Shaker Call To Arms: Save Our Streaming

Shaker Katherine has informed us of the eleventh hour negotiations underway to help save internet radio webcasting. As of yesterday, new (and very high) royalty rates from the Copyright Royalty Board would’ve gone into effect this coming Sunday. These new rates would easily cripple many internet radio broadcasters and effectively shut them down.

Today, an agreement was reached between the broadcasters and the labels to temporarily hold off on the rate hike until a new royalty agreement could be sorted out. Apparently, the outcry of people in support of the Internet Radio Equality Act made the CRB think twice about what they were doing.

For more info, please visit SaveNetRadio.



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5 responses to “Shaker Call To Arms: Save Our Streaming

  1. There is a danger for industry executives that people will eventually stop listening if they keep up the anti-competitive practices.

  2. just so that people know, it won’t be the artists who get the money from the proposed increase in royalties. it will be the suits at the labels who have now moved beyond suing and demanding the prosecution of college students who live in dorms to attacking something like internet radio. just like with napster, they will find that the genie is out of the bottle and they will have to drag themselves, however reluctantly into the new facts of life. in the process they are laying waste to the very engine of their prosperity.

    stupid fools all of them.

  3. Jovan1984

    The CRB is yet another crooked organization who has engaged in blatant price-goughing. I wish the FCC would investigate them for this fraudlent practice.

  4. Katherine

    It’s not over yet- please keep the pressure on your reps in Congress!

    Thanks to Shakesville for posting this.

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