George W. Bush and the Rejectionists’ Greatest Hits

“Large offers and sturdy rejections are among the most common topics of falsehood”

Samuel Johnson

George W. Bush and the Rejectionists’ Greatest Hits

The rejector

  • Bush Rejects Claim Al Qaeda Is as Strong as It Was Prior to 9/11
  • President Bush Rejects Climate Change Report
  • Bush rejects appeal to halt bombing
  • Bush Rejects Disaster Declaration On State Levees
  • Bush Rejects Calls For Change On Iraq
  • Bush Rejects Troops Pay Increase
  • Bush rejects minimum experience to lead FEMA
  • Bush rejects extending deadline for Medicare drug plan sign up
  • Bush rejects law to protect journalists
  • GOP Rejects Democrats’ Call For Independent Commission On Katrina Response
  • Bush Rejects BET Offer to Address Black Americans
  • Supreme Court rejects school racial diversity plans
  • Bush rejects Republican protests on Iraq
  • Bush rejects Blair plea over Heathrow open skies deal
  • Bush rejects Belarus election results
  • Bush’s Science Aide Rejects Claims of Distorted Facts
  • Bush rejects any Iraq pull-out deadline
  • Blair crumbles as Bush rejects aid for the poor
  • Bush rejects delaying Iraq vote
  • Bush rejects direct talks with North Korea
  • Bush rejects Chávez aid
  • White House rejects Libby outrage
  • Bush Rejects Restrictions on Iraq Operations
  • Bush rejects ‘endless dialogue’ on Kosovo
  • Bush rejects stem cell bill with his first veto
  • Bush Rejects German Call to Close Guantanamo
  • Bush rejects push to OK gay marriages
  • Bush rejects scientists’ call for action on global warming
  • Bush rejects calls for Gonzales resignation
  • Bush Rejects Lebanon’s Call for Cease-Fire
  • Bush Rejects Congressional Subpoenas
  • Bush rejects Guantanamo Bay torture claims
  • Bush rejects Iran’s nuclear energy claim
  • President Bush Rejects Crime Report
  • Bush rejects early Iraq pullout
  • US, Britain reject study that claims Iraqi death toll tops 600,000
  • Bush rejects second stem cell bill
  • Bush rejects Kyoto-style G8 deal
  • Bush rejects Senate ‘show trials’
  • Bush rejects war bill concessions
  • Bush Rejects View That Weapons Report Belies Case for War
  • Bush rejects moves to boost EU military might
  • Bush Rejects Key ISG Recommendation
  • Bush rejects responsibility in Hurricane Katrina disaster
  • Bush Rejects Osama Surrender
  • Bush Rejects Delay, Prepares Escalated Social Security Push
  • Bush rejects tax on oil companies’ windfall profits
  • Bush rejects bleak Iraq intelligence assessment
  • Bush rejects Dems’ subpoena threat
  • Bush Defends Spying, Rejects Hamas
  • Bush Rejects Talk of Waning Influence
  • For more of your favorite hits from George W. Bush and the Rejectionists, as well as daily new releases, click here.




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    5 responses to “George W. Bush and the Rejectionists’ Greatest Hits

    1. Bush Defends Spying


      Rejects Hamas


    2. Bush rejects reality.

    3. Chrissie

      I am just amazed that I am living through his administration – it pains me to hear him speak and mostly I linger int the world of disillusionment. I felt such short-lived joy after the last election..

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