It’s Money Coming, Money Going for Ol’ Shaq

Everstar just mentioned Shaq’s fat (hatred) camp, err, Shaq’s Big Challenge, in comments, to which Kate introduced us last month, which reminded me that I wanted to post about this promo I saw that just made my skin crawl:

Darn you, Fat Kids! It’s Week Two—and you’re already a huge disappointment to Shaq!

Maybe he would have liked them better when, before he was getting a massive paycheck for shaming them, he was instead getting a massive paycheck for selling them soda pop and junk food.

Kids Love Pepsi!

Pepsi Needs to be EVEN HUGER for Shaq!

Pepsi Helps Shaq’s Be a Better Athlete!

Taco Bell, Bitchez!

Looks like the Hypocrisy Meter has been pegged.


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12 responses to “It’s Money Coming, Money Going for Ol’ Shaq

  1. You’re telling me if I eat at Taco Bell it won’t make me a great post player? Shoot.

  2. Yellowhammer

    So… yeah…

    Did those kids’ parents actually sign them up for this bullshit?

    Because to me, THAT’S abuse.

    Just sayin…

  3. This entire thing just disgusts me. Picking on fat kids while pretending it is a way to help them when it is just an excuse to vent your spleen at them is bad enough. Turning Shaq loose to do it is worse. He’s been a hero to them. They trust him. He is physically HUGE when set beside them. So, there they are, overpowered by his fame, his personality, his sheer physical size — and then he misuses them so blatantly.

    And then you add to that all the money he is raking in for this and all the money he has raked in for the Pepsi and other ads — it makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. DBK

    So I watch that bit of video you posted from the show, because I’ll be damned if I am going to watch that stupid show, and I was disgusted by the whole thing. Shaq was sitting there mocking them. The jerk. And then he pretends he’s trying to help them, but it’s really all about him. “You disappointed me so now you have to pay the price.” What an asshole.

  5. everstar

    Above and beyond the blatant hypocrisy of “Taco Bell and Pepsi! Taco Bell and Pepsi! Oh, wait, now Shaq doesn’t like you ’cause you’re fat” it creeps me out even more that this is on television. It’s really, really easy to dismiss and talk nasty about people on reality shows because they’re being presented as characters rather than people, and it chills my heart to think that these kids are going to be put through that as well. I mean, how long before we get to “no wonder Joey’s such a little porker; nobody must want to play with him, the little brat.” I would lay good money that Joey has picked up being bratty as a defense mechanism to cover the shame and humiliation he feels.

    Also, it pisses me off that it’s “Shaq’s Big Challenge” and not, oh, “A Big Challenge with Shaq.” The way the title is currently phrased, the challenge isn’t for the kids, it’s for him. I have a sinking suspicion that our sympathy is supposed to be with him, and not the kids, which tells you something about the structure of the show.

    (and on a tertiary and very small note, eee! Shakes mentioned me by, er, nickname!)

  6. He also hawked some kind of candy bar – I remember because Wallace Fennel from Veronica Mars was the kid on the commercial with him, and they had a discussion about whether caramel was pronounced care-a-mel or carmel.

  7. Or maybe that was Charles Barkley?

  8. Kate217

    Why anybody would consider torturing children entertainment is beyond me. I’m seriously tempted to write to every freakin’ sponsor of this show and tell them that if it means living in a tree and growing all my own food, I will not be purchasing any of their products as long as they are associated with this atrocity.

  9. alison

    I watched the first show and was shocked at how they gave the kids written instructions for a work-out program, and just told them to go to the gym by themselves. Then when the kids were ‘caught’ not succeeding to their standards?? BIG TROUBLE.

    that show is vile and shameful–I’m with you Kate217

  10. keshmeshi

    It is a really terrible program, for many different reasons. However, the kids’ behavior was pretty pathetic. If they worked out, they might walk a whopping 1 mph on the treadmill.

    Then again, what the hell was Shaq doing leaving the kids up to their own devices? They’re kids. Not only is their youth an excuse for not knowing any better, those kids have no clue how to eat properly or exercise. You don’t give someone who needs a massive diet and exercise overhaul a list of stuff to do and expect them to magically succeed.

    A crappy, crappy show. I can’t wait for it to get cancelled.

  11. Meowser

    Well, gee, you don’t think maybe, when they were choosing victims contestants, they cherry-picked the fat kids who were in the worst possible physical condition, the ones for whom walking 1 MPH would be a chore, and who ate nothing but convenience crap, do you? I mean, it wouldn’t be any fun to watch fat kids who were actually active and loved to eat their vegetables, although there are plenty of ’em, because then people would either say, “Leave them alone, they’re doing everything they can,” or alternately, “Give me a break, there’s no way they could be active and eat healthy and still look like that.” Bleah on all of them. Make room in that tree for me, Kate217 — do you suppose we could grow edible mushrooms in the hollow?

  12. Meowser

    Hmm, the strikethrough on “victims” worked in the preview but not in the post. Darn.

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