Question of the Day

Another repeat, but I really like this one…

If you were asked to describe yourself using only one word, what word would you choose?

I choose irrepressible, which can be either complimentary or critical, depending on context, and both are unavoidably applicable when the context is me.



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79 responses to “Question of the Day

  1. Hunky.

    Okay, only in my dreams. Actually, I’ll go with what I said the last time. When I went to see my grandmother before she died, she had had a series of small strokes was unable to say more than one or two words at a time and barely above a whisper. When I showed up in her room at the hospice, she smiled and whispered, “Funny.”

    That’s good enough for me.

  2. mamajane

    Flexible, another word with many possible interpretations, most of which apply, but not that corporate, kiss-up type of flexible that has become so overused on resumes that it’s been rendered virtually meaningless.

    Is there a single word to describe a flaky person who’s prone to long run-on sentences? If so, that one would be equally appropriate. 😉

  3. nightshift66


  4. merciless

    I guess it would have to be my handle, merciless. To myself mostly, but to others too.

    I really need to lighten up.

  5. nightshift66

    OK, not really, but it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Only one word? I suppose I’m to come up with my most dominant characteristic. I guess I’ll use one that has become the ultimate left-handed compliment, at least when applied to me:


  6. Terse.

    Not pedantic? 😉

  7. Poetic. Since, you know, I try to write the stuff as part of a career and all. 😉

  8. hk


    accident-prone would come in at a close second.

  9. Polonius19


  10. i will use the compliment delivered by the StarLady of my last gig. She told me I was “rocksteady.”

  11. Desi


  12. I think the name I chose for the world of blog pretty well says it all.

  13. Meowser

    Gotta go with “eccentric.” Which I think of as a happy, really.

  14. nightshift66

    Only pedantic online. That’s another reason one word is frustrating: I’ve worn so many hats, it’s difficult to point to any one thing as being consistently present in my life.

  15. Kate217


    I’ve worked hard to earn it.

  16. Kate217

    Insecure is a nose-length behind it. 😉

  17. Trying.

    You can take it as I’m trying, or that I’m trying, if you get my meaning.

  18. Lesbian.

    (I’m a gay man, figure THAT one out.)

  19. BAC

    Intrepid … well, unless I’m not …


  20. NameChanged


    i try to stay positive, but so much shit gets on my nerves.

    or I could say “definitly not a homosexual”

  21. boatboy_srq


    And gang, MB’s dream up there isn’t half as much the leap as he thinks…

  22. William K. Wolfrum


    Both in humor and overall flavor and texture.


  23. Nothing comes to mind… 🙂

  24. Lesbian.

    (I’m a gay man, figure THAT one out.)

    I have it. I always said, as a gay man, if I was ever going to do drag, I’d do a lesbian, so I could just be myself.

  25. RayCeeYa


    Face it the world needs all kinds, and I’m an asshole.

  26. oddjob

    I use the same I used before – thoughtful (as in always pondering about something).

  27. oddjob


    (I’m a gay man, figure THAT one out.)


  28. Loquacious.

    Oh, and furthermore . . . .

  29. JW

    “Critical,” probably. Or “Autonomous.” Not terribly flattering, but there it is.

  30. oddjob

    “Critical” as in “crucially necessary”, or as in “always finding something to criticize”?

  31. Constant Comment


  32. Allie


    I try anyway.

  33. Kate217


  34. Jovan1984


  35. tart


  36. tart



    Can I have four?

  37. Apparently Tart’s word should be “indecisive”

  38. tart

    Apparently Tart’s word should be “indecisive”

    No, I’m going with ‘oversexed.’

  39. amish451


    “….I’d do a lesbian, so I could just be myself…”
    that is why we love you Kona …

  40. Delirious. Literally. Especially tonight.

  41. The_Quilter


  42. The_Quilter

    But everyone else would say “flakey”!

  43. Ginger Yellow

    In the worlds before Melissa, primal chaos reigned. Heavens sought order. But the phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The four worlds formed again and yet again, as endless aeons wheeled and passed. Time and the pure essence of Heaven, the moisture of the Earth, the powers of the Sun and the Moon all worked upon a certain rock, old as creation. And it became magically fertile. That first egg was named “Thought”. Tathagata Buddha, the Father Buddha, said, “With our thoughts, we make the World”. Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch. From it came Shakespeare’s Sister.
    The nature of Melissa was irrepressible!

  44. Ginger Yellow

    By the way, my word is “lazy”.

  45. amish451

    Amen, Ginger Yellow …

  46. Christina B


    of both feelings mentioned above. I think critically about almost everything and I always find something to criticize.

  47. Shiloruh


  48. Crash-survivable.

  49. JW

    Oddjob: Both. Sorta what Christina said. I analyze everything, I am capable of finding things to criticize (and equally capable of not saying so out loud), and, I hope, necessary. To something.

  50. Hmm. My post didn’t make it last night, I see.


    (Though flexible, weird, eccentric and quirky will also do.)

  51. Jess

    Right now, probablly “neurotic.”

    I was trying to find an antonym for “self-aware,” since my first reaction was “wth, I don’t know what I’m like, ask somebody else.” My self-concept is a little lacking. but perhaps that falls under neuroticism?

  52. Most would say of me, arrogant.

    I would say of me, correct.

    Take that how you wish.

  53. Apparently Tart’s word should be “indecisive”

    and that may, or may not, be a problem. . .

  54. Rhiannon


  55. In the worlds before Melissa, primal chaos reigned.

    Melissa’s a cataloguer?

    My word is “indescribable”

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