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“They wanted to be spanked and tortured and wear stockings—Republicans have impeccable taste in silk stockings—and these are the people who run our country.” — Jeanette Maier, whose Canal Street Brothel was patronized by Senator David Vitter, noting that “most of the clients who wanted to be dominated were Republicans.” [Via Lambert.]



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22 responses to “Quote of the Day

  1. I want it noted that it takes a brave woman to have [BARF ALERT] under her own goddamned picture, lol.

  2. NameChanged

    Well, it’s high time that they get their dom/sub fantasies to be reality. Teh Dems will dom, they must submit.

  3. I love it; the more uptight they are, the kinkier they are. Dr. Freud, call your service.

  4. SAP

    OH, I so didn’t need to see that.

    Excuse me now. I’m going to wash out my brain with sulfuric acid.

  5. “Hey, this guy was wearing stockings under his suit. He must be a MP…” – _Kill Your Boyfriend_, Grant Morrison

  6. Beat me, whip me, make me write bad checks …

  7. DBK

    “They wanted to be spanked…”

    I KNEW it!

    I am REALLY good!

  8. Arkades

    Now those boots Condi favors make a lot more sense.

  9. boatboy_srq

    Conservatism and fetishism aren’t really that far apart (J. Edgar Hoover, for example). It certainly explains the morbid fascination so many righties have with the leather community.

    Besides, how many of these volk are well-enough-adjusted, do you think, to actually have “normal” sex lives? Sex is wrong, remember?

  10. Em

    Serious lulz right there. I would expect nothing LESS than impeccable taste in stockings.

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  12. oddjob

    It certainly explains the morbid fascination so many righties have with the leather community.

    And with the gritty details of gay male sex in particular.

  13. All very funny! But— and I’m not condemning their private sexual fantasies— for those amateur Fascisti who are too stuck up to avail themselves of a well-equipped brothel… well, hello, Abu Ghraib! Hello, Guantanamo! Hello, fraternity boys Bush and Limbaugh! Say, you two should really think about hanging yourselves from the same tree. That is the ultimate… so they say. Hmmm, you don’t know what I’m talking about? Typical. Learn to read, boys! Then take a look at Waiting for Godot. If you feeble-minded dickless bullies had read any Beckett, we would probably not be in this ghastly tar pit right now, feeling… more ashamed than angry? More angry than ashamed? I can never be sure.

  14. Adnan Y.

    Stockings. Republicans. Spanking.

    I…I…need to go drink now. X_X

    *gets the Clorox out*

  15. Personally, I kind of like living in a John Waters film! (Or am I suffering from a bad case of egg paranoia?)

  16. Ahhhh! I don’t want this visual in my head! And I’m afraid it’s never going to leave.

  17. I read this with interest, right up until the point where she talked kind of nonchalantly about prostituting her own teenage daughter.

  18. ha ha ha ha

    As Flint says: the dems wear their sexuality on their sleeves, the republicans are all so repressed, they’re in the closet.

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