Friday cat blogging: “Adopt Me!” editionfound a new home…!

[I moved this up so people would know: the kitty has found a home. See comments for more.]

My ex found this incredible young cat last night on the mean streets of East Harlem. She’s trying to locate a no-kill shelter for her but what she really needs is a loving home as soon as possible.

The kitty loves to be held and cuddled and played with, purrs readily and will jump up into your lap and curl up to nap. She’s petite and young – probably 9 or 10 months old – with unusual tabby markings, spots on her belly, a long expressive raccoon tail, and copper eyes. (!!!)

Any Shakers in NYC who could shower this little furry sweetie with all the tender loving care she so deeply deserves?

If so, email

(More photos after the fold….)



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40 responses to “Friday cat blogging: “Adopt Me!” editionfound a new home…!

  1. That is one adorable cat. And coming from me, that’s saying something.

    Let us know what happens!

  2. Brynn

    I really wish I could adopt her!!!

  3. If the Secret Lair (aka ’73 Winnebago) didn’t already contain me and two kitties, and I weren’t hundreds of miles away, I would claim that kitty in a moment!!

    Good luck, Little One!

  4. Susan

    I’ll be in New York in the early part of August. Does that help?

  5. She looks like such a wonderful companion, I hope she gets a good Forever Home soon!

  6. I am so fucking glad I’m 3000 miles away — I’m a sucker for “ballerina shoes” on the front paws.

    My girl has white ballerinas in the front, and white Nancy Sinatra hip-boots on the back.

    (and she eats rivals for breakfast)

  7. Jaclyn

    Awww … we’re way far away and very full. What a cutie, though!

    Also appropriate for “adopt me” edition: my foster dog.
    Pinkie is sweet and lovely and needs a home of her own. The group will consider long-distance adoptions, so don’t let that stop you!

  8. puellasolis

    Ohh, I wish I could. I’m thinking about adding another cat to the household, but I live on the other side of the country. Hope she finds a family soon! I send her cuddles and belly rubs.

  9. me

    Well if we are pimping out cats and other animals today here is my contribution. If you live in the Florida Panhandle and might want to adopt a hard to place cat please check out this website:

    They will not be going to a no-kill shelter if they are not adopted.

  10. I’m with PortlyDyke on this one. Those paws (and that face) would do it for me. I have 5 cats though. Sigh…

  11. MAJeff

    damn, I’m in Boston. My own Harriet would probably object, too. That’s a beautiful cat, and my heart is breaking thinking about her homeless, just like it was last week when I was walking through Somerville and ran across someone posting “lost cat” notices.

    Harriet is not allowed outside for that very reason.

  12. Meowser

    I can hear her purring! My boys were all rescue kitties and that’s a great thing you’re doing. If I lived anywhere near you and didn’t already have more felines than my landlord wants me to, I’d be all over her. Keep putting it out there and someone will give her a home!

  13. Holly in cincinnati

    Destined to be a Cat-in-Chief!

  14. She is GORGEOUS! But I live in California…and have 4 cats and a dog.

    Please let us know how it goes! I’ll be checking in…

  15. cfrost

    With the gold shining through the gray she looks like she’s lit up from the inside. I should think a cat that lovely would be snatched up in a New York minute.

  16. Arkades

    Those markings! That face! A charmer, to be sure.

    However, my husband and I already have as many cats as we can afford to take care of, plus we live far away, too.

    She is very beautiful, and looks friendly and loving. I really hope she gets the wonderful loving home she deserves and has a long happy life, too.

  17. Wait, isn’t Tart in NYC now? Tart honey, you need a kitty.

  18. Kathy Kattenburg

    I already have a dog and 3 cats, else I *would* adopt that sweetie, since I am just outside of NYC.

  19. Kiki

    My dad just got back from NY this past Sunday, and if you had found her sooner and Is aw this he definitely would have stopped by on his way off LI and picked her up! But we’re in Alabama. Darnit! Come on, we’re over 900 miles away! Someone closer could make a trip to pick her up…

  20. Arkades

    Any news? I am hoping this dear sweetie finds a home…

  21. Angelos

    Tart’s back in Cali.

