Avenging Angel Blues

God told George Bush to strike at al Qaeda and he did. God told George Bush to strike at Saddam Hussein and he did. George Bush wishes God would tell people to forget that his decision to strike at Saddam helped make al Qaeda stronger. Seeing the world in stark terms of good and evil seems to have clouded Bush’s judgment of what is a good course of action and what is best. Or perhaps he suffers from PAD, presidential attention disorder. Whatever.

Not just critics point out al Qaeda now is stronger. Bush’s own National Counterterrorism Center says so.

Although the officials declined to discuss the assessment’s content because it is classified, the CIA’s deputy director for intelligence, John A. Kringen, told a House committee yesterday that al-Qaeda appears “to be fairly well settled into the safe haven in the ungoverned spaces of Pakistan.”

“We see more training. We see more money. We see more communications,” Kringen said.

Jack Bauer was unavailable for comment. Could it be worse? After Bush waxed off and on in “Churchillian” vision new hand picked CIA Director Michael Hayden handed him the news that Iraq’s government was in an irreversible tail spin, headed to hell.

The Divine Comedy? In other news, yet another Kagan with affiliation unmentioned, opines “Washington perception is often mistaken for reality.” Kimberly Kagan writes the surge is working. The WSJ rails to reveal the woman revealing these truths is the wife of the the surge’s ideological creator, Frederick Kagan.



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  1. Jack Bauer was unavailable for comment.


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