Shakescast: Game On!

Link to audio Shakescast: Click Here.

Link to Shakescast Chat Room: Click Here.

Important note: If you’re logging into the audio portion and you are using a mic and speakers instead of a headset, you MUST turn down the volume on the speakers so that you don’t create a feedback loop and subsequently get muted.



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3 responses to “Shakescast: Game On!

  1. Angelos

    Thanks Cowboy, for setting this up again.

    I had a blast, all. Though some kona-of-consciousness would have been interesting…

  2. So, I’m sitting here at 1:00am eastern, and on BBC overnight they just said “It’s 5:00am GMT”. I knew it was a 4 hour difference (in the summer, anyway)!

  3. Oh! And I did very much enjoy the latest installment of “QCFM Radio” – even though I mostly listened.

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