    And the wife and I will be in the market, but only after her cranky old cat goes to kitty heaven. Shatzi would not take kindly to an intrusion on her home at this stage.

  22. I would take her in a New York Minute, if you’ll pardon the expression. But Mr. Brilliant would have a canniption. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep in six years as it is, with one cat draped over my neck and the other making biscuits against my ass all night.

  23. the Phantom

    What a cutie.I wish I was any close to the grand city of New York.I hope that she`ll end up in a good home.

  24. the ex

    exciting update: i’ve found this sweet little girl a home! she’s moving in with a wonderful, loving couple that live only a block away from me in brooklyn (meaning i’ll get frequent visitation privileges). thanks everyone for the support… i’m so glad this kitty’s story has such a happy ending!

  25. zuzu

    Any idea how she is with other cats?

    Not like I don’t have enough already, but.

  26. Pingback: Brilliant at Breakfast

  27. Brynn

    Great news! The lost kitty has found a home!!!

    This just in from my ex:

    …went to my friend L’s birthday party yesterday and it turns out she and her girlfriend were just talking that morning about getting a cat. i told the gf about how the kitty came up to me and jumped into my arms and she was sold. she’s coming by in a few hours with a carrier to pick her up. not a minute too soon, either, as i’m completely smitten with this cat! she is SO like percy it’s uncanny. poor jaqi’s been exiled to wherever is the farthest away from the cat since she arrived.

    Percy was our second kitty, who I’ll post about one of these days. A more wonderful kitty could never be found!!! But alas, he was no destined for long to this world. And sweet Jaqi is the black kitty I blogged about a week ago. Not the most willing to share her space with another cat!

  28. Yip yah!

    I wish I could have helped, but I’m in Miami, my landlord doesn’t allow pets, and Snowball… well, you know how territorial stuffed toys can be.

  29. Betsy

    Yay! I wanted that cat soooo much…but we’re in boston, in a no-pets building, and my bf is a little less impulsive about pet ownership than I.

  30. Brynn

    you know how territorial stuffed toys can be LOL!!!

  31. I’m glad the kitty found a home–she’s a beauty, with those eyes.

    MAJeff, funny you should mention Somerville–I lived there last year, near the Somerville/Cambridge boundary, and my roommate and I came to feel that we were living in the cat Bermuda Triangle. I have never seen so many missing cat notices–with pictures and offers of rewards and everything. It was incredibly sad.

  32. Susan

    Wonderful news!! I would have been willing to pick her up in New York in a few weeks, but I’m happy she’s found a home before then.

  33. She’s adorable, and I’m so glad she has a home now.

  34. MAJeff

    thistle, like I said, that’s why I don’t let my cat outside. It just seems to me people are asking for their cats to get hit by cars….just like my former roommmate who refused to put a leash on his dog and was shocked when it got hit by a car while they were crossing the McGrath Highway (6 lanes).

  35. KyCole

    I have two old cats- 17 and 12 (okay that’s not so old). When they go I want two Siamese kittens. Ever since I saw Lady and the Tramp as a child I’ve wanted two Siamese cats. Everyone says they’re loud, but who cares? Of course, I’ll probably just end up with cats that need a home- like I always have.

  36. I’m so happy that the sweetie kitty found a home! It’s been a good weekend for Kitty Homecomings! Congratulations to Teh Kitteh and her new family!

  37. (Susan, thank you for your offer!…unfortunately, we needed a quicker solution as my ex is moving to a smaller place before then.)

  38. Arkades

    Yay! I am glad this adorable girl found a home. I hope she and her new people will be very happy together!

  39. MAJeff, yeah, if I had a cat I wouldn’t let it out, either. I think people in my old neighborhood may have had kind of a false sense of security about it because the immediate streets were so quiet.

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