In Case Anyone Cares…

Joseph Wilson has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Kind of shocking, what with John Edwards’ Vow To End All Bad Things By 2011. I don’t think Hillary’s made that sort of promise to the American people! Harrumph.



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5 responses to “In Case Anyone Cares…

  1. Well, this will give Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin something to chat about, won’t it?

  2. Jay in Oregon

    Maybe Valerie Plame was the one who killed Vince Foster?

    I knew it smelled like a CIA plot.

  3. oddjob

    Who’s Joe Wilson and why should I care?

  4. Jovan1984

    There are two Joe Wilsons. The one Melissa mentioned is the hubby of the ex-CIA operative who was outed by Rove, Cheney and Libby. The other Joe Wilson is the wingnut who represents my district (2d Congressional District of South Carolina).

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