Daddy D’Amato

Dear god. For his wife’s sake, I hope the conception was less than 23 hours and 30 minutes.



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3 responses to “Daddy D’Amato

  1. NameChanged

    I get to decide on a name no matter the gender. Numbering your heirs is so 20 years ago.

  2. Yeah, what’s that about? A boy gets dad’s name, and if it’s a girl…wev, let Mommy name her.

  3. I wait in vain for the condemnation of a 71-year-old man about to have a baby.

    Even with the current obsession with “boys must have dads!” (So, if your dad’s killed in Bush’s adventure, well, sorry, you’re f**ked), you don’t hear people complaining about the older dads.

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