I Hate George Bush

I know this story would typically, according to the usual blogsnark headlining rules, be called something like “No Child Left Behind” or “Culture of Life,” but I can’t even bring myself to be snarky about it. Quite simply, I hate this president, I hate his administration, I hate his entire fucking political party and all their asshole supporters, and this story is perfectly exemplary of why.

Bush Is Prepared to Veto Bill to Expand Child Insurance. And that’s just the goddamned headline.

The White House said on Saturday that President Bush would veto a bipartisan plan to expand the Children’s Health Insurance Program, drafted over the last six months by senior members of the Senate Finance Committee.

…Tony Fratto, a White House spokesman, said: “The president’s senior advisers will certainly recommend a veto of this proposal. And there is no question that the president would veto it.”

The program currently insures about 7 million children and will expire at the end of September unless Congress renews it. The Democrats want to renew it and provide an additional funding to expand it, for which the Senate proposes to pay by increasing the federal excise tax on cigarettes from its current 39¢ to $1. But Fratto says, “Tax increases are neither necessary nor advisable to fund the program appropriately,” and claims that expanding the program “will have the effect of encouraging many to drop private coverage, to go on the government-subsidized program.”

That’s the kind of thinking right there that makes me hate them. What person in his or her right fucking mind honestly believes that there are people just waiting for a government program to take advantage of so they can move their already insured kids onto a government-run program? And not just a few people here and there, but hordes of them—so many just waiting to bilk the government that we can’t afford to risk insuring kids who aren’t insured, because of all the horrible adults laying in wait to screw the taxpayers, including, presumably, themselves, since they obviously work (and pay taxes) if their kids are already insured.

Jebus. I hate these people. I hate them. They’re the reason sayings like “A thief always thinks someone is stealing from him” exist. They have such poor characters—so deeply devoid of the tiniest wee modicum of integrity, conscience, or honesty—that they can’t begin to imagine there are people who don’t grab whatever they can get their dirty little paws on, irrespective of whether they need it or whether it’s ethical to take. And then they go around crowing that “Republicans are the party of winners, Democrats are the party of losers.”

That unmitigated horseshit just gets on my last good nerve until my eyes are twitching and my fists are clenching and I just have to rant to stop my head from well and truly exploding.

I hate the immutable beliefs among “George Bush Conservatives” that this country is the Almighty’s gift to the world, especially when it’s still a really shitty place to live for lots of struggling people, that those people are always, only, to blame for their troubles.

I hate that the idea that some of us could do with a little less so that others could have a little more has become a punchline.

I hate that they call us the America-haters, as they wrap themselves in the flag and declare themselves the True Patriots while turning America into a nation where the natural and philsophical resources are raped and destroyed in the acquisition of more wealth, where philanthropy and empathy are relegated to little more than cute, clichéd memories, and where the barrel-chested barons of a new Gilded Age stand astride the bodies of those who have been condemned to less fortunate fates, singing the praises of social Darwinism and bellowing about the superfluity of a social safety net. “The government never gave me anything!” they declare, as they deposit their million-dollar checks from their latest no-bid Defense Department contract then head off to Tiffany’s to get the Little Woman a bauble with their fat tax return.

I hate that they suggest there’s something wrong with those of us who don’t wrap our hands around the throat of American Dream and wring every last bit of life out of it to our own benefit.

And I hate them for all of it.



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41 responses to “I Hate George Bush

  1. Absolutely evil, but then we all knew that.
    Sadly, this isn’t surprising.
    (How horrible it is to say that about this country. It’s shocking what has happened to us)

  2. NameChanged

    –That unmitigated horseshit just gets on my last good nerve until my eyes are twitching and my fists are clenching and I just have to rant to stop my head from well and truly exploding.–

    I believe that this calls for a “Lissie Smash.”

  3. NameChanged

    I can’t believe that this “president” is so hell bent on leaving no good deed in his wake. Fuck the kids, fuck the mentally challenged, fuck the minorities, fuck anyone who is not appointed by the great and powerful Bush.

    Dear god, let there be some karmic retribution in my lifetime.

  4. I believe that this calls for a “Lissie Smash.”

  5. Chromosome Crawl

    “Dear god, let there be some karmic retribution in my lifetime”

    Ramen Namechanged, Ramen!

    Is anyone else getting REALLY tired of saying “Just when you thought they could go no lower, could get no more despicable and ethically depraved”?

    I love how they’re ALL about belief in Darwinism as long as it’s the SOCIAL kind…..

  6. I was reading about this over the weekend in several places, and somewhere (I don’t remember where) it was mentioned that this bill was “heavily influenced” by the insurance lobby [absolutely no surprise there, eh?]. Does anyone have any info on that?

    Also, at the risk of being smashed 🙂 , homophone alert:

    …a few people here and there, but hoards of them -…”

    that should be “hordes”, should it not?

  7. larkohio

    I hate him, too, for what that is worth. If we were not fighting the endless damn war in Iraq, we would have money to pay for health care for these kids without raising taxes. If we taxed the wealthy, who pay few taxes, we could pay for this without raising cigarette taxes. However they need money for their new boats, and cars, or third houses, or whatever…..

