Shameless Hussy!

Amanda points out a story that is just so shocking I can hardly stand it.  Amy Polumbo, who is Miss New Jersey, has some racy pictures in her past.  Now, I’ve put these beneath the fold, because they’re just so over-the-top awful I can hardly believe it.  Please, if you have small children nearby, or are at work, or have ever had heart problems don’t click through, lest your brain be scarred forever by the horrible, horrible things Polumbo is doing.






I mean, can you believe the horror of these and other horrible, scandalous images?  Why, the brazenness!  Polumbo, drinking alcohol!  Polumbo, goofing around with friends!  Polumbo, possessing breasts and drawing attention to said breasts!  It’s all so horrible, I can barely stand it!

I mean, what kind of a world do we live in where women are able to go out in public and enjoy themselves?  And the fact that Polumbo appears to be aware of sex — why, that’s horrible!  Beauty queens are supposed to be virginal, so that the men masturbating to their swimsuit photos children of America have no doubt that they remain unsullied by the foul taint of sex.

I, for one, am outraged that Polumbo remains Miss New Jersey even after these scandalous, fully-clothed photos have been revealed.  I just pray to God that we don’t find any photos of her kissing a boy, or worse, eating a hot dog in public. 

Amanda Marcotte has a slightly different take:

These sort of stories are a distraction from the real news, for sure, but they serve another function—to spread the fear and loathing of the free female. Which is part of a larger mainstreaming of a hard right wing agenda. The Republican party can’t win on policy, of course, but they don’t need to. After all, the mainstream media keeps up this constant hum of paranoia about rowdy bitches undermining home and hearth and slicing your balls off in your sleep with their newfound rights to leave the house and party with friends, and the easily panicked run to the polls and vote against the gays and the women getting more rights. Wipe those easy grins of freedom off their little Facebooked pictures; that’ll make it all better. It sounds paranoid, but if this strategy didn’t work, do you think the David Brookses and Townhall columnists of the world would spend so much time screaming about the evils of free women?

Of course she’d think that; she thinks women should be free.  Silly girl.



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13 responses to “Shameless Hussy!

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  2. Ridic. Totally ridic. Of course, I’m not surprised in the least that she had to deal with sexist horseshit from a bloody beauty pageant commission. Oy.

  3. L

    God, I’m so fucking irritated with this country I just want to scream.

  4. They are all crazy.

  5. This is a Today exclusive?

    Gee, and I thought they were a news-lite show.

  6. I had the same thought as Liss. Thess pictures offend when a “beauty pageant” does not? Give me a fucking break.

  7. I thought they were a news-lite show.

    Nope. Nothin’ but the hardest-hitting newz for the Today Show! This is clearly the importantist story of the day. Didn’t you see the little pumpkins? Pumpkins!

    Miss New Jersey has ruined Halloween. That’s news.

  8. Angelos

    You’ve got to be shitting me. This is the scandal?!?

  9. NameChanged

    I blogged about this the other day, and I could not find the “character criteria” for the Miss America pageant, or any of it’s…uh…underlings. I think they keep it a secret so that we all fear any outspoken actions from our “beauty representative.”

    Oh, and I fucking hate pageants. But I have a new appreciation for body building competitions. Go figure.

  10. DBK

    As the most prominent New Jerseyan in these comments, I am totally ashamed of Miss Amy Polumbo because of her scandalous behavior. No real New Jerseyan would have submitted to that half-witted interview with Matt Lauer by referring to those photos as “mistakes” she had made. A real Jersey Girl would have responded to the suggestion that there was something wrong with those photos by asking the ubiquitous Jersey question, “Are you shittin’ me?”, followed by, “You want me to apologize for that?”, and then concluded with the assertion, “You’ve really gotta be shittin’ me.”

    That’s how a real Jersey Girl would have responded. And that’s why I love New Jersey and Jersey Girls. And Amy Polumbo.

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  12. at least a white girl made the news by being there. all the other ones have to go missing to get any press at all.

  13. Kate217

    Ouch, Minstrel Boy. That’s so true it hurts.

    Also, G-d forbid that a beauty pagent contestant actually have a sense of humor. That’s probably just as shocking as the pumpkins.

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