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Okay, I’ve now got access to the site, which I had once before this morning (for about three minutes), and I’m hoping I won’t lose it again. I have no idea what’s causing me to be locked out, since Mama Shakes a mile away can see it just fine and I can see every other site on the internets just fine. It’s obviously a “me” issue only, so big wev and poop and urgh.

Anyway, did anyone die without the Daily Round-Up this morning? No? Good. I’m not doing it anymore. It’s getting way too time consuming; I can’t rationalize it when it takes me as much time as writing a decent post would. Plus I just extended the recent posts list in the righthand sidebar to 30 recent posts, which pretty much covers everything in any 24-hour period, so it’s kind of redundant, anyway.

But here’s today’s Two-Minute Nostalgia Sublime, and, fates willing, I’ll actually be able to post something else sometime today, too!

The Brady Brides



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9 responses to “Blog Note

  1. The Brady Brides was awesome because Marcia couldn’t even let Jan have the spotlight on Jan’s wedding day. Jan was right: you’re not paranoid if she’s out to get you.

  2. I’d completely forgotten about that abomination until this morning. Thanks a lot.

  3. Sorry, can’t wait for a proper blogwhoring thread. Not when it’s about John McCain and *ahem* water sports.

  4. Damn! Chet beat me to it.

  5. oddjob

    Ah, I just emailed that story to Melissa. Chet was faster.

  6. And I’m all over it at BBWW.

  7. How the hell did I miss this *ahem* gem? (the Brady Brides, not the John McCain piece)

  8. I somehow missed the Brady Brides in the way back when, too. Now I have them in my brain. Fuckity-fuck-fuck.

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