Hard-Hearted Harbinger of Haggis

Harriet Miers fails to show up for today’s Congressional hearing, even to assert privilege.

As Josh Marshall pointed out yesterday, not only can Miers be held in contempt of Congress, but by telling her to not show, George W. Bush may have committed a felony.

Mustang Bobby (directly below this post) has plenty more to say.


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22 responses to “Hard-Hearted Harbinger of Haggis

  1. Arkades

    Bush, a felon? Now there’s a shocker.

    Unfortunately, I doubt that Miers is worried. Even if she’s charged with contempt, Bush can just keep pardoning as many underlings as he needs to, in order to ensure their silence while he runs out the clock on his term.

  2. Kate217

    OT – “Hard-hearted harbinger of haggis” is my favorite line in that entire movie, and I love the movie.

  3. grape_crush

    Head!! MOOoo-ve!

    Now he’s gonna cry hiself to sleep on his big pillah!

  4. Then right after the clock runs out, no investigations will be pursued. Healing the country, and all that. What a gig.

  5. NameChanged

    Is she Mrs. X?

  6. Look at his heed! It’s like a planet! It’s goot it’s oon weather system!

  7. Chromosome Crawl

    Well it’s about time Shrub committed his weekly felony – I mean, the last time was over a calendar week ago. I was getting worried that he was falling behind.

  8. My favorite line:

    THIS paper contains facts! Pregnant man gives birth: That’s a fact!

  9. Go and fetch the paper if ya can, haulin’ that gargantuan cranium about!

  10. She was a thief
    You gotta belief
    She stole my heart and my cat

  11. I’m convinced that most Scottish food is based on a dare.

  12. A piper is doon, repeat, we have a piper doon.

  13. You know what this room really needs? A giant, oversized poster of Atlantic City.

    [turns around]

    Oh good, you’ve got one!

  14. Scotland has its own martial arts–it’s called Fookyoo. It’s mostly just head-butting and then kicking people when they’re on the ground.

  15. Kate217

    I think that Friday’s pub needs to have a screening of Axe Murder…

  16. I was electrocuted once! It really hurt!

  17. IF ya want my body AN’ ya think I’m sexy COME on sugar let me nooooooo….

  18. They should have put a ham sandwich at her place on the table. And a potted plant where her lawyer would have been sitting.

    I don’t know, that just seems funny to me. Indict the ham sandwich, lawyer is a potted plant…

    Mmmmm, haggis!

  19. Rachel

    Betty! Judy! Josie and those hot pussycats!
    They make me horny
    Saturday morny
    Girls of cartoons
    won’t leave me in roons
    I want to be Betty’s Barney

    Jane, stop this crazy thing
    Called love?

  20. Y’all took all the lines I kept thinking of so all i can say is that Phil Hartman is fooking genius in that movie.

  21. boxer rebel – I get choked up everytime I see Phil Hartman on screen. I don’t know why, but his death in particular hit me hard.

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