    I dearly love this country. I want what is best for us, the citizens of this country and just not the ultr-rich.

    I think our love of country is what motivates us to protest against this HORRIBLE administration.

  8. Misty

    I heard about this last night; I’m still so pissed off about it. There aren’t enough words to describe how disgusting and inhuman the administration is.

  9. eastsidekate

    I hate those fucking bastards that take advantage of public services. Public school-goers and interstate-drivers be damned!

    Remind me again of why we have this government thingy? Oh, right, doing personal favors for the prom king and his friends. How silly of me to forget.

    It’s oligarchy, I tell ya’– plain and simple.

  10. This kind of crap makes me shake my head in disbelief at any so-called Christian who would vote for this miserable pudknocker. I think it’s because fundie churches have their victims, I mean members (like my poor, confused sister)so worried about the pagan origins of easter eggs for gossakes that they forget to follow that whole “Love Thy Neighbor” thing. Lord, save me from your followers.

  11. that should be “hordes”, should it not?

    Dammit! I mean, yes, thank you. 😉

  12. NameChanged

    Thank you for the Lissie Smash. It brightens my day.

  13. Constant Comment

    One would think, given their decade-long quest to guarantee a one-party rule, that they would be cognizant that this kind of a move could result in a — perish the thought — Democratic president!

    But then I’d be wrong…

  14. On the plus side, the “George Bush Conservatives” group is dwindling.

  15. It’s like you got in my head and ripped some of the thoughts right out. I have nothing to add – well, nothing that wouldn’t get me in serious trouble with certain secretive federal agencies and services.

  16. Problem with karma as I understand it is, it usually affects your next lifetime and those subsequent, not necessarily the present one. So assuming we all outlive Bush and Cheney, it would be nice to know where their, ahem, souls get reassigned to, so we can see what happens to them. (They’d better not become cats, that would be too much for this cat-worshipper to take.)

    Or as my (atheist) dad likes to put it: “Dick Cheney — a man so evil, even Death doesn’t want him.” (Yeah, Liss, I know your post is about the assholishness of Bush, but they’re interchangeable, are they not?)

  17. (Yeah, Liss, I know your post is about the assholishness of Bush, but they’re interchangeable, are they not?)

    It’s not just about Bush–it’s about the whole lot of ’em!

  18. Kate Harding

    Lord, save me from your followers.

    No freakin’ kidding.

  19. instant karma, oh please, let there be!

    what a 2 faced fucker he is.

    oh yeah, another example in the long line of once you are pushed from the sacred womb ,the attitude is “fend for yourself ya lazy drain on society!”

  20. Grendel72

    Everybody knows the only appropriate use of tax money is blowing up brown people.

  21. Dancinghawk

    I’ve come across this story several times today and when I start to think about it, the only response I can articulate is incoherent screaming. That and what the f- is wrong with these people!

    So, since I can’t come up with a personal antidote to the problem, here’s at least a balm for the rage:


    No, it doesn’t make everything all better, but it stops the screaming in my head.

  22. Everybody knows the only appropriate use of tax money is blowing up brown people.

    Right with ya on this one! Only one problem though, there’s one fucking hell of a lot of brown people so raising the ciggy tax to a buck a pack just ain’t gonna cut it. And that could mean, Oh swoon, taxing the only people with any money left ,ie the rich bastards that pay nothing, and you know that ain’t gonna happen on Deacon Dipshit’s watch. Raise taxes on his own Daddy? Comeon, pull the other one. He didn’t steal all that dosh just so he could give it back in dribs and drabs through the IRS.


  23. Shade

    I’ve got another one:

    I hate that this administration has made being reasonable out to be stupid! Readin’, writin’, thinkin’–all a waste of time to this cowboy and his cronies. Freakin’ troglodyte.

  24. Spectrum Blue

    WTP is wrong with him, and his PR people? Preventing a raise in taxes on tobacco products is more of a gain than insuring kids?! I mean, I know he doesn’t seem to care much about his image anymore, but damn!

  25. i do like the kitten generator but bush is still a 2 faced fucker!

  26. Arkades

    Sometimes I wonder whether hate is a strong enough word to express how I feel about Dubya and his cronies.

    Hmm. Which conveys a stronger sense of loathing…? ‘hate’ or ‘despise’?

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  28. Sometimes I wonder whether hate is a strong enough word to express how I feel about Dubya and his cronies.

    No kidding.

  29. sharp instrument

    There must be some sort of cognitive dissonance happening. This administration claims a desire to protect “innocent children.” They put inaccurate information about pregnancy and abortion on the government health website (see NARAL’s story about 4Parents.gov) and seek to restrict access to abortion in order to accomplish this noble task, yet they prove over and over again that they could give a toss about children once they exit the womb. Extend insurance? Nope. Allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt? Hmm, rather not. I, too, am at my wit’s end concerning the nightmare known as “W” and his cronies and their never ending cyclone of hypocrisy. There is so much, soooo much to do to make our country and this world a better place, but they seem hell-bent on trampling anything that resembles kindness, understanding or decency. Homophobe for Surgeon General? Sure! Chip away at funding for NPR and public television (which includes programs such as Sesame Street)? Why not?! Stubbornly refuse to leave a country that no longer wishes us to be there? Absolutely! Cut funding for HIV/AIDS programs if they support the distribution and use of condoms? Heck, yeah! WTF??!! [banging forehead on keyboard]

  30. Silver Owl

    The bill should be vetoed because the source of the funding for it is a segment of the population that is getting smaller and smaller, smokers.

