Ha Ha!

Josh Marshall: “I must say this really does make my day. ‘None of the Above’ has surged into the lead in the new GOP primary poll out from AP/Ipsos. The only thing funnier is that this is even surprising. McCain’s campaign has imploded. Giuliani’s the fading pro-choice contender, which is sort of redundant. People seem to be catching on to the fact that Fred Thompson is a one-term senator and lobbyist not Reagan 2.0. And that leaves you with Mitt Romney, the avatar of transcendent phoney-baloneyism. Okay, I’m done.”


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11 responses to “Ha Ha!

  1. Shade

    That is so completely awesome!

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  3. Love the Nelson clip.
    The commanding lead by Undecided Other reminds me of the political campaign in Brewster’s Millions. Best way ever to spend millions of dollars and have nothing to show for it.

  4. Constant Comment

    This reminds me of a phone call I got yesterday. The caller ID said “political call,” so I took it, thinking I could emphasize AGAIN to the DNC that I want to see impeachment proceedings take place. Unexpectedly, it was from a woman who wanted to ask my opinion on Republican policies (whatever those might be). I just laughed and said, “oh, this should be good.” Apparently she was trying to inject the fear of God into me by asking would I have a problem if Hillary were running for president. (Boy, I was shaking in my boots with that question!) I said of course I would vote for her over ANY sexist, racist, homophobic chickenhawk Republican. She couldn’t get off the phone fast enough but that made my day.

  5. MC

    Wow, you know things are really bad when None of the Above becomes the most viable option.

  6. I said of course I would vote for her over ANY sexist, racist, homophobic chickenhawk Republican.

    LOL – Rock!

  7. KarateMonkey

    I’m just waiting for the party to unite behind a anti-McCain/Giuliani/Romney candidate.

    I actually have very little trouble picturing someone like Tancredo doing surprisingly well in Iowa (the meat packing plants bring in a lot of immigrants), especially if the rest of the second and third tier are signifigantly thinned by then, and solidifying a hard core base while Giuliani, Romney, and maybe Thompson split the moderates within the party.

    I’m not sure whether that’s something to hope for or not.

  8. While I agree with the sentiment, I must object to the message.

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  10. Hahaha that’s pretty effing funny. I can’t think of anything to add– it pretty much speaks for itself.

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