Myspacey McFacebook

Just a reminder–or news for those that didn’t catch it before–that Shakesville has both a Myspace page and a Facebook group!

Come be a part of one or the other or both!



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7 responses to “Myspacey McFacebook

  1. Duly requested. (Can you tell I’m new on there?)

  2. prosehack65

    Tried to add you, but it requests either a last name or email?

    I’d like to join…

  3. Misty

    D’oh! I keep forgetting to tell people. *wet noodle lashes*

    It’s “McEwan”.

  4. LD

    I have no idea how to post or ‘friend’ or anything else to a MySpace or Facebook page. But I do know that I’m totally not interested if said Facebook blocks people simply because their surname happens to be Gay.

    Just sayin’.

  5. Facebook doesn’t seem to have any problem at all with gay content or openly gay members. I’m sure the ban arose because of fucking morons who created profiles like “I.M. Gay” or some nonsense to embarrass their fucking moronic homophobe pals.

    Also, when Space Cowboy tried to register as “Space Cowboy,” it told him to “Please enter a legitimate name,” too.

  6. LD

    Thanks Melissa. Duly noted, and best of luck with your fabulous and ever-evolving community !

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