Quote of the Day

“Is this a publicity stunt? Yes. This is the only way we know to highlight their complete ignorance of the will of the people!”–An unnamed senior Democratic aide, being asked about Reid’s plan to “keep the Senate awake all night Tuesday to protest GOP blocking tactics on moves to compel U.S. troop withdrawals from Iraq,” reported by Fox News under the headline Reid Threatens to Keep Senate Up All Night, Republicans Yawn.


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5 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. Jay in Oregon

    This should be Reid’s theme song tonight…

  2. anangryoldbroad

    Oh Fox “News”can just kiss my broad white ass. I hate them.

  3. NameChanged

    I threaten to keep voting against them.

  4. oddjob

    “The much-discussed Republican revolt has yet to materialize,” a senior GOP aide said.

    GOOD! (And not for the reasons a winger would think so!)

  5. oddjob

    Oh, and I also read in that article you linked to that Shrub has no intentions of changing course. I only pray that someday a federal petit jury (after a federal grand jury) teach him – up close & personal – what it is to be responsible for war crimes!!!!!!

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