Executive Privilege Is Evoked Once Again in Killing of Pat Tillman

The White House will not release records to a congressional investigation of Pat Tillman’s “friendly fire” death in Afghanistan:

The White House has refused to give Congress documents about the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman, with White House counsel Fred F. Fielding saying that certain papers relating to discussion of the friendly-fire shooting “implicate Executive Branch confidentiality interests.”

Reps. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.) and Thomas M. Davis III (R-Va.), the leading members of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, objected to the refusal yesterday in letters to the White House and the Defense Department.

White House and Pentagon officials have turned over about 10,000 pages of material, but Waxman and Davis said those papers do not include critical documents that would show communications between senior administration officials and top military officers shortly after Tillman was killed in Afghanistan in 2004.


“The main focus of the committee’s investigation is to examine what the White House and the leadership of the Department of Defense knew about Corporal Tillman’s death and when they knew it,” Waxman and Davis said in a letter to Fielding. “Unfortunately, the document production from the White House sheds virtually no light on these matters.”

The Chief Executive and all the other senior members of his branch of government are criminals and liars, and that is why “Executive Privilege” are their two favorite words.



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15 responses to “Executive Privilege Is Evoked Once Again in Killing of Pat Tillman

  1. Evelyn

    I assumed that Pat Tillman was killed by mere accident. But this action makes me suspect that there’s more to it.

  2. They’re going to see just how far they can stretch the definition of IOKIYAR, aren’t they?

  3. Brynn

    I can’t believe that this will do anything but harm them even with their base! My god, is anything more sacred than “our soldiers” among Republican supporters in red states?

  4. RayCeeYa

    Between this, Chaney’s refusal to disclose documents and the commuting of Libby, don’t they realize the damage they’re doing to executive power?

    People are calling for impeachment already but I’m beginning to think we should go a step further. Maybe congress should start considering amending the constitution to permanently limit presidential power. In many countries the president, prime minister or whatever they chose to call their chief executive is nothing more than a figure head. I’m starting to see the appeal of such a system.

    Someone in congress should at least threaten to do such a thing. Bush and company have had so little oversight for so long they think they’re untouchable. We need to make them realize that they’re damaging our country to the very core of it’s foundations. No matter who we elect to the White House next we’ll be years trying to repair the damage those bastards have done to checks and balances.

  5. Constant Comment

    I’m really beginning to think that, in the unlikely event that he is impeached and convicted, he’d just ignore that too and say, “Fuck you, I ain’t leaving…” Incredible.

  6. boatboy_srq

    Ray, we’d need the ability to vote no confidence in the current government and elections without a schedule, among other things. That’s a lot of changes to the Constitution. Not that I’m against it, but we’d be basically reworking a good chunk of Article II to make it happen.

    Brynn, you obviously haven’t spent time in the VA’s tender care recently. “Supporting the troops” equals flag-waving and bashing war opponents: it has absolutely nothing to do with appropriate care, adequate supplies, or effective care of our brave servicepeople – who are doing a job they were never trained to do, in conditions they should have never had to face, doing things only their highest superiors think just and humane. Nobody sporting one of those wristbands or magnetic stickers without even a twinge of misgiving has any connection with the facts on the ground, and no understanding what real support for our troops (be it tools to do their job, care when they get home, or a fleet of transports to evacuate them, depending on your point of view) means. I think they prefer it that way: they keep their illusions intact and still have what they think is a cudgel with which to beat the opposition.

    It certainly sounds as if there’s an argument to be made that Tillman was deliberately sacrificed to make good publicity (a martyr is always good press) and further Teh Agenda. ShrubCo can protest all they want, now: the impression is made, and denying it will only reinforce that. IF they were to come clean on what happened it’d at least serve as damage control: if, however, they remain silent, they only make all the worst things the public thinks of them seem more real simply in the absence of a plausible denial.

    I don’t really think that a) the [mal]administration intends to give up anything without a major pitched battle or b) that they have any real intention of relinquishing power, even if it requires suspension of the entire Constitution to do it. They’ve shown the most supreme disdain for most salient points of that document already: freezing the entirety of it wouldn’t be much of a stretch. I would bet Roberts, Alito, Thomas and Scalia would go along quite willingly – at least until their own powers were threatened directly. And if pushed hard enough, they would likely cut off all rights, freedoms, access, opposition, dissent, whatever – just to hold on that little bit longer. I’m torn these days between whether the continued pressure on the WH will yield ShrubCo’s breakdown – or force their hand and trigger martial law.

  7. or force their hand and trigger martial law.
    You can bet your backside this will be the option taken. The power mad never give up power until they are driven out at the point of the sword. And it will be the same with this lot. 2008 is just a dream. There will be NO elections. Shrub will declare martial law, he’s got all his totally usless but willing to kiss his ass generals in place in the pentagon and they will go along with it. The only force that could oppose this is the National Guard and he has destroyed that in Iraq. So what is left? No one!

    And never forget for one moment that Hitler talked the German parliment into voting itself out of existance and give him total power. And if that means an atomic bomb in Boston so be it. And every thing Hitler did was legal.

  8. 2008 is just a dream. There will be NO elections.

    No, there will be an election. It will be won by the Republican candidate, who will be the biggest suckup to corporate interests in the current pack. There will be reports of “irregularities” in the election process; these will be derided as “conspiracy theories” by the pundits and wingnut blogosphere, and ignored by the mainstream media – no matter what evidence is produced.

    I don’t think you have a democracy any more. You have a veneer.

  9. This administration is so fucking criminal.

  10. You all are so terrifyingly right-on that I think I’m going to explode with rage.

    If this decree of Martial Law transpires (which I’ve been expecting for, oh, the last four years) I’m going to Washington with a bat in my hand. I’m no hero, but God damn it, I have kids to think about. They deserve a democracy, and I’m gonna try my damnedest to give it to them.

  11. I hope that this issue is the one that truly turns a decisive number of people against this criminal administration.

    Not that I don’t agree with the sentiments above, that Bush will ignore the popular will (as usual), invoke martial law if needed, and do anything and everything to hide his crimes and keep a Republican hold on power.

  12. executive priviledge? my aching jangled fucking nerves. just like their incompetence and bumbling turned a disaster like the hurricane into a catastrophe they took an already tragic accident and, in their thirst for a little good news, coldly and cynically manufactured themselves some good news. the reason they are not wanting to release the information surrounding this is that it would show that the bushies knew the fucking truth and decided that it would not serve their immediate purposes. they baldly and shamelessly lied their way through this whole thing. they were lying and making a mockery of this young man, his family, and every notion that they were pretending to honor.

    they are vicious, venal, cynical, lying pissant motherfuckers. lord, it sometimes gives me a rash.

  13. RayCeeYa

    Ray, we’d need the ability to vote no confidence in the current government and elections without a schedule, among other things. That’s a lot of changes to the Constitution. Not that I’m against it, but we’d be basically reworking a good chunk of Article II to make it happen.

    I know that’s why I specified that the amendment should be proposed as a threat. I have no expectations those spineless bastards we elected to congress are going to do jack shit. But we need at least one or two of them to try making the proposal to show people that it can be done and to reinforce that ours is a government of laws not men.

  14. Jovan1984

    Have you all been on Bill Moyers Journal portion of the PBS web page? If so, then you will know that there are now more and more Americans in favor of impeaching our dictator-in-chief and the Vice Dictator (Bush and Cheney, respectively).

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