Update: Michael Vick fucked

Vick fuckedUpdating my post from a little while back “Fuck you, Michael Vick,” a federal grand jury has done just that to the dog-torturer:

Falcons’ Vick indicted by grand jury in dogfighting probe

Michael Vick has been indicted by a federal grand jury in connection with the dogfighting probe of his property in Virginia.

The Falcons quarterback was indicted for conspiracy to travel in interstate commerce in aid of unlawful activities and to sponsor a dog in an animal fighting venture in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District in Richmond, Va. Three others — Purnell Peace, Quanis Phillips and Tony Taylor — also were indicted by the grand jury on the same charges.

The indictment states: “If convicted on the Travel Act portion of the conspiracy charge, each defendant faces a statutory maximum of five years in prison, a $250,000 fine, and full restitution. If convicted on the animal fighting venture portion of the conspiracy charge, each defendant faces one year in prison, a $100,000 fine, or both. The indictment also includes a forfeiture allegation seeking recovery of any property constituting, or derived from, proceeds obtained directly or indirectly as a result of these offenses. “

While there’s been no word from the NFL, it’s highly unlikely the Atlanta Falcons will keep Vick around, and the former Virginia Tech star really just needs to be shelved until the court case is resolved, and if found guilty, his football career must end.

For Vick, the dogs he helped brutally slaughter and injure are biting back.



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16 responses to “Update: Michael Vick fucked

  1. Bobby Petrino is either the unluckiest guy in the world, or he’s had a tremendous weight lifted off his shoulders, because now he doesn’t have to build an offense around Vick’s skill set. Of course, he doesn’t really have anyone else to build an offense around, but he should certainly benefit from the lowered expectations.

  2. wholetruthy

    who gives a shit about the falcons…kill vick

  3. anangryoldbroad

    Good. Vick is overrated and spoiled. Like most athletes,he’s overpaid and overhyped.

  4. William K. Wolfrum

    I liked Vick before this, but his NFL career has been a dismal failure, and now really his best shot at being a benefit to anyone is as a cautionary tale. An example of why you shouldn’t brutalize your pets.


  5. Allie

    Everytime I read this, and want to get mad – I see your adorable dog looking up at me and all I can manage is an “Awwwwwwwww….”

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  7. Couldn’t happen to a nicer asshole guy.

  8. The details in the indictment are really sick.

  9. JW

    Now that Vick has outlived his usefulness as a fighter, I think he can choose how to “retire”: electrocution, drowning, or hanging. I mean, that’s how he dealt with the dogs he used up. What a sick fuck.

  10. "Fair and Balanced" Dave

    I saw the news on CNN and immediately gave my two wonderful dogs big hugs.

  11. he and his friends are disqusting fucks and shouldn’t be on the street.

  12. i just signed a letter to the nfl from the hsus. i hope the nfl listens.

  13. I think they should lock him in a cage with a 100 rabid and hungry dogs. Dog fighting is not a sport, it is a religion where stupid fucks think they get to play gods. I am still trying to find a way to invade China for beating dogs to death, so maybe I will just start with watching a group of pugs and beagles tearing Vick to shreds. And probably a couple Jack Russells, they are so cute.

    If he is guilty, of course. I would hate to watch an “innocent” man get eaten by ravenous toy show dogs.

  14. William K. Wolfrum

    His innocence is looking really, really unlikely. I just struggle to believe that the feds could be wrong in putting out such an indictment, and struggle to believe that some DA woke up one day and thought “Hey, how can we take down Michael Vick.”

    Basically, I want to see him fined as much as possible and do as much jail time as possible. And be permanently banned from the NFL, and not allowed to play in Canada.

    Basically, I want the disgusting fuck to be O.J. Scorned in public, and treated forever like the complete piece of shit he is.

    Plus, he should be in probation forever. Anyone capable of doing the things he did, or watched being done to dogs is a hazard to society and not to be trusted with any live entity.

    I just want his life to be an endless stream of misery. He and his cohorts.


  15. Kate217

    What Bill said.

  16. justin

    I just want to say as a Pitt owner i have followed the case pretty closely. Its not only wrong what he did, but its just fucking sick… This dude is the reason that i have to fear that they are going to ban Pitts in NY, and why my insurance company would raise my rate higher if they knew I had a Pitt. This guys just trash, him, his coke head brother, and his sick fucking cousins. Fry them all…

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