Laura Dickinson Follow-Up

Last month, I posted about Laura Dickinson, an Eastern Michigan University student whose rape and murder were covered up by the school to protect their reputation. Even her own family buried her thinking she had died of natural causes, and her fellow classmates had no idea that there was a rapist and murderer on campus.

Well, via Kathy at Birmingham Blues, I see that the president of Eastern Michigan University has been fired after an independent law firm investigation and a U.S. Department of Education report both found that the public university “violated the federal Clery Act, which requires colleges and universities to disclose campus security information.”

But erstwhile EMU President John Fallon isn’t sorry; he’s disappointed: “As a citizen, I am disappointed in this hastily called meeting, without any opportunity to be present or to respond. I have a story to tell and intend to tell it.”

As Kathy says, “Dude, if you can come up with a justification for this, I’d sure like to hear it. It better involve having your brain snatched by pod people.” Profoundly misogynist and criminally apathetic pod people, at that.



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5 responses to “Laura Dickinson Follow-Up

  1. The real question is whether or not this firing will result in some systemic change, or if it’s just the public statement of a university trying to cover its ass. I’m betting on the latter, but it’s a Monday, and I’m more cynical on Mondays.

  2. Thanks for the link. I don’t know how I missed this story when it first broke, but I can’t believe the President could offer any reasonable justification for the school’s actions. It’s just another insult to Laura Dickinson’s family for him to even imply that he’s been misunderstood and wronged.

  3. As far as I’m concerned, firing is only the first thing they need to do. There are way too many administrators at that college that need to spend some time in a jail cell.

  4. It is a very unfortunate event, a young life is so cruelly ended. But, an administrator has a very delicate balancing act to do. I am very sure the
    entire faculty, including the administrators, are very sad. But it is only fair that Mr. Fallon should be given a chance to explain his side of
    the obligations that he has for not doing what he is suppose to have done. It sounds like the faculty had beef with Mr. Fallon on other issues
    and used this failure to notify of foul play in Laura’s death as an excuse. Give him a chance to speak!!
    latha Kaliath

  5. Topaz

    The rapist was black.

    The victim was white.

    That was why Fallon covered it up.


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