    If Congress had been even close to serious about wanting to address the issue of healthcare for children a more long term solution for financing would have been found.

  31. I agree about the source of funding, Silver Owl, but for the time being it is good just to get the benefit passed.

  32. FUCK.

    Even the adorable kittens don’t help.

    I think what twists my knickers the most is that, every single farkin’ time something like this happens, nothing happens to stop, prevent, or slow it down! It’s like being strapped into the front seat of a car being driven by a maniac and having to watch him plow into everything and everyone, with no cops in sight.

    And they wonder why people of my generation are “apathetic” – it’s a survival mechanism, dudes!

    Apathy or suicide. This is what this fucking administration and their enablers have brought us to.

  33. If you take time to read the Christian re constructionist and dominionist philosophies, You’ll see that it is imperative for all social programs to go through the church so that a condition of service is full conversion to the “one true faith”.

    Ultimately, all schools will be religious in nature (preferably Christian) all assistance will be gotten from faith based organizations and the community will recognize the church is vital to survival (especially if down on your luck)

    So, in a nutshell, pro corporate types would leave all social programs to churches while they pay low wages and offer little in benefits. If you lose your job, see your pastor. If your kids are ill and you need to go to a hospital but have no insurance? See your pastor.

    and what will the pastor advise? get a better job and vote republican. Jesus was “personally responsible” so you should be too…..

  34. nightshift66

    sharp instrument,
    I’m no psychologist, but I believe that cognitive dissonance requires cognitive abilities as a prerequisite. Which might explain why most of the Right aren’t showing any signs of the condition.

  35. DerelictDaughter11

    The bill should be vetoed because the source of the funding for it is a segment of the population that is getting smaller and smaller, smokers.

    I was pretty surprised to see that was how they decided to fund the expansion, myself. I mean, Big Tobacco’s gonna let this slide? Not to mention, yeah, smokers are becoming nonsmokers. But let me tell you, as a smoker, when they went up to $3, I said I’d quit. $4 a pack? No way, I’m not smoking any more. And here I am still paying in excess of $5 a pack. It’s an addiction. And if my bad habit could fund a program for uninsured children? Well, then it’d be socially irresponsible of me to quit, right? 😉

    I think they should have found a different funding source, but that this shouldn’t be a reason not to pass the bill.

    Oh, yeah. Argh. Can’t forget to “Argh”.

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  37. carol

    Sometimes, it’s hard not to cry.

    I have 4 kids. They are all on the state child health insurance program, but not medicaid. My husband and I have done without health insurance for years now, ever since the architecture firm he worked for raised health care benefits to almost $600 a month for our family.

    My husband and I are hard workers. We’re not asking for a handout. He drafts houses and cities, I cook and clean and babysit for other people on the side to make money while I homeschool because there is only one public school where I live (rural Alabama) and 1/3 of the students are on probation . . . with the law.

    You might say “well you shouldn’t have kids if you can afford to take care of them.” You must remember, when they were born, our health insurance was more than suitable and affordable. It was years later that we were forced to this.

    “This” being: I hope to God we’re poor enough for my children to still qualify, because if we’re not, there is no financial way my husband and I can insure them on our own.

    If I get a real job to help make ends meet, then we’ll have no hope of qualifying to insure our kids . . . see how their plans actually encourage the exact opposite of their desired effect? I can’t get a real job. We can’t afford it.

  38. If I get a real job to help make ends meet, then we’ll have no hope of qualifying to insure our kids . . . see how their plans actually encourage the exact opposite of their desired effect? I can’t get a real job. We can’t afford it.

    Ugh. I’m so sorry you and your family are in that situation, Carol. (hug)

    And this? You might say “well you shouldn’t have kids if you can afford to take care of them.”–You’ll never hear that from me, or, I imagine, anyone who’s ever lived an uncharmed life. Mr. Shakes and I were so careful to purchase a home we could afford on either one of our salaries, just in case. Then we got a notice our property taxes had been doubled–and I got laid off the next day.

    We’ve been struggling just to pay the bills ever since. [Things were looking up when I got a job with a presidential campaign, but we all know how that turned out. Ahem.]

    It’s so convenient for the rightwingers to think that everyone up shit creek got there because they tossed their paddles overboard for grins, because they’re just so darned irresponsible. But it just doesn’t work that day. Even those of us who try to do our best to be careful and responsible and protected sometimes. just. aren’t.

  39. Fargo Sam

    The last time the Tories were in control we ran them out of the country. This time we may have elected them and do not seem to have any way to control their anti-American tendencies. I suggest a free trip to Iraq for any Republican who wants to support Bush – with the hope that their failure to return will enhance the gene pool.

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