OMG—Who GIVES a Shit?!

I swear to the fates, if there’s ever a museum of internet journalism, celebrating the best the web has to offer, The Politico would best be represented by a turd in the unfinished basement bathroom.

Romney spent $300 on makeup ‘consulting’:

What kinds of things do you think of when you hear “communications consulting”?

Speechwriting? Message strategy?

Well, “communications consulting” is how presidential candidate Mitt Romney recorded $300 in payments to a California company that describes itself as “a mobile beauty team for hair, makeup and men’s grooming and spa services.”

Fucking WOW. What a story! Make a place on the mantelpiece for the Pulitzer, because no one’s going to top that gem!



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17 responses to “OMG—Who GIVES a Shit?!

  1. No but, see–this makes them fair and balanced because it’s just like the Edwards haircut story, see? See? SEEEEEEEEEEEEE???????????

  2. It will be if it’s mentioned in every story about Mitt Romney forever, at least.

  3. zuzu

    This was maybe news during the Kennedy-Nixon debate.

    And if anyone doesn’t think that male Republicans spend a shitload of money on bad hair…

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  5. boatboy_srq

    The only difference between this and the Edwards flap is that Romney is actually FOR wealthy, privileged, Xtian, heterosexual caucasians. They’re EXPECTED to spend a fortune looking good.

    On the other hand, volk in his camp not knowing the requirements of television might just respond: “He wears MAKEUP?!?! Eew…”

  6. I hear Mr. Romney tripped over a step, fell, and cracked his hair.

  7. I’m actually relieved to see media will target republicans for the same nonsensical reasons given an opportunity. Or maybe I’m not–which is better, biased or just dumb all around?

  8. It will be interesting in light of Edwards to see how this plays though. Both stories are ridiculous. What I am curious about is does the media mention it as often.

  9. Paul the Spud

    What I am curious about is does the media mention it as often.

    Uh, I can answer that.

    No, the media will ignore it.

    But they will continue to bash Edwards over his haircuts.

    Urge to kill… rising…

  10. Benjamin

    I’m sorry.
    I just failed my “give a damn” roll

  11. JoshWatermanMN

    Yay! Maybe then OxyContin Man can retire his “Breck Girl” slur he uses on Edwards, or at least use it on Romney.

    Naaaaa . . .

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  13. dnA

    Turd is okay. But I would have said “stale biscuit”.

  14. NameChanged

    In other news, people care about appearances.

  15. Kate217

    I just failed my “give a damn” roll

    My nose just turned into a salad shooter…

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