Friday Blogwhoring

Sock it to me, Shakers!

Recommended Reading:

Bill (at his paying gig): Condoleezza Rice Finds Some Meaning for Her Life on the Golf Course

Cernig: Conrad Black, Rightwing Media Mogul, Guilty of Fraud

Echidne: That Pew Survey on Mothers and Work

The Rotund: Thank you, Meghan O’Hara

Think Progress: Burkman Solicits Google to Deny Sexual Solicitation Reports

Meanwhile, from the Wayback Machine: Jenn Pozner and Rachel Sklar debate recent GOP Sexxx Scandalz participant Jack Burkman (And more background on the Burkster’s proclivities.)


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11 responses to “Friday Blogwhoring

  1. I had a few comments about the “Christians” who disrupted that Hindu cleric trying to give the invocation at the Senate opening yesterday.

  2. An epilogue to my essay on Harry Potter, this time discussing the fleeting reference to homosexuality and why it’s better than nothing.

    Plus: more odd news.

  3. Today is the last day the FCC will be accepting public comment on Net Neutrality.

  4. Evil Bender

    Repent America continues to lie about hate crimes laws.

    Theocrats saying others want to take away their freedom. Irony…meter…exploding!

  5. My own personal District Attorney is acting like an ass again, and of course I couldn’t let Operation Heckle Hindus off the hook for their contemptible actions in the Senate yesterday.

    And yesterday I wrote about the Republican filibuster and the striking discrepancy between the percentage of citizens who support George Bush and the percentage of Senate Republicans who support him.

  6. Today I look back in history…back to Wednesday and what the president had to say about the “federalization of health care”. The man says history will judge him. It has on Matilda’s Advice and Rants. THAT didn’t take long.

  7. Hi All. Come round and meet my friend Julio the dancing waiter. Or the waiting dancer. Anyway what ever does it for you is OK with me.

  8. Thanks for the link, Liss 🙂

    I’m gonna blogwhore my good friend Kyle over at Comments From Left Field, who is gobsmacked at Peggy Noonan sounding like a liberal.

    Regards, Cernig @ The Newshoggers

  9. I’m going to blogwhore the love of my life, Zahra, at Sexing-the-Cherry, on why sometimes it’s okay for a woman to treat her cunt like her best girlfriend.

  10. So I messed up the last link. Sorry about that. Here is the correct post link for Zahra’s awesome commentary.

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