Ship of Fools

Just this morning, I was reading the Johann Hari article in The New Republic that L mentioned in comments on Friday: “I read a very interesting article by Johann Hari (at The New Republic of all places) where he took a cruise with the crazy ass readers of the National Review. This was one of their favorite topics: white people better get to breedin’ and fast. They were very sure that the brown people were taking over. They had totally written off Europe and saw the US as the last white nation standing. It’s very disturbing.”

If you’ve got a subscription to The New Republic, you can get to the article here. If you don’t, or if, like me, you didn’t cancel your subscription ages ago but are nonetheless still receiving print copies in the mail, you can read a version of the story here in The Independent.

I highly recommend it. Hari says he wanted to “find out what American conservatives say when they think the rest of us aren’t listening,” and, boy, did he ever get an earful.

Between “D’Souza’s law of immigration,” Ward Connerly legitimizing racism against blacks, and Kenneth Starr scapegoating Jimmy motherflippin’ Carter, I quite honestly can’t believe the pathetic state of modern American conservatism. It’s like a magnet for the biggest douchehounds on the planet.



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8 responses to “Ship of Fools

  1. sari

    I mean this in all seriousness. The people on the cruise sound mentally ill. They need some “other” to fear, to provide the energy that keeps them going through their lives. It’s extremely disturbing. And the one black man who’s worried about how the white man feels . . . Oy

  2. I can’t say I find any of it surprising. It’s just a somewhat stronger form of we have been hearing from the right for the past couple decades.

  3. NameChanged

    Oh my god. That was terrifying. I kept picturing the ship turning into a zombie cruise, and they devour Johann Hari while singing the National Anthem. eck.

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  5. They really do astonish and amaze and terrify, don’t they?

  6. Ward Connerly

    Johann Hari misrepresented himself to me in order to get the interview; he outright fabricated quotes and then attributed them to me; and he took statements totally out of the context of my responses and then put them in his context. I don’t care what “white people” or “black people or any others think of me and I know that many on the left side of the political spectrum are anxious to believe the kind of slim that Hari has written. But, believe me, his characterization of the cruise is inaccurate and totally misleading. Whether we are liberal or conservative, we should have some respect for truth and accuracy in journalism. This column is pure crap. Finally, I told Hari that the Ku Klux Klan is a despicable organization with a despicable past. I also told him that it would be dishonest of me or anyone else who is seeking to win a popular election to say that they don’t want the vote of a Klan member, since no one knows who is a Klan member and who is not. I could have said what he wanted me to say and indicated that I don’t want the vote of any Klan member, but that would be disingenuous. When you want to win, you want the vote of everyone. When someone votes for a ballot initiative, no one asks about their religion, race, creed or ideology.

  7. Johann Hari misrepresented himself to me in order to get the interview; he outright fabricated quotes and then attributed them to me

    Did he also fabricate quotes from the couple to whom you spoke, leaving them with an excuse to blanketly condemn affirmative action?

    “I see another, more intriguing ghost. Ward Connerly is the only black person in the National Review posse, a 67-year-old Louisiana-born businessman, best known for leading conservative campaigns against affirmative action for black people. Earlier, I heard him saying the Republican Party has been ‘too preoccupied with… not ticking off the blacks’, and a cooing white couple wandered away smiling, ‘If he can say it, we can say it’.”

    Just saying.

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