unfair as it marginalizes many who are none of those things. It would be like unfairly equating Democrats with communist, and i don’t see that happening regularly in the main stream media.

  3. I was amazed to hear the media report today that the unsuccessful vote on cloture was a “defeat” for the Democrats. I agree with Danielle that there is a laziness in this reporting. Deeper analysis shows that the Republicans are the losers in this procedural battle. They threatened a filibuster and they got one. They thought the Dems would cave (didn’t we all fear that?) But Sen. Reid beat them at their own game, by saying end the filibuster with a vote for cloture, or keep talkin’ my friend.

    Why is this being framed as a “dramatic loss by the Democrats”? At the very least it’s a draw.

  4. If the media convinces the Democrats that they are losing then they might give up.

    They aren’t losing.

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