Shakescast: Reminder & Agenda

Shakescast, coming to your town: July 17th at 9 PM EST. Don’t forget, you can’t play if you don’t have Skype.

As for the agenda, here’s what we’d like to do. For the first 30 (or so) minutes, we’ll have a Q&A where Melissa will answer (almost) any and all questions you’d like to pose to her, either through comments on this thread or by sending an electronic mail message to If you send in your questions by email, please let us know what name you would us to reference when addressing your question.

After Melissa’s done with her memoirs, we’ll open the floor to discussion. If there are specific topics you’d like to cover, then please don’t be shy. State your topic(s) of choice either in comments or in email to


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26 responses to “Shakescast: Reminder & Agenda

  1. Melissa will answer (almost) any and all questions

    I guess that was a disclaimer aimed in my direction. 🙂

  2. I just emailed my brother. Someone with whom I’ve been having a personal confessional with recently. Him with his Miller Lite habit and me with my… Virtual Pub habit.

    I hold water in my mouth to give comeback.

    He flipped his Jeep over in a ditch after drinking the aforementioned piss swill. And yet, I can do this.

    I ain’t flippin’ nothing over. I’m just saying. IN latin.

    What is your secret bro?

  3. Get away from the instruments. Danger in da house.

  4. I can see we’re gonna have a swell crowd over at the skypeshakesbBat Mitzvah

  5. I want to be Gladys Knight’s press agent. How do I go about pursuing such a vocation?

  6. As you are slicing into my personal pizza pie, you must play “Mambo Italiano” by Dean Martin.

    And then you are there.


  7. txrad is the ultimate vocal mood predictor.

  8. you reach me
    you bleach me
    you teach me.

    you wanna get fucked inside out.

    woman like a man.

    damien rice is another god in our midst.

  9. Being as I’m your crow bar
    That’s what I am so far.

    Fiona can always deliver in excess.

  10. Well, it looks as if I can answer no questions. I hope Liss is in the same frame of mind tomorrow night.

  11. Scott Joplin: lotta fingers movin.

    Konagod: lotta thoughts movin.

  12. Don’t make me turn into butterflies up above nature’s garden.

    I was sittin’ there in my easy chair and that’s all that I needed.

    Angelos, where the fuck are you when I need you the most?

  13. Kona, if I end up with no questions and no topics tomorrow, I’m going to spank you.

  14. Little Ghost

    Personally I don’t like watching the little sperm crawl across the time line. But that’s just me.

  15. If you wanna make sense.
    What’cha lookin at me for?
    I was never no good at math.

    All I can see is red, red red,red red,

  16. Something tells me you want me to spank you.

    Does txrad know about this…?

  17. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

  18. Angelos

    How how how how

  19. Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    LOL – Nutter! 🙂

  20. Angelos

    Well, logged in today, and got my headset working

    The only question is, will I be at the hospital tomorrow…

  21. I have a question. Is the new server located in an orbiting space station? This morning the time stamp was GMT -10 and now it is GMT -1.

    If so, that beats the suggestion of the basement bunker!

  22. Sorry, make that GMT -0.

  23. Melissa will answer (almost) any and all questions

    does the carpet match the drapes? damn me and my rural internet connection. there are things i am dying to know.

  24. have a question. Is the new server located in an orbiting space station? This morning the time stamp was GMT -10 and now it is GMT -1.

    That’s why there were commenting problems earlier. The server’s having “time” issues.

    there are things i am dying to know.

    LOL! You can just ask, doll.

  25. The server’s having “time” issues.

    Call The Doctor!!

  26. My old headset doesn’t work and I can’t find the ones that came with the PCs we purchased for our dead business so I’ll be there only in spirit, which would probably be the case regardless. 🙂

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