“Isn’t it Great to be Rich, White, Heterosexual, HIV-Negative, and in a Position of Power!”

As if they don’t get enough airtime, you’ve gotta love the Sunday morning gathering of the rich white douchehounds, where they can get together and bask in the rich, white goodness of their superior rich whiteness, and belch out stuff like this:

Republicans are very pessimistic about 2008. When you talk to them off the record, they don’t see how they can win this thing. And then they think for a minute, and only the Democratic Party, with everything in their favor, would say that, “OK, this is the year either to have a woman or an African-American to break precedent, to do things the country has never done before.” And it gives the Republicans hope.

And everyone there agrees. That’s right, folks. The hopes and dreams of the Republican party rest upon the racism and sexism of the American public. Novak admits that Republicans are terrified that they’ll lose, and their only hope is that a slight majority of the American public is as horrible as they are. They are grateful for racism and sexism. Foolish Democrats! Don’t you realize that running a woman or an African-American is political suicide? No one we know would vote for them! Ho, ho, ho!

Meanwhile, the Democrats are all over this. You simply can’t listen to a Democratic candidate without hearing how the Republican party totally blew off the NAACP. They can barely get through a sentence without reminding America that New Orleans is continuing to drown. They are totally hitting the Republicans with both fists over these…

…what? They’re not?

Oh. I guess they like to do everything the hard way, huh?

(Snark aside, please go read this very important post on relief legislation for the victims of Katrina. Then contact your senators. If there’s one Bush fuckup that should have been immediately faced and fixed, it’s the tragedy of New Orleans. Two years later, and nothing has happened. Scarier still, I’ve noticed many people think that everything has gone back to normal in New Orleans. When every new Bush action screams “Kill the poor,” it’s about damn time we start fighting back.)

(Also, Shakers, you know I love you more than my luggage, but the first person that responds to this “racism is good for us” crap with something like “Well, what do you expect?” is going to get a poke in the eye.)



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6 responses to ““Isn’t it Great to be Rich, White, Heterosexual, HIV-Negative, and in a Position of Power!”

  1. grape_crush

    “..is going to get a poke in the eye”

    Ow! [rubs eye]

    Now that that’s out of the way, I’d like to point out that the panelist identified as a ‘Democratic strategist’ was Bob Shrum.


    What’s even more telling is that, for all the racism and sexism programmed into the American psyche, people would rather vote for good candidates that ‘break precedent’ than any of the offal…er, offerings from the GOP.

  2. GODDAMMIT! I had a huge-ass comment all typed out and then my browser inexplicably closed on me! ARGH. All right, let’s try to recreate it with slightly less verbosity…

    These people make me sick. Sick. This is the same stupid dogwank that underlies the use of “tradition” as a conservative dog whistle to indicate the preservation of privilege: “We’re the party of traditional values,” e.g. racism, misogyny, and homophobia, wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross.

    “Break[ing] precedent” is just another way of saying “deviating from tradition,” which itself is just another way of saying “ZOMG–if straight white men lose the presidency, it’s ALL OVER FOR US!” Jebus.

  3. JoAsakura

    so, would these clowns be adequately described as the Great White North American Douchehound?

    I emailed my congresscritters the other day, re: the Katrina legislation. We can only keep on keeping after them.


  4. It really is hard for me not to risk the eye poke because, really, if you only knew the people in my hometown. They won’t vote for a black man. They MIGHT vote for a woman. MIGHT. But you can be damned sure the Republicans really are counting on all the rampant white supremacy and woman-hating in rural towns to save the day for them since they don’t have Diebold to rely on this time around.

  5. Arkades

    I’d like to point out that the panelist identified as a ‘Democratic strategist’ was Bob Shrum.

    Shrum should come with his own laugh track when introduced that way. It would save us all time and effort.

    As for the racism/misogyny factor… have been expecting this shoe to drop for a while now. Was mainly wondering how long it would take for someone to say it out loud.

    Yeah, there are some jerks out there who won’t vote for a black man or a woman of any sort. But seriously… how likely are those folks to Democratic in the first place?

    The question is more whether the racists sexist jerks will actively vote for a Republican to deny the presidency to a black man or a woman. And that sort of zero-sum thinking is not necessarily correct, because it’s not true that a hater has no choice to but vote for the other guy. There’s also the option of not voting at all, which I expect (well, OK, I *hope*) a lot of disaffected conservatives will decide to do this year.
    In other words… these folks may not vote Democratic (and indeed, were unlikely to do so in the first place), but that does *not* automatically mean more Republican votes.

    Moreover, if the Republicans continue to harp on how much the average American’s racism and sexism will actually work to *their* benefit, they may actually cost themselves lots of moderate votes, those of middle-of-the-road voters who’ve been supporting the Republicans mostly out of habit but who can no longer pretend they don’t know just how vulgar, corrupt, and backward-thinking the GOP actually is. The louder the GOP crows about how the Dems picking Obama or Clinton is actually a good rallying point for their side – and the terrible reasons *why* that could be good for them – the more the ugly truth is laid bare.

    At least, if my lingering faith in humanity has any basis at all, that’s how people will respond to this sexist racist crapola. But human beings have disappointed me before, so I guess we’ll wait and see.

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