“Swift Boat” Ad Firm Hired by McCain Linked to Viral Videos

UPDATE: I have been contacted by a legal firm representing Stevens, Reed, Curcio & Potholm. They have told me that the assertions made in the post were false, that SRCP has no connection to any of the YouTube videos posted under the username abrad2345, that their employee, Amy Bradford, has nothing to do with this as well, and that “The business reputation and professionalism of SRCP is being challenged in a way that causes irreparable damages unless you act immediately.”—Arlen

* * *

Big wev. We’ll see about all that. And since when is the Swift Boat ad firm concerned about its business reputation and professionalism? Release the Douchehounds!—Liss



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12 responses to ““Swift Boat” Ad Firm Hired by McCain Linked to Viral Videos

  1. This is a great bit of investigative reporting, Arlen. Hope it gets some attention!

  2. Haha, thanks Liss.

    I appreciate the opportunity to reach a wider audience with this type of stuff that you and others have given. This is a great example of how the blogosphere is supposed to function.

  3. oddjob

    Wow, that’s some classy ad-content (not)!

  4. Well, they won’t be working for McCain much longer. I wonder how much he paid them to do all this. Looks like he got suckered and they bet on the wrong horse.

  5. Fantastic investigative reporting, Arlen!!!!

  6. Jay in Oregon

    Good investigating, but you’ve got to leave the real reporting to the professionals, who will probably copy-and-paste from some official press releases and quote several “anonymous campaign officials”.

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  8. jumster

    There a new video posted today by the elusive abrad2345. This time, it’s called “Rudy Giuliani – No War Hero, Still in the Race”. Perhaps an ironic comment that the GOP would rather elect a flipflopper like Giuliani than an actual war hero like McCain. Probably a final comment from the McCain’ers like Bradford, et al. to remind the Repubs that Giuliani consistently found ways to avoid the draft while McCain was getting tortured for five years in N. Vietnam. I don’t agree with McCain on many issues, but at least I respect his service to the country and his stand against torture.

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  10. I think y’all are taking these ads too ironically. They are meant to appeal to people who have no sense of irony. These are pro-Giuliani spots.

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  12. jummy

    try to float a hoax and you get sued. shouldn’t have tried to pin it on an acdtual person using such emphatic language. in other words, should been a better parser, parsa. lol!

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