More on Michael Reardon….

The news isn’t good. American climber Michael Reardon still hasn’t been found.

I must say, I’m shocked at how different the story of what happened is from initial reports. Reminds one of how all news reports should be taken with a shaker of salt.

Mr Reardon, who was 36, was due to return to the United States today. He had been in Ireland for the past month along with a photographer who was taking pictures of him climbing for an American magazine.Con Moriarty, whose house Mr Reardon was staying in, said the famous climber was just standing on a ledge, west of Valentia Coast Guard Station when he was hit by a wave and then slipped.

He had completed a short climb just before he was struck by a wave. The alarm was raised shortly after 5pm yesterday. Mr Moriarty said he was unable to get himself out of the sea.

Mr Reardon’s wife Marci and his 13-year-old daughter are on their way to Ireland and are set to arrive here tomorrow morning.

I’m very sad for them.



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6 responses to “More on Michael Reardon….

  1. oddjob

    Somehow “swept out to sea by a wave” makes much more sense than “falling”. How sad!

  2. brynn, and all other trans Shakers, if you haven’t seen it, you should check out this article.

  3. This is indeed sad, but not in the least surprising. As a life-long climber, I’ve seen too many soloists to mention show up in the obits despite their immense talents. Seems you just can’t play fast and loose with gravity forever without paying for the ride.

    On the other hand, I can think of very few solo climbers who have grown old, and it seems ALL of those smartened up due to an near-fatal experience on the rocks.

    I’ll settle for a lifetime of low-ball bouldering, thank you.

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  5. Brynn

    (Thanks, Phydeaux, I’ll check it out.)

  6. cami

    i actually now this family.
    his daughter is a friend of mine from school.
    i feel very bad for her and her family.

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